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Kingmaker: The App – Update 8

October 5, 2015

Adding the mass combat rules is still in progress. In the meantime, attempting to run several kingdom turns in a row made me realize how cumbersome certain parts of the turn sequence can be to perform. The income phase in particular, which has become a not-so-fun exercise in math now that the player’s kingdom is getting bigger. I’m pretty sure that I made a mistake at some point in our last session and gave the kingdom more BP than I should have, which unfortunately let them avoid a sticky and potentially interesting situation.

So I was thinking of ways to make running kingdom turns easier. I’ve always planned on adding some kind of automation to support kingdom turns in the future, and while that hasn’t happened yet, I can roll out some of the component tools to ease the process in the here and now.

To that end, there is now a “Turn” menu on the menubar, next to the “Kingdom” menu. From there, you can perform kingdom checks (roll the die yourself and plug in the number to get your result, or have the application roll for you), make the monthly kingdom stability check (and have your unrest automatically adjusted), pay consumption with a click, collect income (and have the treasury automatically updated), and have Unrest/turn applied automatically. My hope is that these tools will allow users to manage their kingdoms more quickly and with fewer headaches. I know they’ve made my life easier!

As always, you can visit the application’s page to download the setup file. If you click on Help -> About, the version # should be There was an issue where the download was going to the previous version, but that’s since been fixed.

KMturnSS-01 KMturnSS-02 KMturnSS-03 KMturnSS-04 KMiconsSS-01


  • The Turn menu has been added to the menu bar. Here one can find helpful tools for automating steps of the turn sequence. The currently available tools are:
    • Kingdom Stability Check. Upkeep Phase step 1: adjust Unrest based on your Stability check result. You can make the d20 roll yourself, or have the application roll for you (ditto with the 1d4 roll if the check is failed by 5 or more).
    • Pay Consumption. Upkeep Phase step 2: subtract the kingdom’s Consumption from the Treasury. If the Treasury is in the red, Unrest increases by 2.
    • Collect Taxes. Income Phase step 4: update the kingdom’s Treasury based on your Economy check result and the kingdom’s automatic BP/turn. You can make the d20 roll yourself, or have the application roll for you.
    • Unrest/Turn. Event Phase special: certain leadership vacancies can cause an increase to Unrest every turn in the Event Phase. That Unrest increase can be added to the kingdom’s total with the click of a button.
  • Added a “Recent Files” sub-menu to the File menu.
  • The DM can now assign ownership of a hex from the main interface, instead of having to update the map file first.
  • Added the Windmill for settlements, which is just the Mill without the water requirement. It does however require the DM’s permission to build (as per the Mill’s text), so the user will have to be in DM Mode to construct it. Unfortunately, the art is still the regular Mill art.
  • Added icons for the Watchtower and Fort terrain improvements.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed numerous issues with updating the campaign map from a map file.
  • Fixed a bug that prevented the user from upgrading a Watchtower to a Fort and a Road to a Highway.
  • Random magic items are now limited by the town’s Base Value, as specified in the kingdom building rules.
  • Fixed a bug where launching the Kingdom Manager by clicking on a kingdom, map, or character file did not actually load the file.
  1. Mei Yu Lian permalink

    Those look like really useful updates.
    Any news on how prospects are for playing the next scenario on the list?

    • I have some updates in the queue; I was away this past weekend so I haven’t finished writing them up yet. We’re not doing book 3 right away, though – the players have some personal subplots they want to resolve, first.

      • Pinkius permalink

        I mean there’s the widows, and the orphans and the political shenanigans, these rulers truely have their hands full, what they would give for a complicit populace… What WOULD they give? Hmm food for thought… ;D

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