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Kingmaker: The App – Update 14

March 11, 2017

This is a minor update that is mostly bug fixes related to the mass combat rules from the last update. There are a few small features added, though, most notably (for users outside of the USA) the option to use metric measurements.

As always, you can visit the application’s page to download the setup file. After installation, if you click on Help -> About, the version # should be


  • Added a new setting, Campaign.UseMetric, which defaults to false. Setting it to true will cause “Speed” data to be interpreted as meters/round instead of feet/round, and distance measurements to be interpreted as kilometers instead of miles. Existing data within the application will not change, so there are some additional steps that should be taken if you wish to use metric measurements:
    • The setting HexMap.MilesPerHex should be changed to a new value representing how many kilometers across each hex is, instead of miles. A quick and approximate conversion is (miles * 1.5). So the default 12 miles per hex would be changed to 18 kilometers.
    • Existing army unit types’ Speed value should be changed to reflect meters/round, instead of feet/round. A quick and approximate conversion is ((feet per round) * 3 / 10). So an army unit type made from unencumbered humans would have its Speed changed from 30 feet/round to 9 meters/round.
  • Changed the info panel for armies to track Hit Points instead of troop numbers (which does not actually fluctuate in play). The hit point text in the panel will turn red if the army’s HP are equal or below its ACR, as that threshold triggers a rout check.
  • Changed the Size field in the Create/Edit Army dialog to a drop-down selection, so that the army’s size can be changed directly without having to futz around with the exact nummber of troops.
  • When creating/editing a map file, you can now check for roads & highways to be drawn on the map. The roads won’t show up in the map window, but will when the map is added to a kingdom in the main window. Also, the program will remember the show/hide road option for a particular map in the map and main windows.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue where an army could have 0 hit points.
  • Fixed an issue where hex improvement icons in unexplored hexes were not appearing. (found by Charles Kimco)
  • Fixed an issue where foriegn kingdoms added in the main kingdom window were not added to the map file when using the Map menu -> Export to Map File functionality.
  • Fixed the text of the Plague (Settlement) kingdom event. (found by Michele Valentini)
  • Fixed an issue with opening a saved kingdom after creating a Drug Den, Plague, Sensational Crime, Slavers, or Smugglers kingdom event. (found by Michele Valentini)
  • Fixed an issue with running the Remarkable Treasure or Unexpected Find kingdom events when the only settlements have no buildings. (found by Michele Valentini)
  • Fixed an issue where checking the “Draw Roads & Highways” checkbox in the map window was not being exported or saved.
  • Fixed an issue where changes made to the names of buildings in a Free City from the map window were not being saved.
  • Fixed an issue where changing a Free Building, Free City, or Ruin from the map window and then updating the map in the kingdom window (Map menu -> Update from Map File) did not reflect changes made to the Free Building, Free City, or Ruin.
  • Fixed a minor UI issue in the calendar window (Campaign menu -> Calendar) when using the Golarion calendar.
  • Fixed an issue where constructing a settlement in terrain with a prep time on the kingdom’s first turn using the Turn Wizard could lead to not being able to place buildings in the settlement when the prep time should have completed. (found by last.mar)
  • Fixed an issue where opening a map file without first opening a kingdom file caused an error. (found by last.mar)
  • Fixed an issue that could cause a crash when loading a kingdom. (found by Domenico Sironi, Roger Silver)
  • Fixed an issue with how the monthly consumption of reserve army units is calculated.
  • Fixed an issue with how consumption was being computed for non-Medium armies. (found by Roger Silver)
  • Fixed an issue where emptying the last magic item in the kingdom from the Empty Magic Item Slots Turn Tool would cause an error. (found by Domenico Sironi)
  • Fixed an issue in the Export Stat Block window (Kingdom or Settlement menu -> Export Stat Block) where after using the button to copy the text, pasting into a plain text editor such as Notepad did not work.
  • Fixed an issue where an army’s OM was 10 higher than it should be!
  • Fixed some issues with the Create/Edit Army dialog and the In Reserve checkbox.

What’s Next

I’ve been fiddling around with Trade Edicts, as that is the last major piece of the rules that impacts the kingdom’s numbers that I have not implemented yet.

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  1. … I _really_ need to update one of these days!

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