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Kingmaker: Blood for Blood, Session 5, Part 1

July 7, 2017

Three companies of warrior mages had separately moved into the cities of Stagfell, Salar’s Rest, and Shrike’s Crossing, led by Orseen the warpriest, Warden Kesten Garess, and Marshall Pelagia Medyved. Publicly, they were there to guard the urban centers against possible attack from Fort Drelev. In reality, their targets were some of Caerelia’s wealthiest citizens: the cabal that commanded the Thieves’ Guild. In Stagfell, Remesio the cleric had prepared three prayers of sending, ready to give the orders in the dead of night so that the companies could strike near-simultaneously.

Given that the Thieves’ Guild had been welcomed into the kingdom since its founding, what were the chances that the leaders of the guild were not forewarned of what was about to happen? I had the players make a Loyalty check (the kingdom’s lowest bonus, and one that could potentially fail) with a -10 penalty to see if they could maintain operational secrecy. And they made the check! Miraculously, no one outside the council (and even one particular person within the council) had no idea what was about to happen.

The prayers were made, the go-aheads were received. The Grand Magus Order (an army of magus 3’s) stormed several estates that night and rounded up all of the guild heads. Those that survived capture were thrown in the deepest dungeons available. In the weeks to come, guild assets would be seized by the kingdom as the network of thieves, fences, and forgers would be undone. Caerelia was no longer open for business for organized crime.

Royal Enforcer Ianomora, who had been the guild’s representative on the council, was less than pleased by her bosses being arrested and killed in the night. But the deed was already done, and she was offered a rather sweet severance package of 3 BP from the treasury… as long as she agreed to leave the kingdom and not return. She reluctantly took the bribe – what other choice did she have, at that point – and fulfilled her part of the agreement… for the time being. She was replaced in her role by Athammaeus, a large and imposing executioner from a long line of esteemed Brevoy executioners, who had been Ianomora’s deputy for many years.*

* Back in the early days of the kingdom, I bid the players to come up with characters to populate the government, that could serve as replacement PCs should their current character die. Athammaeus was one of Drew’s creations from that time.

Of course, Ianomora was not the only one to object to the arrests of some of Caerelia’s most powerful “merchants.” Family, friends, and business associates showed up at the capital to complain of the unfair slanders, wrongful deaths, and loss of business, and begged for the prisoners’ release, recompense for those slain, and/or made threats. Emperor Satampra pawned these meetings off on Athammeus, who would address each group with his executioner’s axe in view. The new Enforcer explained to the concerned parties that there was a new sheriff in town and that previous lawbreaking, or overlooking of lawbreaking, would not be tolerated. He was going to restore law and order, drain the swamp, make Caerelia great again, etc., and if they didn’t like it, they could join the condemned. The aggrieved parties left empty-handed, although I raised Unrest by 2 to represent the, um, unrest caused by the arrests.

Confounded Expectations

House Medyved was officially informed that Caerelia had severed its ties with the Thieves’ Guild, and with that, the rebellion against House Surtova was officially born. Caerlia, Restov, House Orlovsky, and House Medyved would together face the remaining might of Brevoy in the hopes of taking the Dragonscale Throne!

But there was still the impending attack from Brevoy to contend with! Satampra the swashbuckler, Remesio, Orseen, and Iofur the druid, along with the Grand Magus Order, all rode hard for Oleg’s Gate after it appeared that the guild had been successfully decapitated. Shortly after they arrived, word reached them that the fort on the border, located just one hex northwest of town, had fallen, and the army guarding it (Oleg’s Troubadours, a medium army of human warrior 1’s) had been destroyed.

The mood was tense in the heavily fortified city all through the night and into the morning, as everyone waited for the enemy to arrive at the walls. But the invaders instead bypassed Oleg’s Gate and were headed south! It appeared they had no intention of trying to fight their way past both the city’s formidable defenses (+16), and were headed for softer targets. Reluctantly, Satampra gave the order to move out. The armies of Caerelia would meet the Brevoy forces on the Rostland fields, and gods willing, would send them packing!

Next: the battle of Rostlandor fields!

  1. “Drain the Swamp”… made me think of Blood for Blood – and then giggle a bit 😉

  2. Pinkius permalink

    If uh, if that IS a FAKE army and maybe oleg’s troubadours are fine, the PCs are going to feel like awfully silly willies. Oh, but what if it’s that wizard from fort drelev who teleported away, Imforgethisname

    • No, these were reports from the front.

      The wizard, Baroness Pavetta Drelev-Stroon’s brother, is Imeckus Stroon. He will probably show up again at some point…

    • You’re really committed to the idea that the Brevoy invasion is a fake-out, eh? 🙂

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