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Kingmaker: Rivers Run Red, Session 20, Part 1

March 22, 2015

Eye in the Sky

file_transfer_1South of the hodag’s lair, the group of explorers had discovered signs that they were now standing in troll territory. Rather than stumble into another ambush, the party asked Iofur the druid to scout the area in the shape of an eagle. Human magically turned into bird, and with a shriek Iofur took to the sky.

The druid returned some hours later and shifted back into his human form. He reported file_transfer_2that a few miles to the south, there was a large area that had been cleared of trees. At the far edge of the clearing was a tall rock outcropping. Around the base of the outcropping, a sort-of giant shanty town had been erected. Iofur had spied several trolls out in the open, who were lording it over human slaves. The group concluded that that was definitely Hargulka’s home base. And so they headed east! When file_transfer_3they returned, it would be at the head of an army, or so they hoped.

They didn’t encounter any more trolls in the next hex over, but they did finally run into the green dragon – actually a forest drake – that they had heard rumors of. The drake, which was nearly impossible to spot in its home environs, struck at them from hiding. It breathed out a cloud of acidic mist that enveloped Simon the cleric and Breen the monk (and Breen’s horse) before it flew in for the attack. Its breath weapon recharged quickly, and it launched another cloud of mist at Iofur and Mestinous the elven wizard as it laid into Breen with tooth and claw.

Rivers Run Red 20aI thought this fight might be a tough one, but as it happened the party beat the drake down pretty quickly. By the time it sought to flee, it was surrounded. I should have had the drake withdraw into the air, but I got my editions mixed up and forget that that was possible in Pathfinder. And so the drake died. It did almost take out Breen’s horse, but Simon managed to catch it in a burst of positive energy. They took its head, and Simon was eager to also capture some blood in a flask (after first draining the flask of its booze, of course) along with a few scales. It wasn’t a true dragon, to be sure, but perhaps its parts would still be of interest to alchemists or arcanists.Rivers Run Red 20b

After tracking down the drake’s last meal and finding a cloak of elvenkind and some other items, the adventurers travelled east to Candlemere Lake, and then north towards Stagfell. I asked them if they wanted to stop off at the Old Beldame’s home, and they said “sure!” The old swamp witch was at home when they called, but she would only allow three of them into her small hut at a time. So Satampra the swashbuckler, Simon, and Mestinous trudged up her hill to her tiny dwelling.


When they were inside, the PCs very quickly brought up the topic of the hags, and I thought, finally I can give them some information! The Old Beldame told them that she had heard that three hags that had tormented the Riverlands for centuries – Nekista Syla the Silvertongue, Toboura the Fervent, and Mamuna the Wretched – had recently come to the Greenbelt and joined together in a coven. She gave them a sense of each of their characters – deceiver, destroyer, and witch, respectively – and related some old stories of their exploits.


Mestinous then brought up the subject of the Green Lady and the ring he wore around his neck. The Old Beldame looked alarmed, and admonished the wizard for using even just a nickname of Hers in her home. This prompted the ever-tipsy Simon to say “Green Lady” over and over, which led to him being banished from the warmth of the witch’s hut. The crone advised Mestinous to get rid of the ring – if she was able to touch the dreams of the wearer, it’s possible she could exert some other influence through it. After departing the old witch’s company, Simon volunteered again for sex-dream duty, but was again denied. The group discussed ways that they might destroy the ring, and lamented that there were no nearby volcanos.


When they returned to Stagfell, it was time for a kingdom turn! They ordered that the Tatzylford hex be claimed, along with the “Blighted Hollow” hex. Their intention was to claim the ancient elven castle that was previously inhabited by the Dancing Lady on their next turn – they really wanted that free castle! They also built a road from Stagfell to Tatzylford. In the new settlement of Last Hope, they ordered that the Temple of the Elk should be rebuilt, thus fulfilling one of their investor promises.


The council also recognized the need to confront the troll threat head-on. To that end, they ordered the training of and forging of arms for a unit of foot soldiers. Unfortunately, they failed the Loyalty check to recruit – I’m using a modified version of the mass combat rules – and as a result, the unit had some hiccups getting started.

With the kingdom turn ended, the council rode out to Tatzylford to smooth over its incorporation into Caerelia, and to return the lumberjack’s spear that they retrieved from the hodag. The grateful woodsman let them keep the weapon, a +1 keen spear. It was technically better than their other weapons, but no one was really into spears, so the group will probably end up selling it.

When they returned to Stagfell, they received some disturbing news: a rabble-rouser had come to town, and was turning the people against them!

Caerelia after month 17:

Size: 15; Cities: 3; Control DC: 38

Economy: +37; Loyalty: +28; Stability: +36

Unrest: 0 (or is it???); Treasury: 27 BP; Consumption: 3 BP/turn; Income: +7 BPs/turn

Next: Grigori!

  1. Pinkius permalink

    Ohhhh, ho. We found this guy in a bar with a disgruntled lumberjack who we sided against with a nymph when he was chopping her trees. A cavalier can’t just turn around and punch some guy in the face in his own LG kingdom, so he gave himself a warrant, searched his room for incriminating evidence, and banished the him. Never saw the guy again.

    • What guy is that?

      • Pinkius permalink

        The fat bard, isn’t that the rabble rouser?

      • Yeah. Ah, I understand now: you found Grigori in a bar in your capital (?) talking to Corax (the lumberjack boss who had the conflict with the nixie), and you had Grigori banished.

        My players handled things in a decidedly… different manner.

      • Pinkius permalink

        I would assume they just straight up killed Grigori and had themselves a bunch of validated PO’d human rights activists haranguing them for a while. The rulers of the kingdom straight up murdering a non-violent protester, albeit one inciting riots?

      • …no comment!

      • Pinkius permalink

        And yes, the bar was in our capital

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