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Kingmaker: Rivers Run Red, Session 24, Part 1

June 14, 2015

The party quickly stacked up the bodies of the fallen (but still regenerating!) trolls and lit them on fire. Once the trolls were definitively dead, Simon Wellread the cleric channeled blasts of healing energy in order to heal the group. But while that was going on, Mestinous the elven wizard was flying invisibly towards the battle between Stagfell’s militia and the bulk of the troll warband. Two of the hags may have slipped away, but perhaps he could take out the third that was leading the troll force.

The situation didn’t look good. Flames licked the treetops and the wind carried the screams of the dying. As the wizard swooped down, he saw the mob of trolls run down and eat the militia members who had not broken and fled. Toboura the Fervent, their annis hag leader, was bellowing and pointing furiously; one troll eventually understood her orders, loped over to some fallen bodies, picked one up, and slung the limp form over its shoulder. Mestinous saw that the unconscious figure was the Marshal Pelagia Medyved, who had led the militia into battle.

The elf ran down a mental list of his remaining spells and concluded that he couldn’t accomplish much against the monsters below. Although many trolls had been wounded in the fight, they were now away from the flames and regenerating back to full health. But perhaps he could still rescue Pelagia? He did some rough calculations in his head to determine a good angle of approach and speed, and then zoomed down toward the Marshal’s still form. I had him roll a CMB check, and he rolled pretty well, so I ruled that he managed to snatch her off of the troll’s back and fly away before the troll could act. He might have even done it, too, considering that he was invisible, but I didn’t feel like figuring out all the modifiers. Or, if he had just fallen short, from raining on his parade. Toboura shook her fists and screamed in rage, but there was little she could do to stop the wizard from flying away with her captive.

A Little R&R

The adventurers, save for Satampra the swashbuckler and Breen the monk, ran several miles away to recuperate. Satampra stayed to shadow the trolls – due to his ring of sustenance, he only needed a couple hours of rest – while Breen journeyed west to nearby Tatzylford in order to warn the town. Mayor Loy Rezbin and his wife Latricia ordered an evacuation into the woods north of the river. But before they left, they expressed their anger to the Councilor that the wall around the town was never completed. Breen shrugged an apology and began the long log back to his companions so that he, too, could rest. And once Simon had refreshed his abilities, Pelagia was healed and sent on foot – their horses had been lost in the melee – to go warn Stagfell.

Rivers Run Red 24The trolls mostly stayed put during this time as well in order for the hags to recover their resources – Nekista Syla had been badly mauled by a summoned tiger, and they didn’t have a lot of healing available. After a few days had passed, they struck camp and set out under cover of night. There had been much speculation as to where the warband might go – Tatzylford was one hex to the west, Last Hope two hexes north, and Stagfell two hexes to the east and south. The giants marched west. Satampra ran off to gather the others so that they could pursue.

The sun had risen a few hours past by the time the warband reached the logging town. A few trolls went in ahead of the others, looking for traps or defenders, but found that the place had been evacuated. Toboura sneered at the humans cowardice, and ordered the trolls to destroy everything. Four hung back with the coven to guard the hags; they knew the rulers of Caerelia could be nearby and were on high alert.

I Love it When a Plan… Ah, Crap

When the adventurers arrived at Tatzylford, the trolls were still in the process of tearing the place apart. There was a long debate about what to do, and whether they could maybe grab a hag and run away with her before the others could react. It was a suicidal idea, but the players were obsessed with not leaving until they had killed at least one witch. Eventually they settled on a plan: Mestinous would render Satampra invisible and haste the party. Satampra would sneak up and grab one of the spellcaster hags and try to run away with her. The others would use summoned tigers and themselves to slow down pursuit.

Needless to say, the plan didn’t quite come together.

In preparing for this session, I had assumed that the party would be forced to retreat, raise a stronger army, and then defeat the warband in a proper fashion. Given my experience with the players in this campaign so far, I’m not sure why I thought that. If they have a NPC in their sights, they will not rest until they see that character dead. See, for example, the battle at the lizardfolk village. In this case, they were after the hags, and weren’t going to walk away until they had taken at least one out. Satampra’s player repeatedly said that he didn’t want to just leave and let the previous battle go to waste – classic sunken cost fallacy in action!

A lot of the session time got eaten up by planning, and the rest was the execution of their plan, so I will save that for the next update.

Next: a PC dies!

  1. Pinkius permalink

    That spoiler at the end!
    How could you. :.(

    I believe a cmb check is technically an attack roll and would dispel your invisibility, although you would get a +2 bonus for attacking from invisibility

  2. Mei Yu Lian permalink

    Players never learn, do they.

    • Pinkius permalink

      A challenge is only a hill, never a wall!
      Except when you start dying, then the gm just hates you

  3. Been slammed at work, update will be coming this week hopefully.

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