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MHR: Golden Age Captain America Datafile

April 8, 2013
Captain America Comics #1 (March 1941). Cover ...

Captain America Comics #1 (March 1941). Cover art by Joe Simon (inks and pencils) and Jack Kirby (pencils). (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The Golden Age Captain America maintained a secret ID as Private Steve Rogers, who spent his time lounging around the Army Base while smoking a pipe. Pvt. Rogers’ CO is a blowhard who can’t stand him, and who apparently isn’t in on the whole “super-soldier” thing. Rogers, for his part, will play the bumbling fool in order to make his CO look bad, which often lands him on potato-peeling duty (while still smoking a pipe – who knew that pipe-smoking was so big with the comic book crowd in the 40’s?).

This is one of those charming Golden Age bits that doesn’t make any sense at all. Steve Rogers is the Allies’ lone super-soldier. Is the US Army really going to let him spend his free time as a lowly Private who has a poor disciplinary record and gets yelled at a lot? And how does he, as a lowly Private, account for all of his sudden absences to his superiors, who apparently don’t know who he is? And yet, those scenes offer some comic relief that is lacking from the action segments, as a smiling Pvt. Rogers pulls another one over his jerk of a CO.

Anyway, the Bronze Age Invaders series features none of that. Captain America is Captain America, all of the time. But it should be said that the series doesn’t spend much time on the internal lives of its heroes.

Between the Breakout and Civil War writeups of Cap, we can cobble together an acceptable Golden Age datafile.

Affiliations, Power Sets, Specialties – as-is.

Lead By Example (from the Breakout datafile)
Resolute Tactician (from the Civil War datafile)
Sentinel of Liberty (from both)

Avengers Assemble! (from the Breakout datafile) works for a pre-Invaders start with a simple name change (Invaders Assemble? Invaders Attack? The rallying cry for the Invaders is a little lame – “OK, Axis, Here We Come!”)

Born Leader (from the Civil War datafile)

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