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Kingmaker: Stolen Land, Session 5, Part 1

November 6, 2013

gold-box-koboldsWhen we last left the PCs, their camp had been assaulted by a group of kobolds, three of which were captured and one of which escaped. The three were tied and gagged and left until morning. Come morning, the group hauled their captives back to Oleg’s Trading Post, where they were reunited with Iofur and Halas. Oleg was not pleased to see the pint-sized prisoners. “If they get loose and steal anything, you’re paying for it!” Everyone knows that kobolds are thieving bastards, after all.

The elven wizard Mestinous, being the only one who spoke the tongue of the small reptilian humanoids, proceeded to strike a deal with the little buggers. “Take us to your chief,” he told them, “We will give your tribe silver and gold in exchange for peace between our peoples.” The kobolds seem shocked. “You’re not going to kill us?” “No, we just want to see your chieftain.” “OK! We will take you to Chief Sootscale!”

The only catch was that to get to the kobold’s cave, they had to circle around the area controlled by the filthy mites (small blue fey related to gremlins). The kobolds led the group south,* skirted along the edge of the Narlmarches until they reached the Thorn river, then followed that downstream until it met the Shrike. Then they followed the Shrike upstream a bit before striking out north. “Not far now!” the kobold leader Nakpik assured the group.

* I was so occupied planning what would happen when the players arrived at the Sootscale cavern that I forgot all about my bandit ambush! Oh well, perhaps that will get sprung on the PCs next session…

Stolen Land 5aShortly they came to an abandoned silver mine, a remnant of the last attempt to settle these lands. Outside the mine’s entrance was a wooden cage, holding a small, wretched, blue-skinned prisoner – a mite! Mites hate the sunlight, so to be stuck out in the open was like torture to the poor creature. It shied away from the party as they approached, and they paid it no mind.

The guard disabled the trap near the entrance and waved Nakpik and the others through. Once inside, one of the kobolds would frequently have to go ahead to disable some trap before everyone could proceed, or they would warn the “tall ones” to avoid stepping in certain places. But eventually they came to the common room where Chief Sootscale held court. The whole tribe had gathered here as word of the group’s approach spread through the caves.

Chief Sootscale himself was an impressive-looking figure, for a kobold anyway, dressed in decorative feathers and bones and carrying a staff fashioned from bones. Sootscale rose from his “throne” (a pile of furs) and demanded to know why Nakpik had led these tall ones into their home.

Before Nakpik could answer, Mestinous stepped forward and made his case to the chieftain: stop the attacks on the tall ones, and the Sootscales will know peace and prosperity. “I would like that very much!” replied the chief. “But we must kill the tall ones, or Old Sharptooth will destroy us! If he does not destroy us anyway, since we let the thieving mites steal him…” The other kobolds murmured their agreement. Everyone knows that Old Sharptooth would destroy the tribe, and that mites are thieving bastards.

Soon it emerged that “Old Sharptooth” is some kind of fiendish entity that the tribe pays tribute to. Their statue of Sharptooth had been stolen by the mites, and while the kobolds’ best warriors went off to retrieve it, they have been gone for an awfully long time. Too long. At this point, Mestinous volunteered the party to rescue the statue and the kobolds (or their bones) from the mite lair.

But the conversation was interrupted by a sudden explosion of fireworks behind the crowd! The assembled kobolds quickly cleared the area, revealing a purple-scaled member of the tribe dressed in the trappings of a shaman. With a sibilant whisper the newcomer asks, “What is the meaning of this, Chief Sootscale? You know that Old Sharptooth has commanded that the tall ones be killed! Do you so carelessly invite destruction upon the tribe?”

Sootscale glowered at the purple kobold for a tense moment before answering. “Old Sharptooth himself has brought these tall ones here, Tartuk. They are going to take back his statue from the filthy mites and return it here! How could Old Sharptooth disapprove of such a holy quest?”

The shaman Tartuk had no answer for that, and gave a reluctant blessing to the PCs before withdrawing in a puff of smoke. Nakpik and his warriors were tasked with leading the party to the mites’ lair, and they promptly set out on their journey.

Next: war on the mites!

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