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Kingmaker: Stolen Land, the Hero Lab Files

September 18, 2014

Kingmaker 1It occurred to me that I put a lot of effort into adding the NPCs into Hero Lab, and that others could benefit from my work. Here is a zip file of all the Stolen Land portfolio files. It includes:

Allies: Bokken (adept 3), Kesten Garess (aristocrat 1/fighter 2), Oleg & Svetlana Leveton, Jhod Kavekn, Mikmek (warrior 2), and a generic hunter/trapper (expert 1)

Foes: Akiros Ismort, Auchs (brawler 4), Chief Sootscale, Dovan from Nisroch (slayer 4), Haps Bydon, Kressle, Nugrah the Decrepit, Searos Eagle-Eye (new foe, druid 4), Tartuk, The Stag Lord

For NPCs like Oleg or Jhod, I stuck with the information presented in Stolen Land and Rivers Run Red, and filled in the blanks. For the enemy characters, they have an additional level over what’s in Stolen Land, which is because my group has 6 players. Many also have their feats and spells tweaked, or archetypes added, or even have different classes. In particular, I thought that two of the hybrid classes from the Advanced Class Guide playtest made for better fits for Auchs (brawler) and Dovan (slayer), and was keen to try them out.

I’m not including the portfolio for the mite king, Grabbles, because I made him waaaay too effective for the circumstances of his encounter area. I built him as a 2nd level fighter that specialized in mounted combat. Don’t do that.

You might need some extra Hero Lab data packages to properly view some of the files. Definitely the Advanced Player’s Guide gets used a lot, and then the Advanced Class Guide for Auchs and Dovan.

Hopefully someone will find these files useful!

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