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On the Travails of Gaming as an Adult

July 17, 2014

Or, getting 7 adults with families and jobs into the same room at the same time on a regular basis is hard.

Last night was the third session in a row where we didn’t get to continue our D&D campaign. This time, though, it hit me a bit harder since I was the one who had to cancel. My wife has an on-call job. Usually she doesn’t take shifts on my game night, but the night got moved and she couldn’t get someone else to take the shift. And of course, she got a call right before I was about to leave the house, and I had to stay to put our daughter to bed. Not that I mind doing that – I love being a father – but I felt bad for letting down the group, and for extending our no-gaming streak by another two weeks.

I don’t have anything profound to say on the topic. I’m just feeling nostalgic for those days when my friends and I had nothing but time. One player (Iofur the druid in the Kingmaker game) has a toddler and a newborn and rarely is able to make an appearance. Another (Boliden the barbarian) is going to have his first child later this year. I feel for them; I didn’t even try to play face-to-face games until my daughter was over a year old. I would have felt terrible going out to have fun and leaving my wife with a screaming infant during those days.

Perhaps we should talk about putting the campaign on hold after Boliden’s player is a dad. We could switch to one-offs and shorter games until everyone is able to consistently available.

Or maybe we should just phase some characters out when the players are not going to be around for long stretches. I suppose I’ve been resisting that outcome, since I’ve spent a lot of time re-balancing all of the upcoming encounters for 6 PCs, and I don’t want to do any more work on that front. Hmm…

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