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Kingmaker: The App – It’s Here!!!

November 3, 2014

KingdomManager Screenshot 1

So a while back, I set out to create an application that would manage my players’ Kingmaker kingdom. I had looked at the various spreadsheets out there, as well as Hero Lab‘s Ultimate Campaign package, and decided that I can do better. And now I have. 😀

I’ve completed my Kingdom Manager application, for the moment. It does just about everything that I want it to do, and I’ve squashed all the bugs that I’ve found. There are some things missing, however. For one, there is no Undo function. You can back out of most changes with a little work, but some actions (like creating a settlement) just can’t be undone. But if you put a building in the wrong place, you can try to refund it and build it again. Or failing that, just delete it and manually restore your BP.

As a result, if you decide to use this program, always back up your save files! Always always always. I do want to add an Undo function to it at some point, but it’s a tremendous amount of work, and so it won’t be anytime soon.

There’s also some of the more advanced kingdom rules not yet implemented, like trade routes and diplomatic edicts. Eventually I also want to include random magic item generation, the actual kingdom turn process, and allow for some customization. Hopefully my Kingmaker campaign will last long enough to get all of that done. 😀

With all of that out of the way, I have to say that I’m very impressed! I’m biased, but I think the Kingdom Manager is awesome. It does all the number crunching for your kingdom, of course, but it also lets you explore maps, track time, keep a campaign journal, and… well, not much else right now, really. But that’s plenty. There’s also an optional password-protected “DM mode” that does everything, and a Player mode that disables some functions, so that you can give the app to your players without worrying that they’re going to peek at the unexplored parts of the map in-between sessions.

Hopefully there are still people running the Kingmaker adventure path, or using the rules for their own games, that will find this useful. Even if not, it’s been a rewarding, if exhausting, experience.

If you’re interested in checking it out, see the Kingdom Manager App page.


  1. Very Excited for this I will send you a message and keep you updated on any bug reports I come across.

  2. stephen permalink

    Dang, i just found this and….it looks so awesome and wish i had this to use for my upcoming kingmaker campaign

  3. Charles permalink

    Stumbled across this, downloaded it and loving it so far.
    My group is almost to this point, so I’m glad I found it early.
    Thank you.

  4. I stopped my Kingmaker campaign 1,5 y. ago. and start playing D&D5, but i want to see your beautifuyl app

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