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Kingmaker: Varnhold Vanishing, Session 15, Part 2

February 3, 2017

Satampra: Remesio, how many times have you brought me back?
Remesio of Mivon: It’s Cayden Cailean that brings you back. I’m just the lucky drunk who says the words.

And with that, the Emperor of Caerelia was returned to life for the 3rd time this adventure (killed by Fiarr the Fiddler, killed by a piscodaemon, killed by the Avatar of Famine). But playing with the forces of fate has a cost (beyond the 5,000 gp in diamond dust), and Satampra the swashbuckler also needed two restorations (and another 2,000 gp in components) to fully restore all the pieces of his soul that had been chipped away.

With the party now at full strength after a few days, they prepared to re-enter Vordakai’s Island. But instead of going through the back door as they had exclusively done up until this point, they decided to throw me a curve ball and actually go in through the obvious entrance on the shore! Their folding boat took them across the water, and they cautiously walked through the rune-inscribed archway at the base of the limestone column.

varnhold-vanishing-session-15-map-1Shockingly, they bypassed the treasure spilling out into the hall (W6) and proceeded around the corner and into a diamond-shaped room (W7) where a dread zombie cyclops awaited them. While they battled the walking corpse, another zombie battered down a thin wall on the other side of the chamber. Both undead were buried under summoned minions and swiftly fell, although not before Satampra ate a battleaxe crit (he survived). With no obvious other ways to go, they searched the area and Iofur the druid soon discovered a secret door in one of the niches.

varnhold-vanishing-session-15-map-2The hidden door led to a cavern filled with water (W8). I didn’t bother with the dinosaur encounter in this room, as I felt that served no story purpose and was a waste of time. Again there were no obvious paths to proceed (the corridor on the other side of the water is never mentioned in the text) but a cursory look around revealed some steps under the water. Iofur wildshaped into a giant frog to investigate, and found an underwater tunnel that led to an above-water room (W9), filled with ancient cyclops pottery. That gave the players a breadcrumb that led them away from the pool, along with the ring of freedom of movement that lay hidden under its waters.

The pottery room had a side passage that led to a set of double doors. Beyond was a queerly angled hall, guarded by two cyclops statues standing at attention in shallow alcoves. The wide hall led to a large room (W10) that was home to several more statues, scattered about in a seemingly random fashion. These statues seemed to have at one time borne real weapons and armor, but most of those were missing. Once more the adventurers had reached a dead end and began to search. Iofur’s monstrous Perception score located another secret door on the far wall. When the door was activated and began to grind open, several things happened at once.

In the hallway beyond the secret door, a heavy iron portcullis slammed down, barring escape from that direction! Another portcullis also closed off access to the double doors that the group had come from! The backs of the alcoves behind the two statues also rumbled open, and two dread zombie cyclopes stepped out, weapons at the ready! And finally, large holes in the ceiling appeared, and torrents of water from the river slammed down into the room, knocking Orseen the warpriest off his feet! As the PCs backed away from the water spouts and frantically looked around at the barred passages, rapidly rising water, and advancing cyclopes, they realized that they had walked right into a death trap!

Next: a watery doom?!

  1. Pinkius permalink

    I forgot this room

  2. This could actually be nasty. Maybe.

  3. Pinkius permalink


    • That could work. There are other solutions as well, depending on the available resources/spells.

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