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Kingmaker: Rivers Run Red, Session 4, Part 1

May 21, 2014

Cleaning Up the Mess

The group had fed a team of 7 lumberjacks to a monstrous tree, murdered their leader, and convinced the lone remaining woodsman that it was all a tragic accident. All in a day’s work! But now, night was upon them, and they moved the bodies out of the blighted hollow and made camp.

The surviving logger, Anatov, wrapped up his co-workers’ bodies in their cloaks and spent the night in a silent vigil. In the morning, he helped the party construct a crude sled that would allow the horses to pull the corpses back to Stagfell. They finished in the late morning of that cold, blustery day, and then loaded up the bodies and began their grim trek back home.

Rivers Run Red 4aOn the way, Anatov told stories of his fallen fellows and what he knew of their families. Travaris the cleric, exhibiting some rare trace of guilt, drank heavily to block out Anatov’s words. At some point, the survivor asked about the coach wood grove. The players looked at me and each other but said nothing in response. I clarified that he meant “the grove you were supposedly leading the lumberjacks to.” Satampra the rogue’s player replied, “Oh, I know what he means.” They were alarmed by his line of thought, and some wondered if they should kill the man before he could talk to others. But eventually, Satampra spoke up, stating that the dryad had told them the grove was there, so she must have lied to them. Anatov nodded. “A dryad. Corax [the woodsmen’s leader] hated the faeries. They were always trying to get in the way of our labors. She must have been trying to kill us.” He looked at the pile of his dead compatriots. “Well, she did kill us. Her and that cursed tree.” Travaris drank some more.

As they got closer to the mouth of the Skunk River, they ran across the Narthropple expedition once more. The gnomish explorers warmly hailed the party, until they saw the group’s burden. Jubilost Narthropple offered to help, although he balked when they asked him to carry the bodies back to Stagfell for them. “Why did you offer to help then?!” Satampra asked, exasperated. “Well, I thought it was the polite thing to do, after you rescued our supplies.” The gnomes gave their condolences and went on their way.

Rivers Run Red 4bThe rulers arrived back at Stagfell a little over a week after they set out. They said their goodbyes to Anatov, grabbed Iofur the druid and Salar the halfling ranger, and immediately set out again. They traveled to the dryad, who was grateful for their help, and gave them some magic berries, a druid scroll, a wand of cure light wounds, and the magic seeds needed to replant the nixie’s trees. They then went back to the nixie and planted the magic seeds around her pool. Fully-grown coach wood trees sprouted instantly from the seeds, and the nixie was pleased. She promised to watch the waterways for the group and to warn them of any danger (increasing Stability by 2).

Rivers Run Red 4cWith that finally taken care of, the group explored the area around the nixie’s pool, and continued mapping to the north-east. In a clearing there, they encountered a thylacine at the bottom of a trapper’s pit. Salar squealed with glee! He was due to pick up an animal companion, but he wanted to meet one in the course of the game, rather than just picking one. Now was his chance! Unfortunately, the edge of the pit was not stable, and he ended up falling in with the animal. The thylacine backed up, growling, but Salar kept throwing food at it – he keeps a supply of jerky on him at all times for occasions such as these – until he was able to make a decent wild empathy check. The cleric assisted by channeling some positive energy, healing both the halfling and the trapped marsupial. Once the creature had been befriended by Salar, the group dropped a rope and hauled the two of them out of the pit. Salar had his companion and, he said, the fledgling nation had its flag – a thylacine! The group didn’t exactly agree to that idea, though.

During this whole encounter, I kept mis-pronouncing thylacine (thi-la-seen) as thil-a-seen, and kept getting corrected, to the point where I would let someone else say the name. This led to Salar’s companion being called (for now) thil-a-seen the thi-la-seen.

After exploring that forest hex, the party headed back to Stagfell. Winter was upon them, and it would be time for the ruling council to meet soon.

Next: winter is coming!

  1. Pinkius permalink

    Poor Salar doesn’t know he’s in a party of filthy murderers! At some point, this fledgling grudge between fae and humans shall come to a head, and when it does, dirty deeds shall be unearthed that shake the peoples faith in their leaders to the point the kingdom might fall!
    ♪~ Don’t you know, you neeever split the party ~♫

  2. Huh, I just realized that we skipped over that part. The missing players had been filled in on what happened last session, so I suppose we didn’t think much about what their characters were told.

    “What did you guys do while you were gone?”

    “Oh, nothing much…”

  3. Pinkius permalink

    Well they could keep him in the dark, but that meens he’ll be more likely to side against them if/when it’s brought back up. Murder is one thing, but murder AND secrets? How can a chaotic good character forgive such things?

    Pretty easily actually so long as Travaris plays up how bad about it he feels and his willingness to repent. Satampra is the rogue, so uh… And Boliden sorta… well, Mestinous experienced a bit of timely karma with that robe at least.

    • So (thanks to your comment!) we revisited what happened when the group returned to town with the 1 woodsman and all his dead companions. What the murdering characters decided was that they told Iofur the druid and Salar the halfling ranger the same thing that they had told the loggers: they were leading them to a grove of trees when they got attacked by a tree monster, which killed all those dudes. In other words, they lied about what happened.

      So that will be potentially interesting when the truth is revealed by Grigori…

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