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Kingmaker: The App – Update 2

November 18, 2014

kingdom-manager-settings2Just a quick update to the Kingdom Manager in order to fix a serious bug.



New Features

  • Campaign settings. In the Campaign menu, DMs can now change some settings that the program uses. The settings menu item does not appear in player mode. Currently, the following values can be edited:
    • Population per district plot. This affects the total population of a settlement, and thus its size (village, small town, large city, etc.), and thus its bonuses.
    • Population per claimed hex. This doesn’t affect anything at the moment, and isn’t displayed. At some point I’ll squeeze in a total population count for the kingdom, though. I don’t believe that there is an official value for number of people per claimed hex. But I’m sure someone will figure out what the number should be based on historical farming data or something. 🙂
    • Border color & width. The width and color of the kingdom’s borders. The default is “red” and 3 pixels wide.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a bug where larger buildings were causing an error when opening the kingdom from a file.
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