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Kingmaker: Intermission #1, Session 4, Part 2

November 8, 2015

Remesio the cleric repeatedly tried to push his keg of beer onto the hill’s guardian, and the Hairy Man of the Hills repeatedly refused. Last time the PCs visited here, Travaris the cleric had gotten the Man drunk so that the party could sneak into the crypt, and that trick wasn’t going to work a second time. The Hairy Man figured (correctly!) that these humans were just trying to get into the Lonely Warrior’s barrow so that they could steal the Warrior’s spear of faerie-slaying, and he wasn’t going to make it easy for them.

It was of interest to me as I looked over the stats that I had prepared way back when, how far in power the PCs had come over such a short time. Well, short time in game terms; I think it was over a year ago in real time. The Hairy Man is a korred with some class levels, and he beat down half the group before but wouldn’t be much of a threat now. The Lonely Warrior is a wight (the undead, not the color!) barbarian who would have been a serious threat back then. But now? Three levels can make a huge difference. Looking over the stat blocks also led me to remember that I had inserted the Hairy Man into the adventure just to give some much-needed loot to Salar the halfling ranger, who died before he could see any of it. Ah well.

Ring Bearer

The humans traded words with the Hairy Man, but his position was clear: no one was allowed into the barrow, as per his orders from his mistress (whom the players correctly pegged as the Green Lady, aka the AP’s big bad). And as it happened, Mestinous the elven wizard still carried (but did not wear!) the two rings woven from the Lady’s hair, rings that they had taken from the Lady’s champions: the Stag Lord and the troll king Hargulka. The elf held up the rings and said, we too are servants of your mistress! Let us pass!

The fey guardian figured they were full of it, but the rings did appear to be genuine. So he allowed that anyone wearing the Green Lady’s favor could enter the tomb. But no one else! The party agreed, and after some discussion elected Satampra the swashbuckler and Mestinous to be the ring-bearers. Iofur the druid pretended to walk back to the farms, but wildshaped into a mouse and hid in Mestinous’ pocket. Remesio retrieved his mug and worked on opening the keg that he had brought.

With that settled, the Hairy Man stomped over to where there was once a cleft in the hillside, that had led into the crypt underneath. He sang a low, deep song of the earth and stone, and as he did so, the ground parted! Soon there was an opening into the gravesite once again. The ring-bearers hurried inside.

Once More Unto the Breach

lonely_barrowSatampra and Mestinous dropped through the hole into a chamber that once was home to swarms of bats but now lay lifeless. Past that was a room with three other exits and a stone face on the wall between each one. Satampra knew the faces were trapped, and cautiously crept over to the nearest one. As he was examining the stone, looking for a way to disable the wards upon it, he triggered its magic! Purple beams of light shot out of the faces’ mouths and eyes, striking the swashbuckler and leaving him faitgued. But at least the trap was sprung!

Clanking and clattering sounds then erupted from the rooms to the north and south, and Satampra knew from his previous time here that they would soon have company. Iofur the mouse scurried out of the wizard’s pocket and began summoning a tiger to fight off the skeletons that were now marching upon the would-be grave robbers.

Back outside, Remesio sat on hill and drank as the Hairy Man eyed him suspiciously. After finishing off his liquid courage, the cleric complained that he should be allowed to enter the barrow as well, since the druid was already in there. The Hairy Man exploded in anger! “What do ye mean, yer friend is already in there? I didn’t let him in!” Sure you did, replied the priest, he was a mouse in the elf’s pocket. The guardian of the hill cursed some more before falling silent. After a few moments, he looked at the cleric with a grimace and said, “Alright, human. You can go and join your friends. Go on, then! Shoo!”

Remesio grinned as he stood and then hustled under the hill. Once he was safely inside, he heard the Hairy Man’s song once more. The hill shuddered, and the opening slammed shut, trapping the adventurers within!

Undead Souls

Remesio hurried forward, joining his companions just as they clashed with two large groups of skeletal warriors. Between Iofur’s tiger and Remesio’s holy energy, they made short work of the undead and proceeded into the far chamber, where the Lonely Warrior lay clutching his spear.

Iofur’s tiger pounced on the supine corpse, while Mestinous summoned a tiger of his own and then hasted the group. The Lonely Warrior rose to do battle, and held his own against the summoned animals, but was gradually brought down by spell and claw.After he slew the second tiger, he was about to advance on the invaders when a barrage of magic missiles finally destroyed his cursed body.

Victory was theirs! The tomb’s treasure was theirs as well, and so was the tomb itself, now that the entrance had been sealed behind them.

Next: buried alive!

  1. Mei Yu Lian permalink

    You’d upped the Lonely Warrior a fair bit, haden’t you?

    • Only as part of prepping the adventure for a party of six. In the book he’s CR 6; this version was CR 7.

      Well, I also decided to give him DR 5/magic for this encounter so that the tigers wouldn’t rip him to shreds right out the gate. But level drain + multiple attacks + easy-to-hit targets (the tigers) translates into a good amount of temporary hit points.

      • Mei Yu Lian permalink

        Oooh, yeah. that helps!

      • Pinkius permalink

        huh, that probably works similar to dr + fast healing, enough of it can make an encounter drag out before the wizard resorts to save or dies.

  2. Pinkius permalink

    This is also why I like the spell stone shape. Question, would you say the entrance was sealed with stone or dirt?

    • Both? But mostly stone, I would say, as the korred used his stone shape at-will SLA to close it.

  3. I was reminded during our last session of what really happened between the cleric and the Hairy Man – the cleric said something to the effect of, “You already let the druid in there, you should let me go too.” But since the druid got in by hiding in the wizard’s clothing as a mouse, the Hairy Man didn’t know that, and he was rather angry that he got tricked again. Hence him saying, “go right on in” and then sealing it up after.

    • Pinkius permalink

      And lo does continue the cleric making a big mistake. Although this one was not as fatal as the others, at least, individually. He told the korred the super secret plan they likely workshopped for at least 10 minutes. cmon Travaris

  4. Pinkius permalink

    Oh man, it’s been a while… now i’m really curious what happened in the cave. What happens in the cave stays in the cave after all.

    • Heh. Sorry, holidays and all. I’ve got the next update mostly written, and hopefully we’ll be playing again tomorrow. But the Season is upon us, so updates will be slow for a while.

      • Mei Yu Lian permalink

        We’re looking forward to the next update 🙂

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