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Kingmaker: Blood for Blood, Session 5, Part 2

July 14, 2017

Caerelia invaded once again! An army from Brevoy had smashed the fort at Caerelia’s northern border and bypassed the well-defended town of Oleg’s Gate for squishier targets. The Brevoy vanguard consisted of:

  • The Crown Knights of Rostland, a Medium army of human cavalier 5’s with mounts, masterwork arms and armor, and good morale; led by Baron Jaroslav Kruskel; ACR 4
  • House Kruskel’s private army, a Large army of human fighter 5’s with ranged weapons and 2 siege engines; ACR 6
  • A peasant levy, a Colossal army of human commoner 1’s with ranged weapons and poor morale; ACR 7

Emperor Satampra decided to pull his army from behind the walls and confront Baron Kruskel’s forces in the open before they could cause more damage! At his command he had:

  • The Emperor’s Guard, a Huge army of human fighter 5’s with ranged weapons; led by Emperor Satampra himself; ACR 8
  • The Caerelian Immortals, a Colossal army of human fighter 1’s with 2 siege engines; ACR 8
  • The allied Nomen Centaurs, a Large army of centaurs with ranged weapons; ACR 5
  • The Nomen Heights cavalry, a Medium army of human warrior 1’s with mounts; ACR 1
  • High Priest Remesio; ACR 3
  • Keeper of the Grove Iofur; ACR 3
  • Orseen; ACR 3

So, obvious mismatch, right? The players’ army had been recruited for the purpose of sacking Fort Drelev – hence the siege engines – and the players really went for broke. I had prepared the initial Brevoy force ahead of time, and only realized once the invasion started that they would probably get curb-stomped by the PCs’ units. Baron Kruskel had absolutely no chance of taking Oleg’s Gate (Defense +16) when it was guarded by real soldiers, and so I had him avoid the town in the hopes that he could draw the Caerelians out into the open. The strategy worked, but even so the… Brevoy-an? Brevic? Brevoyian? troops were badly outclassed.

But! There’s a reason we play the game and roll the dice! 😀 Baron Kruskel was an accomplished veteran, and he had not only expected the Caerelians to come after him, he had anticipated many of their tactics. Or that was the story that the dice told, anyway, because as the two armies clashed, the players couldn’t manage any double-digit rolls on the d20, and I was rolling in the high teens for the bulk of the battle!

Back to the Front

The Immortals took heavy losses right away from arrow volleys on their approach, while the Rostland cavaliers smashed into the Nomen centaurs and completely eliminated them as a fighting force! That was the last of the Nomen’s strength, as it had been mere months since their numbers were devastated from a battle with the cyclopean lich Vordekai. The centaurs had responded faithfully to Caerelia’s request for aid in the war, and they had now paid dearly for it. Soon after, the Immortals’ name proved to be ironic, as House Kruskel’s soldiers killed them by the dozens until they fled the field.

But despite the early successes, the numbers were not on the Baron’s side. He called for the peasants to retreat, as they were close to routing themselves. They escaped 1 hp away from having to save vs. rout, a roll that they probably would not have passed. Then his knights finally started to fall to the might of the enemy spellcasters, and he ordered them and his remaining foot soldiers to fall back as well. The battle was over, and the bodies of men and horses and centaurs littered the plain. The Caerelians had won, though it was a Pyrrhic victory; the centaurs were shattered, the Immortals – the bulk of their army – had routed, and the invaders, while bloodied, still had their units intact.

Next: regroup and revenge!


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