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Kingmaker: Intermission #2, Session 1, Part 1

March 3, 2017

After cataloging the treasure in Vordakai’s throne room and stowing what they could in their bag of holding, the adventurers performed one final sweep of the dungeon to ensure it was clear. The only foe remaining was the last dread zombie cyclops in the death trap room, standing next to a chopped up giant eel. Instead of playing out the whole combat, I just rolled for the cyclops’ Flash of Insight attack. It was a hit but – sigh – not a crit, and thus had no chance of doing any permanent harm to the PCs. Sayonara, Flash of Insight, at least until the druid summons another cyclops. You will not be missed.

With that taken care of, Orseen the warpriest wanted to get busy taking off all the fancy brass doors in the place and figuring out how to transport them back to Caerelia for the Door Museum, a running gag that’s been going since they entered the tomb. And then they had to think of a way to get that linnorm skull back to town, too. “We’re not doing that,” said Satampra the swashbuckler offhandedly. “C’mon. I’m an Emperor. We have people for that.” Once they were back in Stagfell they assumed they could send some contractors out to haul the stuff back, presumably with an army escort, given that random encounters are still a thing for those that can’t teleport.

Which is what the party did, save for Iofur the druid, who as always had to catch up with them in winged form. First they stopped off at the Nomen centaur camp to report that Vordakai the lich, the reason (or at least a reason) the centaurs were charged with watching over this land, was no more. Assuming they had destroyed his phylactery. Which they actually had not – they thought it was the eye carving that they had smashed – but it didn’t matter, the lich couldn’t come back anyway on account of not having recovered all his wizard levels. The horsefolk hailed them as the mighty heroes that they were and reaffirmed the peace between their peoples. The players also gave back the weapon of their leader’s dead daughter, Xamanthe – a magical flail they had found in V’s hoard.

In the morning, they ordered the cavalry that had been sent down to assist the Nomen to ride back north to the ghost town of Varnhold. But the rulers themselves headed west, intending to chart a path over the Tors of Levenies before it was time to head home.

varnhold-vanishing-session-17-map-1A few days later, they had mapped out a path over the mountains, discovered a rich iron vein, and climbed down into the foothills. Where two rivers coming out of the mountains joined, there was a little slip of an island that Satampra, Orseen, and Remesio the cleric set out to explore while the others were busy elsewhere. And that decision turned out to be a nearly fatal one!

Little Island of Horrors

The island was long and thin, and populated by tall grasses and some scattered trees. As the three explorers stomped about looking for anything of interest, four green leafy “traps” laid in wait. Satampra was the first to unsuspectingly step on one, and it sprang shut, crushing him between two thick, fibrous walls! The other traps raised up on their stalks and snapped shut on Orseen and Remesio before they could react. The whole group was trapped!

As the swashbuckler struggled to wiggle out from the leafy jaws that were crushing him, Orseen managed to draw his knife and used Sacred Weapon to make it magical and flaming. Meanwhile, Remesio simply dimension hopped himself out of the trap. Satampra then realized that he could add 1d6 to his Escape Artist roll using Panache, and managed to slip out. The cleric called down a flame strike on one of the unengaged stalks, while Orseen was swallowed whole!

Another trap tried to snatch Satampra, but in a continuing revelation about his class abilities, he realized he could add his Charisma bonus to his AC and dodged the attack. While Remesio fired a searing light at the humongous carnivorous plant, the swashbuckler fished out a potion of sanctuary and drank it. The traps hovered nearby, about to strike at him but were strangely unable to, thanks to the protective ward. Poor Orseen was being digested and using his Fervor ability to heal himself as he tried to escape, but even the mighty warrior needed a 19 on a d20 roll to beat the grapple. The healing he was giving himself was keeping him just barely afloat, but he was not doing well and would soon be dead. Would Remesio have to jump down the flytrap’s gullet to teleport out his companion?

Thankfully, the cleric was spared from having to make that decision as the warpriest rolled the needed 19 and escaped on his own! So instead, Remesio summoned a spiritual weapon. And now that he could move without getting swallowed, Satampra ran away. Once he was at a safe distance, he grabbed his bow, drew an arrow, and smoothly turned & fired. The arrow didn’t do much – he has no bonuses to damage – and on his next turn he remembered the stag helm, which lets him turn a regular ranged attack into a sneak attack 3/day. Hmm, are plants subject to sneak attack? Well, anyway.

Before Orseen could get away he was grabbed again, although he rolled another 19 and managed to escape again! Remesio rushed over to heal him, but triggered an attack of opportunity from the flytrap and got grabbed himself. While the cleric teleported out again, Orseen gave up on escaping and just started stabbing away with his fiery dagger. Between that, Satampra’s sneaky arrows, and the spiritual weapon, the monstrous flytrap finally expired.

A thorough search of island turned up the bones – mostly human and centaur – of the predator’s previous victims, along with a good amount of treasure. Among the haul was a lesser silent metamagic rod and a helm of comprehend languages. After healing up, the group finished exploring the area and teleported back to Stagfell.

Next: the drums of war!

  1. He hadn’t read his own class?!?

    • Pinkius permalink

      I think we’ve all occasionally had class features or feats that we’ve just read once and forgotten. Because when EVER would you need that ability to spend some of your class resource to boost a specific skill check, or drop prone the ground as an immediate action

    • He probably did at one point? Swashbuckler has a lot of little bonuses and actions, and we only play once every 2 weeks at best, so I don’t totally blame him. It’s taken him until now to reliable use his parry ability, and he still often forgets to riposte when he can.

  2. Pinkius permalink

    yea charmed life is p. gud

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