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Kingmaker: The App – Update 11

September 29, 2016

kngmgr_statblocks_01This is a minor update that contains a few bug fixes and some minor features. A lot of these changes have been in the current version for a long time; they just had not been publicized until now.

As always, you can visit the application’s page to download the setup file. After installation, if you click on Help -> About, the version # should be


  • You can now export “stat blocks” for your kingdom and settlements. The options can be found in the Kingdom and Settlement menus. Selecting the option will bring up a window with the appropriate stats in RTF (rich text format), which can then be copied to the clipboard by clicking a button or by pressing CTRL+C. If you are viewing the kingdom stats, you can select whether or not to include all the settlement stats in the text.
  • Added a new Campaign setting, Settlement.District.AddToConsumption (Campaign menu -> Settings). When the value is set to “true”, the number of districts in the kingdom will be added to consumption. Its initial value is “false”. There have been some discussions about whether districts add to consumption in the Ultimate Campaign rules – they definitely do in the original Kingmaker rules. Going by the text, districts are not added to consumption, but that may have been an omission. Or it may not have been. I leave the decision up to the DM.
  • Added a Bridge that can be built on water borders in settlements, as opposed to bridges that occupy settlement plots. (lack of said bridge noticed by Jake Stroup)
  • For settlements with multiple districts, you can now jump to a specific district from the hex map. Right-click on the settlement icon in the hex and hover over the settlement name in the pop-up menu to reveal the menu of districts. You can then click on the name of a district to go straight to that district.
  • In the map window (File -> New -> Map or File -> Open -> Map) you can now right-click in a hex or on an icon to edit or delete map items. Previously you had to delete items from the listbox on the right side of the window, and could not edit items at all.
  • Free cities now have several more customization options in the map window (File -> New -> Map or File -> Open -> Map). You can now set settlement qualities and disadvantages in the free city window. You can also name buildings. For buildings that have additional options, like Shrines, Museums, Temples, or Universities, you can now set those options. Existing free cities can be edited by right-clicking on the icon in the hex map in the map window.
  • Added a new Campaign setting, Campaign.Calendar (Campaign menu -> Settings). It defaults to “Earth” which is whatever your local calendar happens to be. Changing the value of this setting will change the calendar used for dates throughout the application, most notably in Campaign menu -> Calendar. The calendar can be changed to any real world calendar, or to Golarion’s. Why only Golarion, you ask? Because it’s just a “re-skin” of the Gregorian calendar. It turns out that although there’s an interface for creating custom calendars in Windows, it can’t actually be used. And thus my dreams of supporting all sorts of fantasy calendars has been dashed. Still, if you’re playing in Golarion or want to use an alternate Earth calendar, the option is there.
  • Special dates – the start of the campaign, the founding of the kingdom, the kingdom turns, any anniversaries that you define – in the campaign calendar are are now bolded (once again), and even colored, too. The anniversaries of the campaign start and the kingdom founding will show up in blue. The kingdom turn days will show up in green. User-defined dates will show up in their own colors.

Bug Fixes

  • The Kingdom Stability turn tool had a serious issue – if you start the turn with 0 Unrest and succeed on the check, the kingdom is supposed to gain 1 BP. That oversight has been remedied. (discovered by Alison De Baar)
  • The Map menu -> Update From File feature was taking a very, very long time on very big maps. That issue has been fixed. (found by Jake Stroup)
  • Fixed an issue with how the fog of war didn’t cover all of the visible map for “flat-top” hex maps when zoomed out.
    Fixed some issues related to zooming out to extreme ranges on a hex map.
  • If the kingdom adds a map that has Free Cities in hexes that are configured to be automatically claimed by the player kingdom, those cities will be converted into settlements for the kingdom, just as if the hexes were claimed during the course of play. (found by Jake Stroup)
  • Fixed an issue where claiming a Free City sometimes resulted in Houses and the buildings that needed them not being matched up correctly.
  • Fixed an issue where selecting filters in the settlement view and then switching to the hex map view caused an error.
  • If you are in the settlement view and an event adds a free building to the settlement (e.g. Noblesse Oblige), the free building will appear in the list of available buildings right away.

What’s Next

The mass combat section is still being worked on! That’s the next big piece that I’m trying to get done.

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  1. Thank you!
    I’m looking forward to installing the upgrade!

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