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Where I Read: Captain Marvel, Part 16

June 7, 2017

Captain Marvel #14 (cover date June ’69)

“When a Galaxy Beckons!” by Gary Friedrich (w), Frank Springer (p), and Vince Colletta (i). Apparently this issue is part of a weakly-linked crossover with Sub-Mariner #14 and Avengers #64.

The Puppet Master uses one of his radioactive models to take control of Iron Man, and sends him against Captain Marvel. Why? Maybe the answer is in one of those other comics, but I’m not reading them to find out. They fight – sadly, at the missile base, in the shadow of the frozen Man-Slayer, and not in space as on the cover – and Mar-vell “wins” by virtue of Iron Man having a heart attack (don’t worry, he gets better). The Puppet Master blows up his workshop in frustration at Iron Man’s failure. Mar-vell teleports away. Not much else to say about the main story.

We then find our man of the Kree flying aimlessly through space before he finally alights on a dead hunk of rock and screams into the abyss. What is the meaning of life, why do I exist, etc. I thought his whole reason for existing was getting revenge on Yon-Rogg, but what do I know? Surprisingly, the abyss screams back! Wait, it’s just Zo, who reprimands Mar-vell for wasting his opportunity at revenge. Zo is tired of waiting – I know the feeling – and orders Mar-vell to teleport to his home planet in the Kree galaxy. We get a couple of full-page space illustrations as Zo conjures up an image said galaxy as a refresher for its servant. And… the end?

Next: The whole Zo thing comes to a head!

  1. Seems like an exiting, action packed issue.

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