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Pathfinder: Magic Item Generator

October 19, 2015

pathfinder_random_item_tableHave you ever looked at the random tables for magic items in a D&D settlement? They aren’t the sort of thing you can use at the table when the PCs unexpectedly visit a town. You’re supposed to roll for the number of minor, medium, and major items based on town size, usually with multiple d4s. Then you have to roll for each of those items – what kind of item is it? Which specific item is it? Are there any other details that need to be rolled? And if you get a potion, wand, or scroll result, you’ll have to pick the spells yourself (although thankfully Paizo provided random spell tables for just that purpose in Ultimate Equipment).

Alternatively, you could follow the contradictory rule that there’s a 75% chance that any item is available as long as it costs less than the town’s Base Value. But that, to me, make magic too easy to acquire and too commonplace. I prefer the random tables, for all of their lack of utility during play.

This was a minor thorn in my side in the Kingmaker campaign because the players would travel to Restov from time to time, and the wizard always wanted to know what scrolls and magic items were available. There are some random item generator webapps out there, but none met my specific needs of generating items for a town. They also often did not provide all of the details – what spells are on the scroll? What kind of energy does the ring protect against? Is there anything for a martial halfling to buy? And so on. I actually rolled up slates of available magic items for towns beforehand and printed them out so that I would have the data when needed at the table.

magic_item_generator_SS01But that was rather time consuming and tedious. So I made my own random generator! Now when the players head to the big city, I can start up the application, pick the proper town size, click the button, and poof, done! I can also generate X number of items of any quality level (minor, medium, major) or item type (armor, weapons, etc.) if I need something more specific. The underlying engine is actually being used by the Kingdom Manager application to generate random items for settlement buildings, as well. I had crafted a primitive interface for the stand-alone generator, as it was only ever used by me. But I was recently thinking that others might find it useful, so I cleaned it up and am now releasing the program into the wild.

Why use this application over the other options out there? Well, obviously you don’t have to, and it doesn’t run on mobile devices, so that’s a definite mark against it. However, it’s the only random magic item generator for D&D that I’ve seen that does all of this at the same time:

  • Easily generates all the items for a settlement of a particular size!
  • Can generate an arbitrary number of items with user-selected filters (e.g. only weapons)
  • Armor and weapons can be different sizes
  • Specific spells are generated for scrolls, potions, and wands
  • Additional details are generated for those spells and item properties that need them (e.g. energy resistance)
  • Charges are generated for wands and staves
  • Prices are provided taking all of the above into account
  • The results can be sorted by different criteria

If you want to try it out, the program can be downloaded here.

Update: Please let me know if you’re seeing strange gold piece values for items! I think I fixed that issue but it’s difficult for me to test it out.

Update #2: Apparently I uploaded the wrong file when I thought I fixed the issue. Please download & install the latest from the link above if you’re having issues, and please let me know if the new version fixed them!

Update #3: Fixed an issue where weapons & armor smaller than Small or larger than Medium were not having their price adjusted for size.


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  1. Mei Yu Lian permalink

    I like it, but aren’t the price/value calculation buggy? I get
    Wand of Lightning Bolt (4 Charges) – 0 gp; Medium Wand
    Pipes of Sounding – 2 gp, 8 sp; Minor Wondrous
    Helm of Underwater Action – 24 gp; Medium Wondrous
    – potions and wands look to be priced correctly, but these look… awfully cheap.

    • Huh. They’re not buggy on my installation. That’s very, very strange.

      The Helm should be 24,000 gp. The Pipes are 1,800 gp. I think the wand should be 900 gp. The values are showing up correctly for me.

      • Mei Yu Lian permalink

        Those lines were copy pasted from the app.
        It’s no big deal mind you, I can just look up the proper ones 🙂

      • I installed it on a second machine, and it works there, too, so I don’t quite understand how that could be wrong on yours. 😦 If you have a moment, could you email me your OS and Microsoft .NET framework version? (the latter you can get from the control panel -> programs & features)

      • Mei Yu Lian permalink

        Do I have your email address?

      • The contact page will go to it.

  2. Pinkius permalink

    My group found restricting access to magic items the fastest way to make crafting magic items required. Playing a wizard is fine if you weren’t forced into it, but people generally want to play the character they choose.

  3. Kasper Feld permalink

    For me, it sets the prices a factor of 1000 too low, for example it sets a Helm of Telepathy to 27gp.

    • Huh, weird. Hmmm – I wonder if this is a culture issue. Maybe I’m formatting the numbers wrong for international folks. I’ll look into that when I have some time.

    • Hi Kasper, please download the new version from the link above, and see if that fixes things for you. Thanks!

    • Oops, maybe I didn’t fix it. I’ve uploaded a new version, please try it out and let me know if it fixes the issue!

  4. Steven Hughes permalink

    This app is amazing and is already saving me loads of time. The first values I tested were off, but minimally. A +3 Animated Light Steel Shield (Large) showed a value of 25,159 while Hero Lab pegged it at 25,168. I’d call that close enough and plan to use this app anyway, just FYI.

    • Hey Steven, glad you’re getting some good use out of the program! Huh, it looks like the x2 value of the base item for it being Large isn’t being applied. I’ll have to look into that, thanks!

    • OK, that issue has been fixed. Cost calculations for unusually sized weapons & armor now adjust the cost based on the item size.

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