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Kingmaker: The App – Update 12

November 7, 2016

kingdom_mgr_road_n_travel_2Now that my PCs are getting around more, it became important and also a bit of a headache to determine how much time they spent travelling. So I came up with a tool that tells you about how long it takes to travel between two hexes. There’s an algorithm to pick out the best path, but if you don’t like the automatic path or it doesn’t work for some reason, you can specify your own.

And while testing out how the algorithm was working, I was becoming frustrated by the inability to see which hexes had roads and which didn’t. So I added in simple roads and highways. I would love kingdom_mgr_road_n_travel_1something like in Civilization where the roads run along riverbanks and know not to go through lakes, but the program ultimately doesn’t know where those things are on the map. And I don’t want it to, really – that’s a huge amount of complexity. Anyway, the roads aren’t pretty, so by default they’re turned off, but you can enable them in the Map menu.

There’s also a new kingdom turn tool in this update – Income phase, step 1: withdrawing BP for the personal use of the PCs.

As always, you can visit the application’s page to download the setup file. After installation, if you click on Help -> About, the version # should be


  • Added Travel Time tool to the Map menu in the main window (Map -> Travel Time). This new window will allow you to select a starting hex, a destination hex, and specify how fast your party is traveling. The tool will figure out the best way to get from point A to point B and calculate how many days it will take to get there. If you don’t like the generated path, you can specify your own. This might be necessary if there’s an obstacle that the algorithm can’t account for; for example, the generated path might go across a chasm or straight through a lake.
  • Added new campaign setting HexMap.MilesPerHex (Campaign menu -> Settings). This is the distance “across” each hex, for whatever you take “across” to mean; the Pathfinder rules never say if it’s the width of the hex or the distance from one corner to its opposite or what. It’s currently only used in the Travel Time Tool (Map -> Travel Time). The default value is 12 miles.
  • Added the ability to draw some basic roads on the map (Map menu -> Show Roads). It doesn’t look great but at least it gives you an idea of where you have roads without having to click on each hex.
  • Added a bunch of new settings to control the look of roads and highways (Campaign menu -> Settings). They’re all located in the new Drawing.HexMap.Roads section of the settings tree. Roads are drawn using a mottled 2-color pattern, so you can select each color used to draw both roads and highways. You can also set their width.
  • Added a new Turn Tool, to handle the Make Withdrawals from the Treasury step of the Income phase. As with the other tools, it is available as a stand-alone window (Turn menu -> Income Phase -> Withdraw BP), and also as part of the Turn Wizard. When used within the Turn Wizard, it will note the withdrawal in the journal entry for that turn.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue where an apostrophe in a character name would cause importing a Hero Lab portfolio file to fail. (found by Adam Kroll)
  • Fixed some wonkiness with the Fill Magic Items turn tool, where it wasn’t properly keeping track of which districts had been rolled for already.
  • In the main window, when the fog of war is disabled, the DM can click on a hex improvement in Hidden hexes, and the improvement’s details will now be displayed (as they already are for improvements in Revealed and Explored hexes).

What’s Next

The mass combat section is still being worked on! That’s the next big piece that I’m trying to get done.

  1. Ooooh, nice!

  2. That reminds me, do you plan to incorporate the feats from Quests & Campaigns as well?

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