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MHR: Golden Age Sub-Mariner Datafile

April 10, 2013
Namor's first cover appearance: Marvel Mystery...

Namor’s first cover appearance: Marvel Mystery Comics #4 (Feb. 1940). Art by Alex Schomburg. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

During the Golden Age, Namor was Prince of Atlantis, located near Antarctica (so that’s what the anthropologists were studying down there!). Atlantis had been devastated by a surface world attack in the past, which caused the emperor to send Fen, Namor’s mother, up to infiltrate the humans and find out what they’re up to. Interestingly, she was sent because she had pink skin and looked kinda human – your regular Atlantean had a face more like a catfish, complete with long, prominent whiskers, and came in different colors – and was a woman: the emperor instructs her to use her “feminine wiles” to get the information her people require. She infiltrates the human vessel that had been bombing them, and she falls in love with Leonard McKenzie, the ship’s captain. After gathering intelligence on the human’s plans and military strength, she heads back to Atlantis and gives birth to Namor. Namor has the strength of 1000 men and little ankle wings that allow him to fly, although his ability to exist out of the water does not seem to be that unusual at the time. After all, his mother was breathing air for some time while she was spying on the humans, and Namor is accompanied by his cousin Dorma (also pink-skinned and human-looking) in his first adventure above the surface. These days, full-blooded Atlanteans are all human-looking, blue-skinned, and can only breathe air with technological aid.

When Namor is a young man, he casually kills some human deep-sea divers, thinking them to be robots, and sinks their ship. When he returns home, he is commended for his actions by his mother and the emperor. Twenty years have passed since Atlantis was attacked by the humans, they explain, and now they have gathered enough strength to strike back! And Namor, the “avenging son” of Atlantis, will lead such strikes. But eventually Namor tables his animosity towards all surface dwellers, and spends his time assisting Americans against German U-boats and Axis saboteurs prior to the US’s official entry into WWII. Later on in the war, the Germans attack Atlantis itself, killing the emperor and driving Namor to strike back against them.

During the Silver Age, Namor is found living as an amnesiac homeless bum in NYC by the FF’s Human Torch. Once his memories are restored, he springs back into action as both hero and villain. In recent years, he has been labeled Marvel’s “first mutant,” (in terms of comic book introductions, not the in-universe timeline) and has joined forces with the X-Men.

Back in WWII, the Invaders got around in Namor’s Atlantean jet-plane, a craft that could travel underwater as well as in the air, could fly at super-sonic speeds, and had VTOL capability. Although some of the other Invaders sometimes pilot the craft, in Action Scenes it’s almost always Namor. The plane is presented as a vehicle datafile. For Namor himself, we can modify his Civil War datafile to realize his younger, more impetuous self.

Affiliations, Power Sets, Milestones – as-is.

Avenging Son
Human-Atlantean Hybrid (from the Civil War datafile)
Prince of Atlantis

Combat Expert d8, Menace Expert d8, Vehicle Expert d8

Namor’s Flagship

Atlantean Technology
Fastest Vessel Around

Amphibious Aircraft
Superhuman Durability d10, Superhuman Swimming d10, Supersonic Flight d10, Weapon d8

SFX: Barrage. Against a single target, step up or double Weapon. Remove the highest rolling die and use three dice for your total.

SFX: Systems Malfunction. Shutdown an Amphibious Aircraft power to earn 1 PP. Recover power with an action vs. the doom pool.

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