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Kingmaker: Blood for Blood, Session 2, Part 1

May 5, 2017

Caerelia had been invaded by its western neighbor, and had no armies of note with which to defend itself! And what armies the kingdom did have were so very far from the front. It would be several days before a messenger could reach them, and then several more days for the armies to march or ride back to the capital of Stagfell. That was time that the kingdom simply did not have!

Luckily, this is D&D, and magic handily turns the Medieval into the modern. Remesio the cleric prepared several prayers of sending, and used them to send orders to the cavalry unit near Varnhold, and the elite ranger unit near Lake Silverstep, to hurry back to Stagfell (riders had already been sent by Empress Sojana while the PCs were in the First World, but they had not had a chance to deliver their orders yet). The priest also relayed orders for Lord Mayor Loy Rezbin of Tatzylford to have nearby crossings on the Skunk River destroyed, and had the militia at Salar’s Rest march to reinforce Tatzylford. The logging town was closest to the invaders’ presumed current location, and its defenses were much weaker than that of the capital or Oleg’s Gate.

A final sending was, um, sent to Aecora Silverfire, Daughter of the Moon and leader of the Nomen centaurs. The Nomen and the Caerelians had agreed to come to each others’ aid in case of an attack, and who could have known that an attack would come so soon? Though the centaurs had been devastated by the lich Vordakai, they honored their agreements, and Aecora said she would send what warriors that she could spare.

Snatch and Grab

With their military orders delivered, the party decided to get pro-active. They figured they couldn’t personally stop the army bearing down on them, but they could take out its leadership, right? They incorrectly assumed that must mean Baron Hannis Drelev himself – they obviously didn’t know the Baron all that well if they thought he’d be leading his own armies – and contemplated a scry-and-snatch. The plan was to teleport in, plane shift out (since Remesio the cleric only had one teleport from his domain slot), and then plane shift and teleport home on the following day. But their plan was foiled when they looked at the spells and saw that they required willing targets. You couldn’t transport someone against their will, unless you were using plane shift to forcibly get rid of one creature.

So the group set its sights a little lower, and figured they could just switch targets to Drelev’s wife, the Baroness Pavetta Stroon-Drelev, whom they had met way back at the start of Rivers Run Red. As a (presumed) civilian, they assumed that they could strong-arm her into agreeing to be subject to their magic, and then use her as a hostage against her husband – again, badly misreading their enemy. Though once again, they hit another, minor, snag in that Remesio had never actually seen Pavetta – the party’s meeting with her had been two clerics ago!

But nothing ventured, nothing gained! Based off of Satampra the swashbuckler & Iofur the druid’s descriptions, Remesio attempted to scry on her… and it worked! He found her in a study holding a yappy lap dog while she talked with an imposing-looking fellow. The unknown man had long dark hair and beard that were both shot through with streaks of grey, clothing of a wealthy nobleman, and a staff fashioned from a reddish wood and bound in bronze. Both the Baroness and her companion failed their checks to spot the magical sensor that was spying on them.

Orseen the warpriest fully buffed himself, and the others handed out a few spells before Remesio teleported himself, Satampra, and the warpriest to the room (making the d100 roll to be on-target). They left Iofur behind because the cleric could only take three passengers with him, and they planned to have Pavetta as one of those people on the return trip.


Needless to say, the Baroness and her brother, the evoker Imeckus Stroon, were shocked when three heavily-armed thugs suddenly appeared in the room with them! Orseen, enlarged and surging with divine power, made a grab for Pavetta, but was disoriented from the teleport and tripped over his own giant feet (rolled a 1). But as his target backed away, Satampra smoothly stepped in and snatched her yap dog from her grasp. Remesio spoke a prayer of hold person against Imeckus, who was an unknown quantity to them, but he easily made his saving throw.

The wizard quickly recovered his wits and responded to the ambush with one of his most powerful spells, chain lightning! An arc of electricity leapt from his outstretched hand and coursed through the giant warpriest before sending off secondary arcs to the cleric and swashbuckler. Orseen failed his save and ate the full strength of the spell, 53 points of damage, as did Remesio, though his blast was only half the intensity of the initial one. Satampra easily avoided the lightning, keeping both himself and Jewel the dog unharmed.

The now-smoking Orseen recovered and smote the wizard, getting a critical hit in the process! Imeckus lost 77 hit points, and a good deal of blood, as he realized these were no common teleporting thugs (if such a thing could even be said to exist), and that he might have to flee the scene. Remesio attempted to block off that escape with a stone shape that covered the exit to the room. But luckily for Imeckus, he had a teleport of his own handy, and he vanished in a puff of smoke.

Next: escape from Fort Drelev!

  1. Ah yes. Instant communication and instant travel. I’m a bit worried about how to handle that when we get there.

  2. I am so happy I found your KM blog. You’ve articulated many points throughout the Adventure Path that made me scratch my head as well. Luckily, my group is still on RRR, so it’s nice to see potential pitfalls before my group gets there. We’ve also switched over to 5E, making somethings much easier, yet harder with PF to 5E conversions. Keep up the awesome work! You make me wish I lived wherever you guys are located, guaranteed I would NEVER miss a KM night. 😉 Unless you guys live in Iowa??? If so, I’LL BE RIGHT OVER!!! LOL!

    • Thanks for the kind words, Flash! We could probably use another player, but sadly we are not in Iowa. 🙂

    • I’m not in Iowa either, but I do agree with you, it’s really nice to have this blog and see some of his thoughts. Have you taken a look at his Kingmaker app yet?
      Also, I’m DM’ing Kingmaker as well (different group, different country I think). You’re welcome to have a look at my blog, if there’s anything useful to you there. The link is in my name.

      • You betchya I’ll be checking out your blog too! Thanks!

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