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Kingmaker: The App – Update 10

March 23, 2016

kingdomMgrNotesI’m very excited to announce that version 1.0 of the Kingdom Manager is here! With this update, the program is, I believe, in a very satisfactory state. It’s not finished, and it’s far from perfect, but it’s a damn handy tool for managing a player kingdom. As long as you’re using the Ultimate Campaign rules, that is. And can run Windows programs.

The first big addition – and this was a huge task – is Kingdom Events! All of the standard events are in there. This required a bunch of underlying changes to support the basic event mechanics, but also the job of implementing the logic for each event was a time-consuming one! About half of them are easy “make a Kingdom check, +X to Y for a month,” but many of the others required their own specific logic. You can see some of my notes for just one event above. And that’s a single event out of forty, that a kingdom might not ever see! The thought occurred to me as I was banging my head against the Large Disaster event, that I had never rolled the damn thing for my group’s kingdom, and probably never will. But dammit, I got it working anyway.

And as I know a lot of Kingmaker DMs roll events ahead of time, I designed the Manage Events turn tool so that it is easy to add in events for future turns.

The second big piece is the Turn Wizard! What I found in running lots of turns in sequence is that it was a real pain to go through the menu for each individual turn tool. Wouldn’t it be great if they were all in one spot, and took you through the process step-by-step, and updated everything as you went? The wizard does more than just that, though. If you want, it can also create journal entries for each kingdom turn, and record all of your changes in each entry. This way you have an automatically generated record of your actions each turn. And during the Edict Phase (aka the “claim hexes & build stuff” phase), the wizard will even keep track of how many hexes you’ve claimed, improvements you’ve built, buildings you’ve constructed, etc. and shows you how many of each that you have left in that turn.

The wizard also advances the calendar date as it goes, which is needed to automatically “expire” effects that last until the next Event Phase. The improved calendar is the third, albeit much smaller, upgrade in this release. Kingdom modifiers can be created with a duration, and will automatically be taken out of the kingdom stats when the campaign date advances far enough. Or put back in, if you decide to turn back time. But you don’t have to manage the calendar yourself – the turn wizard will handle all of that for you.

Another nice little new feature is that you can now export districts and hex maps to an image file. This is particularly handy with the hex maps, which are likely to be much larger than the viewable portion within the application.

As always, you can visit the application’s page to download the setup file. After installation, if you click on Help -> About, the version # should be

EDIT: Just found and fixed a bug that kept the user from creating Free Cities in the map window. If you installed the new version and want to create maps, please get the latest copy!

kngmgr_turnwiz_01 kngmgr_turnwiz_02 kngmgr_turnwiz_03 kngmgr_turnwiz_04 kngmgr_turnwiz_05 kngmgr_turnwiz_06 kngmgr_turnwiz_07 kngmgr_turnwiz_08 kngmgr_turnwiz_09 kngmgr_turnwiz_10 kngmgr_turnwiz_11 kngmgr_turnwiz_12 kngmgr_turnwiz_13 kngmgr_turnwiz_14 kngmgr_turnwiz_15


  • The Manage Events turn tool (Turn menu -> Event Phase -> Manage Events…) has arrived, with complete support for all of the standard kingdom events. Click the “Add Events” button to review the available events and choose one or more to run for your kingdom turn. When you click the “Run Events” button, you will be prompted for each event whether to run it or not, and then you will receive various prompts throughout the course of the event (depending on the event; some require no further input). A window will also appear with the details of the event in case you need to consult them while making decisions. After the event is complete, it will be moved to from the “Events to Run” list to the “Events Already Run” list, where you can review the effects of the event if you so wish. The tool can also be used to set future events ahead of time.
  • The Turn Wizard (Turn menu -> Turn Wizard…) is an incredibly helpful window that groups together all of the turn tools and allows you to quickly execute them in order. This allows you to run each kingdom turn in a snap! It also has the ability to fill out a journal entry (Campaign menu -> Journal…) of what happened, rules-wise, during the turn, if you choose to let it do so.
  • The campaign calendar (Campaign menu -> Calendar…) has had its functionality improved. I don’t believe that many folks use this, since messing with the dates caused an error (see the bugs fixed section below). Or maybe the users just had not installed all of the Windows security updates! But the calendar is a critical piece to having Kingdom Events that function, since many Events have effects that only last for a month. The calendar will automatically add dates for “Campaign Started”, “Kingdom Founded”, and “Kingdom Turn Starts” to new and existing kingdoms. The default dates are the 1st of April, 4710, which is the default start date of the Kingmaker campaign, but you can edit them to whatever dates suit your campaign. The “Kingdom Turn Starts” date occurs every month, and the actual date shown will adjust as the campaign date changes. For example, if the kingdom turn starts on the first day of the month and it is currently January 20th, the calendar will show the next kingdom turn starting on February 1st. You can edit these dates, as well as add your own for birthdays, festivals, anniversaries, and whatnot.
  • Added “Export to Image File…” menu items to the Settlement and Map menus on the main window. These options will allow you to save the district or hex map to a file of your choosing.
  • Pay Consumption turn tool: For kingdoms with Granaries, the kingdom’s Stored BP can now be used to pay for Consumption if the Treasury cannot afford it, and negative Consumption will automatically go into Stored BP.
  • The preparation time required to prepare a site for a settlement is now enforced, but only for settlements created during the Edict Phase while using the Turn Wizard. For example, if you’re using the Turn Wizard and you found a settlement in a hex with Hills terrain, you won’t be able to build in that settlement for 1 month. If you just want to plonk settlements down with no restrictions, you can do that in any other context. See Step 4 of Founding a Settlement in the Pathfinder SRD for details on settlement preparation times.
  • Added a “Disable/Enable Fog of War” menu item to the Map menu on the main window. This allows the DM to turn “Hidden” hexes off so that he or she can see the whole map, which is useful for making changes to areas that the PCs have not explored yet. For example, a rival power may be expanding its borders between player turns. This option is hidden in PC Mode.
  • Added an “Additional Modifiers” menu item to the Map menu on the main window. With the addition of Kingdom Events (see above), it’s possible to have kingdom modifiers attached to a hex instead of a settlement or the kingdom as a whole. These additional modifiers will show up here, and new ones can be added as well.
  • The Additional Modifiers window  (Kingdom/Settlement/Map menu -> Additional Modifiers…) and Edit Modifier window (Additional Modifiers… -> select modifier -> Edit…) have been revamped. With the addition of Kingdom Events (see above), it is now possible to have modifiers that expire as the campaign date moves forward; e.g. a bonus that lasts until the next Event Phase. This isn’t limited to events, though; you can also create your own modifiers that will expire after a month or year. Normally, modifiers that have already expired will not show up in the Additional Modifier window, but there is a new “Show Inactive Modifiers” option that will display them.
  • New kingdoms will be created with an enhanced version of the old “Starting Fame/Infamy” modifier. The enhanced modifier automatically scales the Fame bonus with kingdom size, as per the kingdom rules. If the players wish to have an infamous kingdom instead, there are new buttons on the Additional Modifiers window (Kingdom menu -> Additional Modifiers…) that will swap the Fame bonus for Infamy, or vice versa. Existing kingdoms that have the old “Starting Fame/Infamy” modifier will have it replaced by the new scaling version.
  • Also related to the Fame/Infamy rules, 1/10th of the kingdom’s total Lore & Society is now being added to Fame, and 1/10th the total Corruption & Crime is now being added to Infamy.
  • The name of the current save file now appears in the title of the window.
  • The kingdom’s total population is now displayed in the area beneath the kingdom name.
  • The per-turn claim/construction limits for the kingdom are now displayed to the right of the kingdom-wide settlement modifiers. The limits won’t be visible in the default window size, but if you make the kingdom manager window wider (or maximize the window), the text will appear.
  • Added icons for the Sawmill and Quarry hex improvements.
  • Added a bear trap icon for hex Encounter Sites.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a bug in the map window that caused an error when creating a Free City.
  • Fixed a bug that was causing Museums to contribute less Fame than they are supposed to. If you have any Museums in your kingdom, please replace them with fresh copies.
  • Fixed some minor interface issues with the Fill Magic Item Slots turn tool window.
  • Fixed the Pay Consumption turn tool so that it won’t increase the kingdom treasury when Consumption is less than zero.
  • Had to remove the bolding of important dates in the monthly campaign calendar, as is was causing errors. It seems Microsoft broke this aspect of the built-in Windows calendar control with a security update, and haven’t bothered fixing it yet.
  • Fixed a bug with opening a kingdom file that had been saved after claiming a Free City. (found by Mark Youngquist)
  • Fixed the names of settlements and free cities so that they are not covered up by unexplored areas.
  • Fixed how borders are drawn so that “holes” in the player kingdom are accurately represented.

What’s Next

I’ll probably be enhancing the turn experience even more over time. I’d also like to put in at least a simple army creator, to make tracking of consumption related to army units automatic. I’m also looking into exporting map & settlement images to image files, and implementing Trade Edicts.

  1. Mei Yu Lian permalink

    Color me impressed!

    • Mei Yu Lian permalink

      Just playing around with the latest version.
      Colour me _very_ impressed.

      I think the wizard will take a tad of getting used to, but it looks like it’ll be really nice to have! 🙂

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