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Kingmaker: Rivers Run Red, Session 18, Part 2

February 15, 2015

Guess That’s Why They Call It the Blues

Sing-the-bluesAs the explorers forged a path northwards, they came across a brown-skinned giant wandering the hills. He was signing loudly, and off-key, while swinging a tree around as a club. Initially it appeared that no one could understand the giant, but then Mestinous the elven wizard’s player realized that he had not chosen all of his languages yet. And so he wrote in “giant” on his character sheet, and then related to the group that the giant was singing a sad lonely giant-ish song about not having any women or booze.

They cautiously approached the giant. When he noticed the group, Mestinous stepped forward with Simon the cleric’s pony keg of fangberry ale and offered it up. But the wizard narrowly flubbed the Diplomacy check, even with a +5 bonus from the alcohol, and so the giant refused the invitation. He was feeling lonely and rejected and was wary of getting hurt again, you see. Mestinous’ lack of Diplomacy has been a semi-recurring issue; he’s the only one who knows many of the languages that the group encounters, but he dumped Charisma and has no ranks in the Diplomacy skill. And I don’t believe that it’s a class skill for wizards, either.

The would-be diplomats compensated by passing around the brew and making it obvious how delicious they found it. The thirsty giant could not stand the sight of everyone else enjoying the beer. He snatched up the keg, tilted back his head, crushed the wooden barrel over his mouth, and drank the ale that spilled out. After licking his fingers clean, he admitted that Simon’s brew was “alright,” and agreed to talk to the puny humans.

It turned out that the giant, name of Munguk, was looking for blue wolfberries to turn into moonshine. He still had a little ‘shine left, if they wanted to try it. And so Mestinous sampled some, which rendered him incapable of functioning for a while. As it was winter, there were no (and would be no) wolfberries to be found, but the group directed him south where it might be warmer. There was some talk of taking him back to Stagfell, an idea unsurprisingly championed by Breen/Salar’s player, but in the end the group thought it better to send him out of their territory. Satampra the swashbuckler noted that they really didn’t want a drunken giant stumbling around town.

Rivers Run Red 18cMunguk was also in search of a bride, and the adventurers told him they would keep an eye out. Some further probing of how Munguk came to be here revealed that he had tried to join up with the “green giants” in the forest, but they had rejected him. Mestinous told Munguk that they would be his friends, which made Munguk very happy, and in return the giant told them roughly where the trolls were located.

After leaving the giant behind, the explorers traveled east along the Shrike River. They discovered an abandoned pier where the Little Sellen and the Shrike joined streams, and noted the site as a good place for a potential future settlement. Incidentally, I realize now as I’m writing this that I should have placed some evidence of the trolls’ rampage here. The group could have discovered that the pier was only recently abandoned, and that the former inhabitants had been killed or driven out by the trolls.

Finally the rulers turned north and rode back to Stagfell for the winter, leaving behind one particular hex-sized hole in the south-eastern portion of their map…

Our Last, Best Hope

caerelia-turn16Over the next 2 kingdom turns, Caerelia absorbed the hex containing Oleg’s Trading Post to the north, and the forest hex that contained the nixie Melianse’s pool. They built farms in every hex they could, a sawmill in the forest hex west of Stagfell, and a road to the Temple of the Elk. Finally, they ordered the forest around the temple to be cleared for a settlement.

Jhod Kavken, priest of Erastil and current Magister of Caerelia, requested to step down from his post and be named Lord Mayor of the new town. The council was fine with that, and Jhod’s second, a young witch named Silva Zareen, took over his duties as Magister. A long time ago, I had the players create two NPCs each: one that would serve under their character in the kingdom, and one that would serve under another position. Silva was created by Boliden the barbarian’s player. The group succeeded at the Loyalty check, and there were no major penalties as a result of Jhod stepping down.

stagfell-turn16Naming the new settlement was more troublesome. Eventually one of the players suggested “Last Hope,” and I spoke up to say that Jhod really liked that name. While the Temple of the Elk may not have been his last ever hope of redemption, it felt right to him. And so the name stuck.

Back in Stagfell, the only construction that took place during this time was the completion of the wall that guarded the city. The council was holding onto the bulk of their BP with the hopes of finally rebuilding the Stag Lord’s castle and/or restoring the temple in Last Hope sooner rather than later.

Caerelia after month 16:

Size: 13; Cities: 2; Control DC: 35

Economy: +30; Loyalty: +28; Stability: +30

Unrest: 0; Treasury: 31 BP; Consumption: 1 BP/turn; Income: +6 BPs/turn

Next: baby swap!

  1. Pinkius permalink

    The party really needs to see about discounts provided by other buildings! Unless you’re not using the Ultimate Campaign rules and that’s not a thing, if you built a building certain other ones were half off.


    Cayden Cailean’s brewery reminds me of the abandoned temple in book… 4 was it? Maybe 5, where one finds the Nereid and learns about The Briar. My cavalier got a vision of the Nereid calling out for help, and resolved to “rescue and seduce the maiden as per tradition”.

    I wonder if the party will still have a worshiper to Cayden Cailean by the time they get there… That is looking pretty far into the future though

    • They haven’t actually built anything that allows for a discount yet. Although that will change if they rebuild the castle or the temple. They are on the hook for a Black Market by the end of year 2, which is around 50 BP, and I mentioned to them they could get it for half price if they bought a Market first. Although the market is also around 50 BP.

      That’s right, the abbey was also once a winery. I don’t think the religion is specified; I should make it Cayden Cailean if we get that far.

      • Pinkius permalink

        I don’t recall the abbey being dedicated to Torag so it was probably Cayden Cailean ;D
        Speaking about buildings, I’m gonna crack my copy of UC open here, do you use the settlement statistics? Law, Lore and all those? We ignored those stats because they didn’t really DO anything.

        a Cathedral is very helpful and expensive, you build that for 58 bp, and you can build temples for 16 then 12 instead of 32, if you want a bunch of temples like the party promised. (12 via building a shrine first, but you need a temple for the discount to shrines, plus it takes an extra turn to build the shrine then upgrade the shrine… Not that it matters once you get to the stage where you can build 5 things a turn)

      • Pinkius permalink

        Nevermind I forgot discounts are consumable, you only get them once per building

      • Lore is useful; it gives a bonus on knowledge checks made in the settlement. I agree that the others are mostly worthless.

  2. I came down with the flu, so there was no session this week. Sorry!

    • Pinkius permalink

      Rabble rabble, Torches and Pitchforks! We’ll take this to the mayors office!

  3. Hi, just finished reading your whole Kingmaker campaign and really enjoyed it. Your players seem a little, erm, well lets say their moral compass is a little off! Hope you are enjoying it as DM as well?

    • Thank you, and I do enjoy it, yes! The group has a mix of different impulses, which results in good discussions when roleplaying situations arise. But mostly they’re pragmatic-neutral. The cleric and the wizard sometimes drag the others down a darker path, at least when the halfling ranger wasn’t around. Now that the ranger is gone, the rogue/swashbuckler has grudgingly started to oppose the more evil ideas.

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