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Kingmaker: Varnhold Vanishing, Session 12, Part 1

November 25, 2016

In the wake of the attack on the Caerelian council, the leaders reasoned that they need to respond, and quickly. And to that end, they would need to decide exactly what Vordakai was. “Lich” was the obvious answer to Iofur the druid, and the others mostly agreed that that seemed the most likely possibility. Orseen the warpriest was the lone dissenter – he wanted to commission different weapons and then test them out, one by one, on the undead cyclops in order to scientifically determine his type. When the rest of the group objected to that idea, the warrior decided that he would just stick with his sword, lich or not.

Satampra the swashbuckler, on the other hand, went looking for a weapon to smash Vordakai’s head in with. As a swashbuckler, a lot of his damage was bound up in using a piercing (or sometimes slashing) weapon; a foe with high DR/bludgeoning neutered his utility in combat. And so the kingdom’s top smith was commissioned to forge a silver (just to be safe) warhammer, which was then enchanted by the Old Beldame (with an assist from Mestinous the elven wizard) into a +1 undead bane weapon. Unfortunately, it takes a long while to whip up masterwork weapons and enchant them, which was extra time for their foe to do as he pleased.

And he pleased to attack Satampra again with another scry-and-fry! This time, however, Remesio the cleric’s prayer of dismissal worked, and the piscodaemon that V brought along with him was sent packing almost as soon as it appeared. The lich then teleported back rather than attempt fighting Caerelia’s rulers alone.

Finally the hammer was complete, and Mestinous brought it back to Stagfell and presented it to the Emperor. The party looked at how long it would take to get to Vordakai’s Island and back again in the remaining time that they had before the next kingdom turn. It seemed that they had… 1 day to adventure before having to return. Well, that was better than nothing! And they didn’t want to wait for another two weeks before checking up on their foe.

Huma He Ain’t

While Iofur started the long fly back to the island, Remesio teleported the others to Varnhold. They had sent horses ahead during the downtime, and they claimed their mounts and rode out to the camp of the Nomen centaurs. Which was… gone! The horsefolk had apparently finished their preparations and had ridden south to the Valley of the Dead. With nothing more to do there, the cleric teleported himself and his companions to the bank of the river that flowed around Vordakai’s Isle.

The druid, meanwhile, was taking a rest in the Tors of Levenies on his way to join the rest of the party when he was approached by a nude elven woman with alabaster skin and long, silver hair. You don’t see that every day. She spoke strangely and haltingly, but was friendly and open with Iofur, who was obviously curious about the elf. She said that she was searching the mountains for her brother, whom she knew lived somewhere about but wasn’t sure where. She had seen the druid fly past a few times, and had even interacted with him and his friends a while back, and was wondering if he could assist in her search. You interacted with us, wondered the human? “Oh, yes!” the elf replied. “I was the goat!

The players, being savvy D&Ders, realized that she was probably a silver dragon. And Iofur asked her, straight-up, if she was one, to which she replied in the affirmative. The dragon lady had not heard from her brother in many years, and only knew that his home was somewhere in these mountains. If the druid or his compatriots should discover him or his lair, she requested that he contact her, and coughed up a magic gemstone for him to do so. “How will we know your brother?” Iofur asked. The elf replied that he liked to take the form of a giant snow owl, and that his name was Amvarean (her name was Salanth). Iofur told the elf-dragon of his current mission against the evil cyclopean lich, presumably hoping that she might assist them, but she simply wished him luck, turned into an eagle, and took her leave.

Salanth isn’t in the published adventure. She was a random encounter I rolled a while back, and since then I had been hoping to use her to get the players to explore the Tors more, even after Vordakai is gone. I want them to find as many clues of the BBEG’s involvement in the Stolen Lands as I can, because there aren’t that many and they’re already a bit inscrutable.

Next: one day of adventure!

  1. If you want to use What’s-Her-Name/Face the Fey as BBEG (as the AP does), yeah, more clues please. Good idea.

  2. Pinkius permalink

    When you described Salanath as a nude elf, I thought you were bringing in an avatar of Nyrissa early! I thought “Boy that’d be interesting if she hired them to do a job for her, but then silver dragon, and yea, right we met a silver dragon tangentially too.

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