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Kingmaker: Varnhold Vanishing, Session 9, Part 2

October 21, 2016

After being ambushed by the pair of souleaters, Satampra the swashbuckler and Iofur the druid (in dire bat form) promptly turned tail and ran back towards the cavern of tar and its mysterious guardian. The fiends were quite a bit faster than them, though, and continued to cut away at their Wisdom scores while they retreated. Iofur dove through the open secret door, knocking aside Orseen the warpriest as he did so, spoiling Orseen’s prayer of searing light in the process (in reality, Orseen rolled a 1 to hit). Satampra soon followed, leaping over the bubbling tar to escape the spirit devouring monsters. Remesio the cleric attempted a dismissal on one of the souleaters as they zoomed by, but it failed.

Soon both PCs and monsters were outside on the ledge, locked in a pitched battle while perched 60 perilous feet above the raging river. As with the last time they encountered a souleater, Satampra had all of his Wisdom drained and collapsed, and also like the last time, Iofur attempted to save his Emporer by baleful polymorphing the assassin into a slug. And also just like the last time, the souleater failed its save! Remesio then brought Satampra back to consciousness with a lesser restoration.

All they had to do now was focus on the remaining souleater… but instead, Orseen and Satampra went to town on the slug while Iofur lost more Wisdom from his assailant. “What are you doing!” shrieked the dire bat – or at least, that’s what it was trying to say. Instead, it emitted a series of high-pitched squeaks. “In fairness,” noted Satampra’s player, “I should explain that my character has an extremely low Wisdom right now.” Orseen had no such excuse! But the two warriors got the hint and abandoned the slug in order to attack the souleater that was tearing into the druid. Soon it was destroyed, and the slug followed suit immediately afterwards.

With the extraplanar assassins taken care of, the group retreated to their folding boat to rest and regain some Wisdom. They would try to enter the tomb again on the morrow.

So It Begins

varnhold-vanishing-session-9-map-1After whiling away the day on the river and then sleeping through an uneventful night, the cleric and druid doled out air bubbles at dawn. Then Iofur wildshaped into his dire bat form and ferried the rest of the party up to the ledge, whereupon they descended once more into the dark depths of Vordakai Island. Again, I could have used this opportunity to close the hole they had made in the door, arcane lock & trap the secret door, and so forth. Oh well.

Orseen prayed to Iomedae for daylight on a javelin, and then threw it far into the tar room. It landed on the large outcropping on the left side of the cave, where it illuminated the entire space. This gave the adventurers their first good look at the place’s guardian: a zombified human wizard – and one that some of them recognized! The undead figure was obviously once Cephal Lorentus, companion to Maegar Varn and Spymaster for Varnhold. The zombie Lorentus cast a spell of mirror image to start the encounter.

Satampra jumped over the gap, firing an arrow at his former acquaintance in mid-leap, but the shaft hit one of the illusionary doubles. Orseen shot a searing light, but also hit an image. Remesio bypassed the images entirely with a flame strike, and then Mestinous the elven wizard dispatched the remaining illusions with a barrage of magic missiles. The zombie wizard responded by creating an acid pit right under everyone that was clustered just inside the secret doorway, but the damn players all made their saving throws! Arghhh!

And that was pretty much it. Iofur finished summoning a trio of dire bats, and then conjured a couple of ball lightnings on top of old Lorentus. The charge of the bats plus the lightning damage finished the poor sap off.

Remesio brought Orseen and Mestinous over the tar with his Dimension Hop ability, while Satampra leaped over to Cephal’s still corpse. They found a magic dagger and a ring of protection +2 on his body. Once the explorers were gathered together, they readied themselves to go through the large bronze door that the wizard had been guarding.

Next: the herald of war!


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