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Kingmaker: Intermission #2, Session 2, Part 2

April 14, 2017

The party’s visit to the Owl Prince did not net them the answers about the Vanishing they were hoping for, so they decided to go to the presumed source of House Rogarvia’s disappearance: the First World itself. They felt that they didn’t have time to find a faerie ring, and in any case Remesio the cleric knew a prayer of plane shift, so why wait? But they needed some idea of a destination, and so the scholarly types started to comb through Stagfell’s libraries (in order to get the city’s +8 Lore bonus), looking for a likely spot to aim for.


While that played out, the rulers were notified that Caerelia was about to receive an unexpected visitor: Baron Jaroslav Kruskel, a powerful friend of Brevoy’s Regent. An escort was sent to bring Kruskel to Stagfell in style. He & his entourage were greeted at the city gates, and treated to a grand feast on the evening of their arrival. After the meal, the Baron repaired to the council chambers for a chat with the Emperor and his advisors.

Baron Kruskel started off by offering the usual formalities due to a ruler of Emperor Satampra Zieros’ standing. Caerelia had grown quite large, and quite wealthy, since its inception, and now rivaled perhaps any one of the great houses of Brevoy. Then he segued into his pitch, which boiled down to: isn’t it about time that you became part of Brevoy and swore fealty to the Dragonscale Throne? Caerelia could take its place beside the Great Houses as an equal, and enjoy the protections that come from being part of such a strong kingdom.

Naturally, the PCs were against the idea (players never willingly subordinate themselves to NPCs, in my experience), although of course they didn’t want to come out and say so. They mentioned the recent annexation of Varn’s remaining territory, and noted that as a result they were pretty busy managing and securing their expanded borders. But they promised to respond to the Regent’s generous offer in the spring. They figured that by that point, they will have built up enough of an army that they could defend Caerelia from a possible invasion.

The Baron was nonplussed. “Very well, my lords. But I feel I should warn you – if you do not decide quickly, events may overtake you.” And with that, he retired to his suite. In the morning, Kruskel left the capital, heading north back to Brevoy.

Off to See the Faeries

With Baron Kruskel out of their hair, the party was free to once again wallow in their First World-Vanishing conspiracy theories. Where else could the Rogarvians be, except in the fey realm?!? It was obvious, right? Or at least it was if one assumed that the Vanishing must be tied to the published adventures and their overall plot. Which, of course, it was not.

From their research into the First World, the PCs had pulled the name and illustrations of the city of Gorias, which was enough for a plane shift. They had been searching for a city to travel to, reasoning that they would be more likely to find the answers they sought in such a place.

And so Remesio, Satampra the swashbuckler, Iofur the druid, and in a rare appearance, Councilor Aurelius the halfling (once human) fighter, gathered in a circle (Bill decided to swap out Orseen the warpriest for his previous character for this presumably combat-less jaunt). Remesio chanted the prayer of travel, and with a whoosh the group disappeared from the castle and suddenly found itself knee-deep in a bog.

Next: mushroom city!

  1. “Presumably combat-less”? They _have_ played Pathfinder before, right?

    • They were just going to do some information gathering…

      • So, they weren’t _planning_ to start a fight. That’ll work *facepalm*

      • Pinkius permalink

        Pathfinder? Low combat!? even the murder mystery AP’s have scores of ghouls and combat encounters in them. I know I got the urge to murder mystery so I looked at the sawskin murders, so many ghouls…

      • So, if I ever want to play that AP, I should make sure to have a great Fortitude save?

  2. Pinkius permalink

    @Medi Yu Lian probably a good idea regardless

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