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Kingmaker: The App – Update 3

December 4, 2014

kingdom_mgr_museumThis is a more serious update to the Kingdom Manager that adds in or refines unique building features, like that of the Granary, Foundry, or Waterfront.


kingdom_mgr_granary_1* The special ability for the Granary building (store up to 5 BP of excess production) is now functional. The amount of BP stored by any particular Granary can be viewed and changed when the building is selected.

kingdom_mgr_granary_2* The kingdom information area now displays how much stored BP (from Granary buildings) is currently available to the kingdom. This value can be edited, which will add or subtract stored production from your kingdom’s Granaries. In other words, you don’t have to individually manage the inventory of each Granary – it can be controlled at the kingdom level.

kingdom_mgr_foundry_2kingdom_mgr_foundry_1* The special ability for the Foundry building (1 mine connected to the settlement by road or river gets +1 Economy & BP/turn) is now functional. When the foundry is built, or when an eligible mine is built, the foundry will automatically boost the closest connected mine. If the boosted mine is deleted or disabled, the foundry will automatically look for another to boost instead.

* The special ability for the Stockyard building (farms in the settlement’s hex and nearby hexes reduce Consumption by an additional point) is now functional.

* One of the special abilities for the Cathedral building (Consumption from Promotion Edict reduced by 50%) is now functional.

* The special ability for the Waterfront building (Loyalty penalty from Taxation Edict reduced by 50%) is now functional.

kingdom_mgr_menagerie* The special ability for the Menagerie building (increase Loyalty by 1/4 CR of highest CR creature on display) now has a better interface. The CR of the creature on display can be viewed and changed when the building is selected.

* One of the special abilities for the Museum building (increase Fame by 1 per 10,000 gp worth of item displayed, maximum 5, plus 1 more if item is significant to kingdom) now has a better interface. The GP value and historical significance of the item on display can be viewed and changed when the building is selected.

kingdom_mgr_lore_bonus* Conditional skill bonuses from buildings such as the Academy, Magical Academy, Museum, and University are now noted in the settlement information area.

* As a result of the above changes, any “build options” previously chosen for Shrines, Temples, Cathedrals, Menageries, Museums, Academies, and Universities have been reset. You will need to go to each of these buildings and configure them again. Sorry about that! It couldn’t be avoided.

Bug Fixes

* Fixed a bug where clicking the Save button in the map or character window, and then clicking the cancel button in the file dialog, caused an error.

* Fixed a bug where double-clicking in certain “pick an item” dialogs caused an error.

* Fixed a bug where the Strategic Location hex feature was always giving a kingdom bonus, regardless of whether the kingdom’s capital city was in the same hex or not. If you have placed any Strategic Locations on your map (for example, at the site of the Stag Lord’s fort), you should replace them with fresh copies.

* Adjusted the size of the Holiday Edict combo box so that it can fully display the text for all edict levels.

* Fixed a bug that was causing the sample map to not load properly.

What’s Next?

Foreign kingdoms, Diplomatic edicts, and Trade edicts.

  1. Very nice, Awesome work you are doing with this

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