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Kingmaker: The App – Update 5

February 25, 2015

kingdom_mgr_fk_map_1The newest version of the Kingdom Manager software is The major new feature of this release is support for Diplomatic Edicts. There are a few moving parts involved. Foreign powers that appear on one or more maps (in other words, they have claimed hexes visible to the players) can be created in the map window and have their territory assigned there. Foreign powers that do not appear on any maps can be created in the main window, under the Campaign menu (visible to DMs only). The Campaign menu is also where DMs can configure foreign powers and their relationship to the player kingdom, as well as to one another. After the DM has set everything up, the players can edit their relationships with other kingdoms from the new Kingdom -> Diplomacy menu.


  • The map window has a new Kingdoms menu, which allows the user to add and edit the names and colors of foreign kingdoms that could be found on the map.
  • In the map window, a new “Claimed By” drop-down selection has been added to the right-hand panel when the user has one or more hexes selected. The value of this selection will determine which kingdom owns the selected hex(es). Note that if the player kingdom is selected from this drop-down list, the hex state will automatically change to “Claimed”. Or if the hex’s state was “Claimed” and the hex is assigned to a NPC kingdom, the hex state will change to “Explored”.
  • In the main window, there is now a Foreign Kingdoms menu under the Campaign menu. Here you can add new foreign powers (they need not actually show up on any of the maps), edit existing ones, and fine-tune their relationships with the player kingdom and with each other.
  • There is also a Diplomacy menu under the Kingdom menu. This is a player view of their kingdom’s foreign relations.
  • The interface for adding a Free City to a map in the map window has been significantly upgraded. Instead of picking buildings in the settlement from a list, a smaller version of the settlement interface is presented. You can add buildings to particular locations, add in additional districts, and do most anything you could do with a real settlement. This allows the map-maker to create more fully realized independent towns for the players to claim.
  • The Free City terrain feature now automatically creates a new settlement and adds it to the kingdom when the hex containing the feature is claimed.
  • It is now possible to remove settlements from a kingdom. Right-click on the settlement in the hex map and click on the Delete menu option.
  • Buildings can now be flipped on both the X and Y axes in the settlement panel.
  • The categories in the toolbox in the main window have been re-arranged so that free buildings/features, discounts, and upgrades are at the top instead of the bottom. The intention is to make those categories more obvious.
  • It is now possible to mark a character as an NPC in the character window. DMs can freely view and edit the properties of NPCs, but players will only be able to view the characters’ name. (suggested by Friedrich Grell)


Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue where double-clicking on an empty space in the journal entry chooser dialog caused an error.
  • Fixed an issue that was keeping some special building traits from being displayed in the building information panel.
  • Fixed an issue where stored production and stored production capacity was not being saved. (found by David Willson)
  • The kingdom size requirement for Highways has been implemented.
  • Removed some terrain features from the main window’s map toolbox that were causing issues: Ruins, Free Building, and Free City. Those features should be added to a map from the map window for the time being. (found by Paul Stein)
  • Fixed an issue where clicking on a Water terrain hex in the kingdom window caused an error. (found by Mike van der Zijden)
  • Fixed an issue where an error would sometimes occur when loading a campaign with foreign kingdoms. (found by Mei Yu Lian)
  • When a hex that contains a settlement is “lost” (i.e. is no longer claimed by the kingdom), that settlement is now removed from the kingdom.
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