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Marvel Heroic Roleplaying: How I Learned to Love MHR

March 9, 2014

ASM 02_00A couple of years ago, Margaret Weis Productions published the latest Marvel RPG, Marvel Heroic Roleplaying. It was a great game, probably my favorite super-hero RPG ever, but Marvel yanked the license after a year and it is no longer available. But back in the early days, I had bought the game and after reading it was a bit lost. I didn’t have a group at the time, and in order to work out my confusion, I decided to try and learn the game by transcribing some old super-hero comics into game stats. This would also put the game to the test – what sold me on it was the claim that it emulated actual comics, which is pretty much what I wanted (and have never really gotten) out of a supers RPG. So I took my Spider-Man Masterworks off the shelf and got to work.

In the end, I found the exercise to be very useful, both in showing me how the game worked and in giving me questions that I could ask of others (how do you model this or that, etc.). And others seemed to find it useful, as well. Unfortunately, the message boards I posted them on got taken down. Fortunately, I had backed up my writings, and so I was able to re-post them. While the game is no longer available for purchase, copies are still floating around. And if you get a copy of the rules and are a little confused as to how it all works, hopefully you can learn something from what I’ve written.

Some of the reports have been moved over to this blog:

Amazing Spider-Man #2 (vs. the Vulture)
Amazing Spider-Man #3 (vs. Doc Ock)
Amazing Spider-Man #4 (vs. Sandman)
Amazing Spider-Man #5 (vs. Dr. Doom)

The MWP forums are long-dead. Eventually I will get around to restoring the other “play-alongs” from my drafts… I still have one more report to restore:

Amazing Spider-Man #10 (vs. the Enforcers)

  1. Ugh the forums have been down for ages D: I’ve been wanting to read these back again!

    • Yeah, it’s weird. I really should have re-hosted them here. You’d think I would have learned after I had a ton of character writeups that got lost when they wiped their old forums.

    • I still have the writeups on my hard drive, as it turns out. I’ve put up the ASM #2 writeup, and will work on adding the others.

  2. I’ve gotten around to working on the old drafts I had of the other two, but they need SO MUCH WORK. So I don’t know if they’ll ever be done. Sorry. 😦

    In other news, Margaret Weiss Productions has left the RPG industry, so I imagine those forums are never coming back. Cam Banks, who was one of the leads on the Cortex+ RPGs there, has licensed the system and at some point will be putting out a generic version of MHR and the other systems.

  3. ASM #5 has been restored from my old draft and posted.

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