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Kingmaker: Stolen Land, Session 9

February 3, 2014

pride-prejudice-zombies-happening__oPtIt’s zombie time in the Greenbelt! “When you said you loved me for my brains – I didn’t think you meant to eat them!”

The Bandit Chase

When we last left our intrepid adventurers, Halas the inquisitor had exited stage left and been replaced by Boliden the barbarian. This brought our cast of characters to:

  • Satampra Zieros, a human rogue and exile from a far away land
  • Iofur, a human druid and the child of good-hearted bandits
  • Mestinous, an elven wizard with a penchant for jumping around
  • Salar, a halfling ranger, hunter, former slave, and conscience of the group
  • Travaris Stone, a half-elf cleric of Cayden Cailean and a bastard child of a Brevoy nobleman
  • Boliden, a human barbarian from the Tiger Lord tribes to the west
  • also Eagle-Face Dan, a former bandit that the group spared and adopted (NPC)

Stolen Land 9a

The night before the group arrived at Oleg’s Trading Post, the place had been attacked by the Stag Lord’s men. After spending the night in real beds, the group decided to track down the bandits that fled and finally locate this fort of theirs. Tracking such a group – five humans on horseback – was cake for the Survival-skilled trio of Iofur, Salar, and Boliden. They swiftly pursued the trail south, where it skirted along the edges of the Narlmarches, until it reached the Thorn River. The tracks then followed the river until the spot where the Thorn emptied into the Shrike, and went down the west bank of the Shrike.

There the party hit a slight hiccup: a serious rainstorm washed away all signs of the tracks. However, they reasoned that they just had to keep following the river to stay on the bandits’ trail. Soon they crested a rise and beheld the Stag Lord’s fort: a wooden stockade, half in shambles, that sat upon a hilltop near where the Shrike emptied into Lake Tuskwater. The adventurers observed the fort for a bit, confirming that it was indeed occupied, and discerning that the south eastern hillside was not being watched. Satampra and Salar, the Stealth duo, resolved to sneak down there and probe the fort’s defenses. The DMs in the audience know what’s coming next…

They reached the hillside after sundown, and started to scale it, using what little cover they could find. However, they hadn’t gotten too far up when a half-dozen rotting corpses burst from the ground! They wore the tatters of religious robes that bore the faded symbol of an eyeball, and moaned “Ghhhiiirrroooooonnnaa” as they reached out to grab the living. Once, they were priestesses of the hag goddess Gyronna, but now they were cursed to defend this hillside (well, aside from the road, strangely enough, and the fort) from all who trespassed upon its cursed ground.

Salar and Satampra beat a hasty retreat, managing to avoid the worst of the zombies’ attacks, but still attracting the attention of the bandit lookouts. The sound of raucous laughter from the stockade followed them as they ran off into the night.

Without a solid plan to gain entry to the fortress, the group decided to return to exploration for the time being.

Pork with Fangberry Pie

And so they struck out to the north west. While mapping this stretch of the Kamelands, they happened across a small valley that was filled with fangberry bushes… and webs. Bokken the crazy alchemist had asked them to procure some fangberries for him, and Salar was curious how they would taste as a pie. Most of the group attempted to enter the valley and pick the berries, cognizant of the fact that they would probably be fighting off spiders at some point. Satampra and Eagle-Face Dan secured the high ground.

Stolen Land 9b

Picking the berries wasn’t as easy as it looked. The bushes were bristling with long, hard thorns that made it difficult to reach the berries without getting hurt, and that also prevented moving around the bushes too quickly. And, true to expectations, swarms of nasty little chew spiders boiled out of the brush to attack the hapless berry pickers.

The group soon learned that weapons were useless against the spiders. Sure, you could stomp or chop a few at a time, but there were thousands of the little buggers. Boliden the brave barbarian bravely ran away, while Iofur the druid attempted to blow them away with his storm bursts. Mestinous tried casting color spray, only to learn that vermin were immune to spells that affected the mind; they operated on pure instinct! Satampra saved the day by recalling that he had some alchemist’s fire, and proceeded to bomb the fangberry bushes from above. Then Mestinous remembered that he could use his arcane bond object (his sword) to recall a burning hands spell, and set the toothy spiders alight. When the flames cleared, the spiders had dispersed, but at the cost of half of the fangberry bushes!

Luckily, there were still enough intact bushes for the party to fill Bokken’s order, and with some left besides, which Salar thought might make for a tasty pie. The explorers finished mapping the immediate area, and moved further north west, into the tangles of the Narlmarches.

That night, the were ambushed by a large group of bandits – nine of them! While this looked a little daunting, especially since most of the group was unarmored (because they were asleep), it was soon realized that Boliden needed no armor to behead the bandits with one blow each. Soon the robbers were running off into the dark woods, but not before three of them had been captured alive.

The three were reluctant to talk until they were promised freedom in return. But they didn’t know much that the group didn’t already know. Rather than letting them go as promised, the group voted to execute them. Boliden did the honors. Salar argued at great length that they should be trying to reform the bandits when possible, but his words fell on deaf Chaotic Neutral ears.

As the party continued to explore the eastern edge of the forest, they came across the lair of a very large boar… perhaps even a “dire” boar! They rejoiced at finding the legendary Tuskgutter and started to make plans when the massive beast charged forth! It gored Salar for most of his hit points, causing everyone around the table to quail. But then Mestinous stunned the poor guy with a color spray and Boliden hacked off huge chunks of the monster. Tuskgutter emerged from his rainbow stupor to get one last attack in – which was only his second attack – and I missed by 1 point. Sigh. I hate it when a nasty foe goes down with barely getting a lick in.

Tuskgutter fell over right after that, and Boliden chopped off the boar’s head. The party then spent a day cutting up the carcass, and ate very well for the rest of their trek through the forest.

Next: the lost temple of doom!

  1. Pinkius permalink

    He fared better than the Tuskgutter in the Kingmaker campaign I’m in! One swing of a cavalier’s greatsword from horseback and down he went

  2. Ouch. I even gave ol’ Tusky maximum hit points, as I often do for named or significant foes, and he has ferocity, and he still went down in 3 rounds.

    I’m curious to see how long the Stag Lord will last against the group…

  3. Pinkius permalink

    We got into a ruckus at the front gate when we tried to get in disguised. It turned into a big ol’ clusterbomb party, the stag lord came out in about round 4 to see; Akiros had turncoated and was beating up someone- either Auchs or his righthand man, most of the mook bandits were slaughtered, the owlbear was grappling the cavalier’s mount… So he decided to shoot the cavalier with a human bane arrow with his helmet boost, it hit and dropped my cavalier to 1 hp, nobody got any closer to death than that though.
    The biggest baddest fight we got into was fighting the wight, two-weapon fighting (shield bash) and level drain hurts. But that was in the next book I think

  4. Well, the party just made Akiros into an enemy in our session last night, so the turncoat bit won’t be happening. Well, assuming Akiros survives, the encounter isn’t quite over yet…

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