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Kingmaker: Intermission #1, Session 8, Part 2

April 16, 2016

The party was divided: should they ambush Lord Ivo Tesarik, a nightmarish fey servant of the Green Lady, when he arrived back at his home? Or hit him while he was still traveling to the estate? After a lot of discussion and some vote-taking, the group eventually settled on the plan of lounging in his grand parlor when he arrived, all nonchalant-like, eating his food and drinking his wine.

When the Lord’s carriages pulled into the courtyard at dusk a couple of days later, the group was in place and ready for action. But the lack of servants coming out to take the horses or luggage instantly aroused suspicion, and half of Ivo’s personal guard of human soldiers and spriggans were sent into the manor to investigate. The jig was up, and their foe didn’t even get to see them hanging out in his crib like a bunch of ballers.

Iofur the druid invoked a sleet storm to slow down the guards coming their way, while the rest of the group leaped through the Varisian windows and landed in the courtyard. The guards stationed outside moved to engage the PCs while those in the house struggled to escape the indoor snowstorm. Personal servants in the lead carriage fled, although Iofur’s mother was not among them.

The adventurers knew that Ivo would likely try to turn invisible and maybe gaseous again, and they knew that they could not let him escape. Mestinous the elven wizard cast a spell of see invisibility upon himself and Remesio the cleric uttered a prayer of invisibility purge as they advanced towards what they presumed was Ivo’s carriage. Meanwhile, an enlarged Aurelius the fighter charged that carriage, wanting to rip off its doors and generally hulk out. Iofur stood ready with a wand of faerie fire, just in case.

When Aurelius did tear open the carriage doors, he didn’t see anything at first. But then… something threw open the doors on the opposite side and the carriage rocked as its weight shifted… and then Ivo and Iofur’s mother hit the area of effect of the invisibility purge and became apparent to the naked eye! That was followed by Iofur sheathing the bogeyman in faerie fire, ensuring that he could not disappear again. Ivo hissed at his assailants before shrouding the area around him in complete darkness, which blocked sight of the fire’s soft glow. But Remesio was prepared for that eventuality, as well, and laid down a prayer of sunlight to banish the shadows concealing Ivo.

The martial characters made some efforts to separate Ivo from Iofur’s mother while the spellcasters were ensuring that he couldn’t disappear, but Ivo’s defenses were so high that it was basically impossible. And so, with a swipe of his claws, the bogeyman tore open her throat in front of the group and unceremoniously dumped her bleeding body to the cold earth.

At this point we were around 30-45 minutes from our usual stopping time, which I knew was not enough to finish the encounter. But I pushed ahead anyway, mostly because I wanted to tie off this particular plotline without spending another session on it. In retrospect, that was a mistake – tiredness on my part led to me not using Ivo to his fullest and not staging the encounter in a manner that I was happy with. On the other hand, Ivo turned out to be beyond the party’s capabilities (or so it seemed during the combat) so maybe that was a good thing. Boliden’s player is out for the foreseeable future and without him, the group’s offensive capabilities are not where they once were. The combination of high AC, DR, saving throws, and SR on Ivo made him difficult for the remaining players to damage. If I had remembered to use all of his abilities (especially his animated shadow to use as a flanking partner) there could very well have been a TPK.

And so the battle turned into a bit of a slog. Eventually the group wore him down before he could get away on foot, largely thanks to the fey-bane spear from the Lonely Warrior’s tomb. After a lengthy and protracted melee, Ivo Tesarik, bogeyman shadowdancer, servant of the Green Lady, feared Lord of Brevoy, searcher for a mysterious magic sword, fell and did not get back up.

In the aftermath, Iofur reincarnated his mother, bringing her back to life as a gnome. Well, it was better than being a kobold, that’s for sure.

Next: the calm before the storm!

  1. Mei Yu Lian permalink

    Probably for the best. TPK is rarely good for a campaign, in my experience.

  2. Pinkius permalink

    strangely enough, our wizards wife was reincarnated into a brownie near the start of our campaign.
    Not by us of course, no some fey decided to reincarnate her, we don’t hold much stock in reincarnate as a group

  3. Please tell me that Iofur landed the killing blow on Ivo? As revenge for his mother… Oh please please let it be so. PS What happened to his father? Did I miss that detail somewhere along the line. PPS Love your blog by the way.

    • Ah, I forgot to mention that the father got sent back home with Boliden and the treasure. I will have to edit that in to the previous update, thanks for catching that. IIRC, a spell did bring Ivo down, but I’m not sure if it was from Iofur or Mestinous. D&D isn’t the best for dramatically-appropriate killing blows, in any case.

    • And thanks for the kind words! 😀

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