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Kingmaker: Intermission #1, Session 8, Part 1

April 14, 2016

slender_man_by_hyperactive_nutcase“Wait!” cried Mestinous the elven wizard. Boliden the barbarian paused as he was about to bash open the door to Lord Ivo Tesarik’s private dungeon. The elf pointed to the keystone above the door; inscribed upon it was an arcane symbol of some kind. The group discussed ways to avoid the magical trap for a few minutes before Remesio the cleric declared, “I’ve got this… in the morning, anyway.” With nothing else to do but wait, the group took turns guarding the servants and sleeping in Ivo’s comfy beds.

When the sun rose, Remesio got up and said his prayers to Cayden Cailean over his usual liquid breakfast. Then the adventurers tromped down to the basement again. The cleric knelt by the wall a few feet to the side of the warded door, pressed a hand against the surface, and asked his divine patron for the power to shape stone, again and again. The section of wall that his hand rested upon retreated at an angle, forming a small tunnel connecting the cellar to the hallway behind the door.

The new passage was rather small, and so the very massive Boliden was left behind to watch the servants (a handy task for a PC whose player was not present). Similarly, Aurelius the fighter had to leave behind his tower shield. Remesio prayed for light on a stone and tossed it to land on the other side of the tunnel. Then Aurelius volunteered to crawl through first.

As soon as he reached the other side, but before he could stand, a looooong arm that ended in a clawed hand slashed at him. He scrambled to his feet, earning another slash for his effort, and waved his sword with both hands at whatever monster was attacking him. What he saw at the edge of the light was a skinny, elongated, creepy-looking humanoid with long arms and sharp claws and a tall mouth filled with pointy teeth – a thin man! (although the players likened it to the Slender Man) One by one, the adventurers came through the tunnel and pushed the thin man and its fellows back. And once all of the PCs were present in the dungeon, defeating the tall faerie killers was fairly easy. Beyond the creatures’ living quarters they found two halls lined with thick doors, and on the other side of the doors were dank cells. Some were empty, some contained only bones, but one held a man that Iofur the druid had not seen in over 20 years – his father! The door was battered down and Iofur ran to embrace his dad.

After explainations and introductions were provided, the father warned that Ivo would kill Iofur’s mother if the nightmare lord knew that he had been freed from his cell. Iofur assured him that they wouldn’t let that happen and that they would rescue the druid’s mother as well.

In another cell, Satampra the swashbuckler noticed footprints in the muck that led to the opposite wall of an empty chamber. They busted down that door as well, and a search turned up a stone that, when turned, caused the far wall of the tiny room to slide away. Beyond was a vault door, which like the dungeon entrance was warded with an arcane symbol. The group didn’t have a way around, or at least didn’t want to wait for Remesio to fashion one, and so set to opening Ivo’s vault. Satampra was able to bypass the lock and avoided the poison needle trap while doing so. The door was pulled open, revealing a room filled with chests and scroll tubes and a suit of armor! The swashbuckler rushed forward to claim the prize, which caused the symbol above the doorway to activate and glow.

Remesio had waited out in the prison hall, not wanting to be present when the trap was tripped. Everyone else failed their saving throw against the symbol of fear and took off running. They ran past the cleric, past the bodies of the thin men, slammed into the still-locked entrance to the dungeon, fought with each other over who got to frantically crawl through the tunnel first, ran out of the cellar and up into the manor and out the nearest door and outside into the fields. Remesio snorted, prayed for a ward against fear for himself, and then headed into the treasure room alone, where he pocketed a few choice gemstones.

Eventually the others came to their senses and made their way back to the dungeon. The chests were full of coins and gems – over 10,000 gp in total – and they also found two wands (sound burst and resist cold) and a sheaf of scrolls (mostly arcane). There was also a suit of full plate +2, which was perfect for Aurelius the tank. In putting this scenario together, I realized that the party had not found much treasure since the official end of book 2, and so wanted to give them a reward for all of their trouble. The treasure was randomly generated, and it was just happenstance that all of the items were usable by the party.

All of the treasure that was not claimed was loaded onto a cart and sent back to Stagfell along with Iofur’s father. Boliden accompanied the shipment to ensure that it arrived safely. The other adventurers remained to make ready for Lord Ivo’s arrival.

Next: a death in the family!

  1. Pinkius permalink

    Well, you didn’t foreshadow the wife dying at all now did you?

  2. Mei Yu Lian permalink

    Not planning on running Varnhold Vanishing I take it?

    • We’ll be getting there eventually. We’re only in like, year 2 of the planned 5-year gap between books 2 & 3. See the “5-Year Plan” section of this update.

      Although I’m thinking I might skip the extra-curricular events I had planned for the remaining time and just zoom up to the vanishing. I did want to seed some personal connections between the players and Varnhold first, though.

      • Mei Yu Lian permalink

        I was thinking more along the lines of having out-level’ed VV already 😉

        but you’re right. Your players have good contact with Varnhold already, so it was be a pity to simply waste that. 🙂

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