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Kingmaker: The App – Update 13

December 29, 2016

kngmgr_armies_01Mass combat is here! It’s been a long time coming, and it’s taken several iterations for me to get it right, but it’s finally done! Well, the first and largest part of it is done, anyway. Which is to say, with the latest version of the software, you will be able to create, edit, maintain, move around, defeat, and destroy armies in your kingdom. In the future I want to have a warfare tool that can actually run the mass combat battles, but that is a whole ‘nother giant task.

kngmgr_armies_02Armies are represented by icons on the hex map, the same as hex improvements and whatnot. In the installation\Sample Kingdom directory, I’ve placed some chess piece icons to use for your armies, but you are free to use any images you can find or create for your forces.

kngmgr_armies_03I’ve also added a new kingdom turn tool, for Upkeep phase step 3 – emptying magic item slots in your kingdom. The tool shows all the items in the kingdom and gives several options for getting rid of them, as outlined in the kingdom rules. The new tool can be found in the Turn -> Upkeep menu, or within the Turn Wizard.

As always, you can visit the application’s page to download the setup file. After installation, if you click on Help -> About, the version # should be


  • The mass combat rules are here! This was a huge chunk of work to do, but you can now create, maintain, and destroy armies in your kingdom. It’s a complicated topic with lots of new UI pieces, but here is an overview:
    • For DMs only, there are new menu options in the Campaign menu (Campaign -> Foreign Armies & Campaign -> Foreign Commanders) that let you create armies and NPCs to command them for foreign powers. If the foreign kingdom has claimed hexes on the map, the army will be placed in one of those. If not, it will be placed in the upper-left corner of a map.
    • For the PCs, there are new menu options in the Kingdom and Settlement menus (Kingdom -> Armies & Settlement -> Armies) to create armies for the player kingdom. Using the Kingdom -> Armies -> Add New… menu item will ask you to choose a settlement to recruit from first, while Settlement -> Armies -> Add New… will assume that you’re recruiting from the current settlement. The army will appear in the hex of the settlement it was recruited from.
    • You can also view, edit, and add to the list of troop & mount types that armies are made out of (Campaign/Kingdom/Settlement -> Armies -> View Unit Types). Every army type from the published adventure path is included, but you can customize the list with your own creations.
    • Once an army has been created, it can be selected from the Campaign or Kingdom -> Armies menu, depending on which kingdom the army belongs to. This will center the map on the army and allow you to edit the army’s values.
    • Armies can also be deleted from the menus (Campaign/Kingdom/Settlement -> Armies -> Delete). This simply erases the army, and does not incur penalties from defeat in battle.
    • Right-clicking on an army in the hex map will give some options: Select, Move, Edit, Delete, Defeated. Move will allow you to re-position the army in another hex. Defeated will destroy the army and also add penalties to the kingdom based on the army’s size (see the mass combat rules for details).
  • Added a new Turn Tool, to handle the Empty Magic Item Slots step of the Upkeep phase. As with the other tools, it is available as a stand-alone window (Turn menu -> Upkeep Phase -> Empty Item Slots), and also as part of the Turn Wizard. When used within the Turn Wizard, it will note the purchase/loss of the item in the journal entry for that turn.
  • The Fill Magic Item Slots Turn Tool will now note the addition of new items in the journal entry for that turn, when used from within the Turn Wizard.
  • Enhanced the Turn Wizard so that non-required steps will be skipped over. If there’s no Unrest, the option to use the Royal Enforcer will be skipped over; if there are no leadership vacancies, the option to assign leaders is skipped; etc. There’s a checkbox on the start page that will determine if unnecessary steps will be skipped or not; it can be un-checked on the off chance that you need to use one of those functions. The intention is for the user to get through the kingdom turn with as few clicks as possible.
  • Tweaked how the roads were being drawn to make them look a little more organic. If there’s anything in the hex with the road that shows up on the map as an icon, the logic will choose one of those hex improvements as the point that the roadways radiate out from in that hex. The priority for choosing goes like: settlement/free city, bridge, landmark, lair/fort/watchtower, free building/ruins, resource, everything else.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a bug where manually adding a feat to a character did not actually add the feat to the character.
  • Fixed some minor bugs related to various kingdom events.
  • Fixed an issue in Update Map from File (Map menu -> Update Map from File) where if the map had a new foreign kingdom with claimed hexes, but that foreign kingdom was already in the list of foreign powers for diplomacy purposes, the new map shading was not added to the foreign kingdom’s claimed hexes.
  • Fixed an issue with the Pay Consumption step of the Turn Tools, where a positive Consumption value was being added to Stored BP as well as being subtracted from the Treasury.
  • Fixed an issue where upgraded hex improvements were not counted towards the per turn total in the Claim & Build Phase of the Turn Wizard.

What’s Next

I’ll be working on the battlefield tool for running mass combats in the months ahead. I’ve also been fiddling with ways to automate exploration of the map for Exploration Edicts and the like.

  1. Pinkius permalink

    You are doing Erastil’s work here sir, I only wish my group had such a robust tool at the ready when we were doing Kingdom Building. Perhaps we woulda been more into it. As is, PCs make terrible rulers, their interests generally conflict with staying put and settling matters of state. I mean, they’re super humans, so yea they’re imposing figureheads, but not exactly king materials…

  2. That all looks wonderful!
    For maintainance purposes, does it have Reserve Armies?

  3. Hi Daddy DM, I really love this app, the managment’s math-boring part is very easy now! I have one question, I can’t install the app on my notebook because it has a 32bit processor, is there a way to overcome this problem?

    • Not at this time, no. 😦 The application is 64-bit so that it can support large maps. I’ve tried putting together a 32-bit version for folks like you, but I ran into some unexpected problems and haven’t had the time to investigate them.

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