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Kingmaker: Stolen Land, Session 14, Part 1

March 28, 2014


The Deception Falters

Akiros was regaling the gathered bandits with tall tales of his heroics against our heroes, when he realized that there were some bandits present that he did not recognize. The three new bandits – a woman and two men – introduced themselves, and told of how they came across Auchs in the wilderness and took him back to the fort. And so the players learned that Auchs was present after all.

Dovan strode forward. “So glad to see you again, Akiros. When the others returned, we were worried that you might have been killed. Or captured. But here you are, having defeated our foes, and you even saved Ayles and Fat Norry [the two fallen bandits that Mestinous the elven wizard and Boliden the barbarian were magically disguised as]! Truly this is an event worth celebrating!” Akiros was pretty sure Dovan was mocking him, but said nothing for fear of upsetting their ruse.

“And you even found some new friends,” Dovan continued, gesturing to Iofur the druid and Travaris the cleric, who were posing as bandits. “But I am puzzled, new friends. Most men who come here to offer tribute bring furs, meat, weapons – items that can be found on the trappers and hunters that live in the area. But you come with a keg of ale and a sack full of gold coins. Who did you rob, out here, in the middle of nowhere, that you found such booty?”

The gathered bandits murmured amongst themselves as they considered the truth of Dovan’s words. Akiros scowled, and rested his hand on his sheathed sword, ready for trouble. But Iofur spoke up first. “I know, right? I can barely believe it myself! We found this dumb, drunk priest wandering around on a donkey [this would be Travaris]. He was loaded with gold! And he worshipped some god of ale or something. Hey,” he poked Travaris in the ribs, “show them that dumb holy symbol that we found on that stupid cleric.” Travaris pulled out his own holy symbol and displayed it for all to see.

The bandits were satisfied with the answer, because really they just wanted an excuse to drink the beer. But Dovan knew better. He made his way back into the fort, grabbing Jex the Snitch on his way, and headed for the Stag Lord’s room. The players knew the jig was probably up, and it was just a matter of time.

Stolen Land 14aBut for the time being, they went along with their plan. The bandits worried about drinking the Stag Lord’s tribute (especially given his love for alcohol), but seeing that Jex was not about and encouraged by the PCs, they passed out tankards and broke open the keg. Travaris had said a prayer of delay poison in advance, while the others only pretended to drink. The bandits did not hold back, not knowing that the ale was laced with wolf thistle. Auchs and Silent Valkeri came down from the roof to partake in the booze, while the three bandits on watch cursed their ill luck.

Soon the poison took hold of a few of the bandits (the saving throws were one of the last times I would roll well this session). Falgrim Sneeg, Topper Red, Father Avery, and the female bandit Rajka fell asleep, while the others were merely buzzed. Boliden/Fat Norry, Travaris, and Iofur also pretended to nod off. But then loud voices started to emerge from the Stag Lord’s quarters, and the party knew they had to make their move now or all their planning would have been for naught.

Iofur  put Salar’s warhorn to his pursed lips and blew. The sound was the signal to attack! At the base of the hill, Mikmek and his kobold warriors started coming up the path to the gate. In the back of the fort, Satampra the rogue and Salar the halfling ranger struggled to make it over the wall. And in the common room, madness erupted.

Brawling with Bandits

Travaris took the dagger he had been eating with and stabbed it (rather ineffectually) into the snoozing Topper Red, waking him up with a shock. Mestinous/Ayles Megesen cast an enlarge person spell on Boliden/Fat Norry, which was a huge surprise to Dirty Jeb Megesen, Ayles’ brother. “Ayles?! What are you doing? When did you learn how to do that!” Boliden lumbered to his feet, surprised at his new size, and pulled out his greataxe. Akiros also surged to his feet, grabbing his sword and shield as he faced down his former compatriots. The fight was on.

Auchs was standing near Boliden/Fat Norry, and was not pleased at his size change. “Norry bigger than Auchs now! No fair! Auchs bring Norry down!” The big man (rebuilt as a Brawler from the Advanced Class Playtest) tried to grapple Boliden a few times, but couldn’t get a good hold on the much larger man. Boliden tried to chop up Auchs with his axe, but was not used to his new size, nor that of his axe. He started to get the hang of it when Jex the Snitch ran out of the back, yelling about how the Stag Lord was coming. Unfortunately Jex ran through Boliden’s threatened area, and got his head lopped off by 3d6+15 damage.

Mestinous summoned a flaming sphere, and then a small earth elemental, in order to deal with Dirty Jeb and Cragger Kench, who had come down from his post in the northeast tower. They fought atop the rubble in the back of the room until Cragger went down and Jeb ran off, confused and heartbroken that his brother had turned into a witch and attacked him. Jeb ended up running into the kobolds and getting stabbed to death.

Iofur summoned a small earth elemental and then a flaming sphere, taking the same actions as Mestinous but in reverse. Dovan had slipped out the back door and snuck around to the front, and he tried to get a good sneak attack off on Iofur, but was spotted. And then missed anyway. I was rolling crap for Dovan, too – he only got one hit in the whole night, and no sneak attacks.

Stolen Land 14bTravaris eventually managed to stab Topper Red into unconsciousness. He then held Rajka and stabbed her a few times, as well, before she was taken out by an earth elemental. Akiros held his own against the other bandits, not really committing himself to the fight yet. In the back, Satampra and Salar managed to scale the wall and headed up to the west towers, where they dueled with the other two bandits on watch for what felt like forever.

Dovan got badly hurt and ran off to drink a potion and hopefully re-stealth. Auchs, angry at Boliden/Fat Norry’s continued “cheating” (i.e. using an axe), swapped out Improved Grapple for Weapon Specialization and delivered a flurry of body blows that put some real hurt into the barbarian. But by then, most of the other bandits in the common room had been dealt with, and Auchs got burned and axed to death.

Falgrim Sneeg, who the players wanted to bring in alive for Kesten Garess’ reward, saw where the wind was blowing and ran for the front gate. Iofur brought him down before he could escape with flaming sphere, but burned him to near-death. It seemed like he would bleed out, until Travaris used his channel energy ability to heal the party – and included Falgrim in the burst of healing energy. Luckily for them, it didn’t heal him to consciousness.

During this time, the Stag Lord had been making his way around to the front from the outside. As he was preparing to flank the party, the four kobolds arrived through the front gate. The Stag Lord fired two arrows, and half of the kobolds fell. The players mopped up the remaining mooks and headed out into the courtyard to finally confront the Stag Lord.

Next: the Stag Lord revealed!

  1. Pinkius permalink

    By virtue of getting inside for more than 6 seconds, their subterfuge was more successful than ours by far!
    It also makes for a smooth read.

  2. Hehe. Thanks. 🙂 End of book 1 is up. All in all, it was a pretty satisfying ending.

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