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Kingmaker: Zuddiger’s Picnic

December 14, 2014

While my group is only on Book 2 of the Kingmaker adventure path, I’m always looking for resources that I might need down the line, or that I can throw into the AP early to serve as foreshadowing. At this point, we’ve been playing for over a year and I don’t know if we’ll ever make it to Book 6. But just in case we do, I wanted to have a physical copy of the Zuddiger’s Picnic book handy. This book is described (but not shown) in the beginning of the Sound of a Thousand Screams adventure, and is meant to be used by the players as an introduction and brief guide to Nyrissa’s realm in the First World. Anyway, I’ve come across not one but two really fine re-creations of the book, and thought that I would share them here for other Kingmaker GMs.

The first book is done in a woodcut style, it seems to me, and also includes a hand-drawn and unlabeled version of the Thousandbreaths map. It features a faux-leather-looking front and back cover as well. My only quibble with this version of the book is that it makes Zuddiger’s sword look like it’s meant to be Briar, which doesn’t seem right to me in terms of the story.

The second book is beautifully colored and has a kind of stylized cartoony look to the art (forgive my crude descriptions; I am no artist). It’s presented as a book laying open on a flat surface, with each image covering both visible “pages.”

Update: While looking at my files, I realized that I had a third version of the book, which is actually my favorite. It took me a little while to track down the source, though. The third book (which actually pre-dates the other two) is presented in a woodcut style, but this one is colored.

Hopefully someone will find these to useful for their game!

  1. Wow, yah. That second book looks like a penny arcade comic spoof. Nice for a certain feel, but not exactly fitting the period. Good find with both.

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