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Kingmaker: Rivers Run Red, Session 9, Part 1

September 11, 2014

The Plea

Sratok the Spirit-Talker dived into the river and swam languidly along its currents, glad to feel the water on her scales and to escape from the village for a few minutes. The previous day had been exhausting; the battle with the mammals, of course, but also everything that followed. There had been many wounds to tend to, and several spirits to lay to rest. And now there was much to do as the tribe prepared for another attack, and the prisoners to take care of, and dealing with the wounded pride of the King. Sratok was glad for the small respite.

But soon enough she spotted a suitable messenger, and she had to resume her duties. She hummed a prayer of beckoning, and the little carp that she had found swam over to her hand. She gently brought the fish to her mouth and whispered a message to it: “You were right. The mammals are attacking us. We accept your offer of friendship. Please send aid now.” She then whispered a name, “Mamuna the river witch,” and released the carp back into the river’s flow. It swam to and fro for a few moments, happy to be free, and then set off to find its quarry.

I Don’t Know, Fly Casual!

Blood-Bowl-Skaven-vs-LizardmenTwo party members – Travaris the cleric and Salar the halfling ranger – had been captured by lizardfolk. The rest of the group – Iofur the druid, Satampra the rogue, Boliden the barbarian, and Mestinous the elven wizard – had retreated into the forest to lick their wounds. And they were quite wounded! Boliden was down 45 hit points, and the others were down 20+ hit points each. Boliden had also taken 5 points of Dexterity damage. They rested, awoke, used some healing magic, and spent the next day resting some more. On the next day, they rode back to the river bank with the intention of freeing their comrades.

Or, maybe they should do some reconnaissance first? Iofur wildshaped into an eagle and spent several hours flying casually around the area, observing the lizardfolk village. Then they retreated and rested again because the druid wanted his single use of wildshape per day available for the battle. They wanted to attack at night – lizardfolk don’t have darkvision, unlike 99% of D&D non-player races – so they spent yet another day relaxing in the woods before finally putting their plan into action. It was now the 4th night after the battle where Travaris and Salar had been taken prisoner, and two days and one night since the lizardfolk druid had sent off her animal messenger.

The timeline was important, partly because Travaris and Salar were being tortured the whole time. But also because in the aftermath of the battle, the lizardfolk had sent out a plea for aid to Hargulka’s “Monster” Kingdom. Previously, the lizardfolk had rebuffed the trolls’ offer of alliance, but having nearly losing their king to these upstart humans, they reconsidered. I figured that it would take 1d4 days for Hargulka’s emissary to the lizardfolk, the river hag Mamuna, to arrive in response. I rolled a 2 – she reached the village the day of the planned assault. I also figured that it would take 1d4 more days for some troll backup to arrive. I rolled a 1 – two trolls would show up the day after the planned assault.

And the lizardfolk had not been idle during that time, either. They had placed wooden spikes on the inside of their wall, to hurt anyone trying to go over the wall. They had placed snares on both river banks to provide warning in case the humans returned. They distributed the loot taken from the prisoners, which included a wand of healing, some magical items of protection, and several vials of acid (the PCs had been planning on facing trolls). They put guards in the water around the island, to spot anyone approaching from that route. And the lizardfolk’s chief hunter – Vakar, a 4th level Hunter that I created so that I could play with the new class – had returned from an expedition with his crocodile companion.

The preparations were noted by Iofur as he flew overheard, and they came up with a plan to attack by air (Iofur as an eagle, Mestinous with a fly spell) and water (Satampra and Boliden with touch of the sea). Their goals were to rescue their friends and then to take out the will-o-wisp* and the enemy leaders. They didn’t know about Mamuna’s arrival, though. Between her, Sratok the druid, Vakar the hunter, King Vesket, and the dozen-ish lizardfolk braves, they probably would have been slaughtered.

* The adventure notes that Stisshak comes and goes as it pleases, so I rolled randomly for its presence each day. The advanced wisp was not in the village when the attack was going to take place.

Next: the slaughter commences?


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