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Kingmaker: Varnhold Vanishing, Session 12, Part 2

December 2, 2016

When the party was finally reunited near the river, Iofur the druid ferried the others up to the island’s ledge. There they discovered that someone had filled in the hole that they had made in the stone door! No problem, the druid had a stone shape prepared, and he used it to make another opening.

After protecting the group against the toxic air from the tar cave, they climbed through and headed to the secret door (W21). But it wouldn’t budge – it had been arcane locked! Satampra the sorta-rogue was able to pick the magic lock created by the spell, but opening the door triggered a glyph of warding that blasted the tomb robbers for… minimum damage. Sigh.

The hell pool cavern was empty of guardians, and the adventurers quickly headed for the passageway on the left with the intention of getting to the secret “eye” room (W19). Why do you want to go back there, I casually asked Satampra’s player. “I figure the big eye on the wall must be important somehow. And I don’t understand it. So I’m going to smash it!” Uh-oh, that was exactly what I had feared they would do! Smashing the eye carving on the wall would give Vordakai a permanent 20% chance of spell failure!

Fancy Feast

varnhold-vanishing-session-12-map-1The group’s progress was interrupted, however, when they found the brass door to the empty crypt (W16) was also arcane locked and glyphed. Now that they knew the score, though, the wards only slowed them down – Satampra could make any Reflex save while the others kept their distance, and the DCs on the arcane locks weren’t so high. When the door was finally opened, they discovered that the crypt was no longer empty – a piscodaemon was in the room waiting for them!

In retrospect, the daemon knew they were coming, so a stinking cloud should have spilled out as soon as the door opened. Oh well, something to remember for the future. It wouldn’t have mattered much anyway; the group had swapped out air bubble spells for life bubble, which lasts much longer, affects the entire party, and protects against both stinking cloud and cloudkill. But at least it would have blocked line of sight and forced them into the room.

Melee charged in, casters buffed & summoned. The piscodaemon scored another lobster-claw crit against Satampra, although he was at full health this time and thus survived the attack. Its other claw hit and grabbed Orseen the warpriest, preventing the mighty avenger from bringing his greatsword to bear. Then Iofur finished summoning a tiger and animal growth’d it. Bam! Huge augmented tiger + pounce = dead piscodaemon being shaken in the tiger’s mouth like a tasty seafood ragdoll. F’ing druids, man.

varnhold-vanishing-session-12-map-2After Remesio the cleric healed the melee types up to full, the adventurers headed to the back of the crypt. The door to the back room (W18) was also magically barred, as was the secret door behind the statue. It took Satampra several precious minutes to get through the lock, which gave the lich Vordakai, alerted by a mental alarm spell that he had placed in W18, plenty of time to teleport into the room beyond and set up an ambush.

Next: the eyes have it!

  1. Ah yes, Grab. Groshni actually prepares Grease mainly to deal with that, rather than for area control. :-/

    • Huh, you know, I often forget one can use grease for that purpose. Something for Vordakai to keep in mind…

      • It’s actually really useful sometimes. It’s been used that way enough that Darvan’s player’s had to listen to some sad, bad jokes about getting all greased up… or worse.

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