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Kingmaker: Blood for Blood, Session 2, Part 2

May 12, 2017

With the only exit from the library blocked, thanks to the cleric’s stone shape, there was no escape for Baroness Pavetta Stroon-Drelev, and no hope for a rescue anytime soon. As guards pounded on the stone barrier, Satampra the swashbuckler, Orseen the warpriest, and Remesio the cleric tried to convince the Baroness to go with them. She was more interested in fighting Satampra for her dog, Jewel, whom had been snatched from her grasp.

But Pavetta was an 8th-level aristocrat who had spent her gear allocation on clothing and jewelry, and Satampra a 10th-level swashbuckler covered from head to toe in magic doodads. He could play keep-away all day. Orseen – grown to massive size by his buff spells – tried to cow her into compliance, but she was made of sterner stuff than that. Dim-witted brutes didn’t scare her! Soon the party lost their patience, and Satampra, noble Emperor of of the great kingdom Caerelia, threatened to hurt her dog if she didn’t come with them. Pavetta shrieked in terror, and relented.

Having made their target willing, Remesio bade everyone to hold hands as he chanted his prayer of plane shift. They had only one teleport that was used in getting to Fort Drelev, so their plan was to jump to a different reality until such time as the cleric could get his spells back. They had chosen Elysium for their destination, Golarion’s plane of Chaotic Goodness.

In Azata Davida, Baby

The castle’s study faded around them and was replaced with a wild, untamed wilderness… kinda like the First World, really. How does one differentiate between different planes that are defined by being paragons of nature? In this case, I figured I would have some of the inhabitants of Elysium turn up – the Azata, elfy-looking outsiders who… are basically like powerful fey. Sigh. I guess that’s what you get when your world is a mashup of a zillion different interpretations of various mythologies.

But before there were any encounters, Baroness Pavetta Stroon-Drelev demanded her dog back. Satampra was more than ready to hand the yapping, squirmy pooch back to its owner. Then Pavetta wanted to know just who the PCs were and what they hoped to accomplish by kidnapping her. When they told her they were the rulers of Caerelia, she snorted and muttered drolly, “How shocking.” And when they informed her that they were going to use her as leverage against her husband, she laughed bitterly. “Obviously you do not know my husband very well.” She sneered and spat, “Fools!” at them before turning on her heel and striding off into the wild.

The kidnappers were not about to let their target get away, though. And really, where could she go? They tied her up, and then soon after gagged her when she wouldn’t stop berating them.

As the group settled down to wait for happy hour to roll around (“It’s 5 o’clock somewhere, right?” asked Antony, but it was not yet 5 o’clock in Elysium), a squad of ghaele azata came by. The tall, elegant, and well-armed elvish-looking knights were surprised to find adventurers from Golarion in their home. But seeing as the visitors were of mostly similar dispositions (i.e. alignment) and their prisoner was not, the azata allowed their presence as long as they promised to leave at the first opportunity, and to take their captive with them. The humans thus swore, and the ghaele went on their way.

Burned Bridges

After a time, Remesio started to sober up, a sure sign that the time for him to renew his prayers (and libations) was near. Once his spells were refreshed, he plane shifted the group back to Golarion, and then teleported them to Stagfell.

Their first concern was what to do with the Baroness. All thought of somehow using her against her husband was gone, and now they merely hoped that perhaps they could ransom her to her family in Brevoy. In the meantime, they stuck her in a cell with a few guards, who had orders to strike her down if her brother, the wizard Imeckus Stroon, should teleport in to rescue her.

Then it was back to dealing with the invasion. Women and children from Tatzylford and Stagfell were sent to Salar’s Rest, which was considered safe from attack at the moment. The elite ranger unit known as Salar’s Pathfinders had returned to the capital, and were promptly sent out again to destroy bridges and disrupt the invading army’s supply lines, if possible. That was a sensible tactic, I thought, albeit one that has no translation to the mass combat rules. I suppose it could be said that supply disruptions would increase the armies’ Consumption by some amount, or perhaps even hinder their morale or combat effectiveness. But since Fort Drelev isn’t statted out like a real kingdom and doesn’t have an actual treasury to worry about, increasing Consumption doesn’t mean much. Stat penalties were therefore probably a more reasonable side-effect. Either way, I resolved to take their actions into account in how the opposition reacted, and left it at that for the time being.

Meanwhile, the invading army was busy pillaging Last Hope, the settlement built around the Temple of the Elk. Once again, there were no real rules for this, so I just picked a few random buildings each day to be destroyed. Since destroying a building increases Unrest by 1 per plot, the kingdom’s Unrest was soon over 10! That actually didn’t represent much of a threat for making kingdom checks, aside from Loyalty, but it did mean that Caerelia would start losing hexes in the next kingdom turn.

I didn’t want the armies to sit on Last Hope for too long, though. The kingdom might have fallen into anarchy (which occurs at Unrest 20+) if I had them continue to destroy the town! So they set off looking for fresh meat at Tatzylford, which was just a couple of days away.

When scouts reached Stagfell with the news that the invaders were heading south towards the logging town, the rulers of Caerelia quickly decided that they would make their stand there. One clerical prayer of teleport later, and the PCs arrived in time to take some action before the Drelev armies arrived. And somehow, through no planning on my part, we had managed to replicate the location of the big showdown from the published adventure.

Next: the big showdown!

  1. They kidnapped and coerced a stranger to come with them – and then they went to the plane of Chaotic Good?!? Seriously? Not the plane of Air, but of Chaotic Good…

    • Ah, but they kidnapped and coerced an EVIL stranger to come with them. Not that they knew that, although the ghaele did.

  2. If only they knew about the Mistress. 😉

      • I think the wife does mind you. Or at least suspects, and might be open to ratting her out.

      • Oh that’s a good point! Depending on how angry she is, and whether how much she wants to make her Hubby PAY. “Let’s make a deal!”

        BTW Daddy DM, do your players read this Blog??? I just realized that I could potentially be giving away spoilers and (whether you are using B4B as written or not) that’s not my intention. So let me know so that I don’t in the future if needed to keep my mouth shut. 🙂

      • No worries, there’s tons of spoilers throughout. I always intended to write this from a DM’s perspective, rather than as an IC chronicle. Bill did randomly find this site a few months ago when he googled the kingdom name, but I asked him and the others not to read it.

  3. Pinkius permalink

    On a more positive note, Imeckus is the most dangerous threat in Fort Drelev, so now that he’s out of the picture, the pcs should have no issue roflstomping through the place.

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