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Kingmaker: Varnhold Vanishing, Session 13, Part 2

December 16, 2016

cracked_orbThe following day the PCs went back to the ledge on the island, stone shaped through the door, and proceeded to work their way past the glyphs and arcane locks on the interior portals. They encountered no active resistance. When they reached the back room with the statue, the casters passed out death wards, freedom of movements, and various combat buffs. Then they opened the secret door.

As before, Vordakai was ready, but in his arrogance he did not bother changing up his tactics much. A cloudkill spilled out into the room, but they were protected from its effects by the druid’s life bubble, and Iofur the druid then dismissed the cloud with a gust of wind. Now the tomb raiders were able to see into the room, which activated a symbol of pain on the opposite wall; but only Remesio the cleric failed his saving throw. Remesio and Mestinous the elven wizard then worked together to dispel the translucent wall of blindness that covered the entryway. With that barrier down, Orseen the warpriest charged in, fully buffed, followed by Satampra the swashbuckler. Vordakai fired off a dark ray of enervation as a readied action, striking Orseen, but it had no effect thanks to death ward! The lich’s touch, delivered as an opportunity attack as Orseen closed to melee, also had no effect!

The warpriest doesn’t get to fully buff very often, because it takes several rounds and many of the effects don’t last long. It can really only be done when one can control exactly where and when a fight will occur, such as for this battle. He had the following effects active when he ran in and struck Vordakai with a Vital Strike: bless, bear’s endurance, effortless armor, prayer, haste (from the wizard), death ward (from the cleric), freedom of movement (ditto), divine power!, Cleansing Fire (a warpriest blessing that gives his sword the flaming & undead bane qualities), Sacred Weapon (warpriest class ability; used to make his sword holy), and Sacred Armor (class ability; AC boost). His blow managed to strike true, despite the lich’s displacement, and dealt 65 points of damage, minus 15 for DR. That was about a quarter of Vordakai’s hit points, with just one blow! The undead cyclops bellowed in surprise and pain as the holy warrior’s sword burned away his ancient flesh.

Satampra followed up that moment of awesomeness by rolling a 1 for his attack. Wah wah wah waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah.

The casters moved into the room next, hitting the giant with two flame strikes (one from the druid, one from the cleric) and a flaming sphere (wizard). Vordakai was warded against fire, but some of the damage was holy, and thus was able to hurt him. The lich mentally ran through his prepared spells for something that would bypass the invaders’ protective magics, and settled on trying to kill the warpriest – obviously the most serious threat – via suffocation. But the warrior made his saving throw and was only staggered for a round as he tried to breathe. Which was fine, because that meant he could still use Vital Strike! And he did so, once again hitting and once again rolling exactly 65 for damage.

Satampra also smacked the lich in the knee with his shiny new hammer, dealing 15 points of damage. Not as impressive, but it bypassed V’s DR, and it certainly hurt.

Vordakai started to feel… was that fear? It had been so long, he was not quite sure. But surely this was not going well – these humans had made themselves immune to his best attacks, and he did not have adaquette counter-measures prepared. Or not any that would work before the knight with the glowy, fiery sword destroyed his body. And so he reluctantly dimension door’d away.

Victory! The party had triumphed, and they had not even taken a lick of damage. What’s more, Satampra could finally satisfy his obession with destroying the mysterious eye carving. Doing so took a surprising amount of effort – it has well over 100 hit points and a hardness of 16 – but after hammering at it for a while, the carving finally shattered! When the final blow landed, the whole tomb became to shake, causing dust and rocks to fall from the ceiling. Then a large crack suddenly opened in the wall, bisecting the ruined eye, and the tremors ceased.

Elsewhere in the crypt, Vordakai the lich screamed a scream of unfathomable anger as his eye, the stone artifact known as the Oculus of Abbadon, cracked in an identical manner!

Next: it’s a dead man’s party!

  1. That’s a lot of damage dealt out right there! 😮

  2. Pinkius permalink

    The fools didn’t lock him in a corner and prevent him from casting?! Or is his concentration bonus just that good to combat cast?

    • He was already in the corner; the room is only 10′ x 30′ and he takes up 10′ by 10′ as a Large dude. He can’t fail the Concentration check to cast defensively, though.

      • Why not? Is there something I’ve missed?
        He only has a Concentration of +14 right?
        And still needs to roll if he takes damage?

      • If he takes damage, sure, but casting defensively is a flat DC based on spell level, and he has +4 from the Combat Casting feat. Also I’ve added a level, so my V has +15 base, +4 from the feat, minimum roll is a 1 but not (I don’t think) an auto-failure, meaning he can’t fail to cast 5th level spells (his highest) defensively.

      • Ah, yes. Of course. I was still thinking about all the damage he’d been taking.

  3. somesaycubbish permalink

    May I suggest an alternate title for your next episode: “An eye for an eye!” 😉

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