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Kingmaker: Blood for Blood, Session 4, Part 1

June 2, 2017

In the aftermath of the Second Battle for Tatzylford, the survivors were tasked with clearing away the rubble and the dead… and with ensuring that wounded enemies joined the ranks of the dead. As the sun set on that scene of carnage, both human and animal scavengers had their fill. Guards were posted and patrols set, in case the routed enemy footmen rallied and returned to fight.

Remesio the cleric had survived his wounds, and Kisandra Numesti from Fort Drelev was located among the living. Aemon Trask, the enemy general, was nowhere to be found, but the unconscious body of a gnome with butterfly wings was discovered amid the remains of the lurkers in light. She was bound & gagged by the Caerelians, and thrown into the town jail.

The Lord and Lady Lezbin, rulers of Tatzylford, thanked their Emperor profusely for saving the town. The rulers’ promise to Kisandra to free her father was re-affirmed, and she was invited to stay in Stagfell until such time as she could be reunited with her family.

Before heading back to Stagfell themselves, the rulers wanted to question the faerie gnome. She named herself the Lady Kymera, a servant of the Queen of Forgotten Time, aka the Green Lady. Her mistress still considered the Stolen Lands to be hers, and had lent Kymera and her lurkers to the forces attacking the upstart human kingdoms that had taken root there, of which Caerelia was one. The PCs, fearful of both Kymera’s queen and the gnome’s own sorcerous powers, had her beheaded with a cold iron blade they had laying around rather than allow her the chance to escape captivity.

Drama Baroness

After happy hour allowed Remesio to wet his whistle and regain his prayers, the group teleported back to Stagfell, whereupon they had to deal with a diplomatic kerfuffle. The Baroness Pavetta Stroon-Drelev, kidnapped from her home in Fort Drelev by the PCs, was loudly and persistently demanding of her jailers that she be given quarters befitting her station while she awaited her ransom, along with a lady in waiting and regular time in the chapel.

Councilor Aurelius the halfling (aka Bill/Orseen’s other character, when he wanted to participate in rulership decisions) regarded her demands as a sneaky way to make it easier for Pavetta’s wizard brother, Imeckus, to rescue her, and was against the idea. Remesio and those on the council who were of noble birth were more forgiving. Luckily, the battle at Tatzylford had raised the PCs to 11th level, which meant the cleric had access to forbiddance. They figured he could lay the anti-teleport ward in her chambers, the chapel, and the path between the two, and then it would be safe to treat her as she requested. After all, they didn’t want to make any more enemies than they had to. With that safeguard in place, Satampra graciously acceded to the Baroness’ demands.

A long discussion about Pavetta’s fate, and Drelev’s, followed. Aurelius dreamed of being made Baron of the territory after it was forcibly annexed to Caerelia, and then marrying Pavetta to cement his claim in a Baratheon-Lannister kind of deal. The once-human Aurelius had come from a merchant family in Mivon, and wanted nothing more than to wed into a noble family. Pavetta’s wishes in the matter were not considered, and in fact Aurelius spoke of having her killed once he longer needed her for his title.

Rebuilding Month

When it came time for the Rova (September) 4718 kingdom turn, the kingdom’s Unrest was at a sky-high 14. Which was subsequently worsened by a rolled “1” on the Stability check at the start of the turn! Clearly, the kingdom was in a bit of a panic after being invaded, having a town sacked, and suffering almost 1,000 casualties. The council decided to unleash the Royal Enforcer Ianomara on malcontents and the like, using the war as an excuse to round up political enemies as traitors who were “known” to have aided the invading army. This lowered Unrest by 1 but also lowered Loyalty by 1. As Unrest was still greater than 10, they had to give up a claimed hex, and chose one in the nether regions of the kingdom’s southeastern frontier.

In other turn events, Emperor Satampra used the treasury to buy himself a set of Eyes of the Eagle that were for sale in the kingdom, raising Unrest even higher! But then Last Hope and Tatzylford were rebuilt and some additional defensive structures were created, which calmed things down somewhat. Finally, three armies were raised:

  • The Caerelian Immortals, a Colossal army of human fighter 1’s with 2 siege engines,
  • The Emperor’s Guard, a Huge army of human fighter 5’s with ranged weapons, and
  • The Grand Magus Order, a Large army of human magus 3’s with heavy warhorses and masterwork arms and armor.

The army of magi (i.e. fighter/mages) was a high point for Bill, who had been dreaming of an army of sword-wielding spellcasters since the campaign began. Now if only those roc eggs would hatch, they could have some real mounts… The new armies brought Consumption up to the level of the current treasury, which was somewhat worrisome, but it seemed like the kingdom’s income was high enough that they could swing it for long enough to conquer Fort Drelev.

Finally, in a fateful bit of foreshadowing, a Thieves’ Guild cache of counterfeit religious icons was unearthed in the wreckage of Last Hope, which added 1 to Unrest. One of the penalties of allying the kingdom with the Guild was a 20% chance each Event Phase that some nefarious deed would become public and Unrest would increase as a result. This particular event could not have come at worse time for the besieged Caerelia, and the rulers’ exasperation over the affair showed how their relationship with the Guild had frayed over the years.

NG Autocratic Kingdom (pop. 56,500)
Sunday, Rova 08, 4718 (Turn 96)

Size: 116; Cities: 7; Control DC: 146
Economy: +196; Loyalty: +154; Stability: +173

Fame: +37; Infamy: +6; Unrest: 6; Unrest/Turn: 0
Treasury: 131 BP; Consumption: 130 BP/turn; Income: +36 BP/turn

Kingdom Corruption: +4; Kingdom Crime: +3; Kingdom Law: +0
Kingdom Lore: +4; Kingdom Productivity: +2; Kingdom Society: +10

A few days after the turn had concluded, Grand Diplomat Vendelin Fodorov came to the council as it was making war plans with some urgent news. According to Fodorov’s contacts in Restov and southern Brevoy, the massing of armies that had been taking place earlier that summer was not in anticipation of Regent Noleski crowning himself king, as had been previously assumed. No, it now seemed that the armies were marching south – straight for Caerelia!

Next: a second front!


  1. That’s a lot of Unrest and even more Consumption! 😮

    • Big armies are expensive! Well, not too bad if the troops are low-level, but things quickly escalate when you add in resources.

  2. Pinkius permalink

    I was just thinking when you mentioned new armies that those take a ridiculous amount of consumption, how do they think they can swing 130 consumption with 36 income? in 2 turns they’ll be bankrupt

    • 36 BP/turn is their passive, automatic income from mines, sawmills, and quarries. They still get (d20 + Economy) / 3 in BP each turn, assuming they don’t roll a 1. That averages out to around 69 BP.

    • Oh, and they also have 30 stored BP from granaries.

  3. You’re really cranking up the heat on your players! LOVE IT! And also that you’re possibly including a two sided war for the PCs. I’m totally planning on a war for the throne to close out my Kingmaker game.Loved this entry and its setup for next session.

  4. Sorry for the delays, I should be back on track with the updates now. Next one on Friday!

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