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Kingmaker: Blood for Blood, Session 6, Part 1

July 28, 2017

As a result of the recent mass combat victories, the Grand Magus Order (an army of human magus 3’s) and the Emperor’s Guard (an army of human fighter 5’s) had two chances of promotion, and succeeded on both of them. As a result, they each received +2 to their morale and were able to select two new tactics!

Over the next week, the rulers of Caerelia kept in touch with the leaders of House Orlovsky, House Medyved, and Restov through liberal use of the sending prayer. It was observed that sending was not unlike like a magical SMS service, which is to say it’s rather limited when you’re trying to have a discussion with several parties at once. That led to a discussion of the need for a video conferencing spell, which could then be called Scrype. 😀

The Orlovskies reported skirmishes with House Lodovka forces, which they say were prevented from joining the main loyalist army near the Brevoy capital of New Stetven. Medyved was gathering its men, and Restov was already on the defensive! Since declaring themselves free from the Dragonscale Throne, they had had to deal with incursions from the former House Rogarvia lands, which were now mostly in the hands of Surtova loyalists.

Other news reached the ears of the council: small bands of Tiger Lords were pillaging in the northwest, and a group of Swordlords had gone into the Nomen Heights with the intention of slaughtering the remaining Nomen centaurs! The Swordlords had tried several times to get the PCs to do the deed for them over the years, with little success. Now they were apparently taking advantage of the war to handle matters themselves, while Caerelia’s attention was focused elsewhere.

Magic Carpet Ride

Satampra the swashbuckler saw stopping the Swordlords as the higher priority; no doubt he felt some responsibility for what was left of the Nomen tribe after getting the last of their warriors killed. Furthermore, Caerelia and the centaurs had agreed to come to each others’ defense, which is why the centaur warriors were at that battle to begin with. There was some question if the party could track down the Swordlords in time – without knowledge of who exactly was involved, they could not scry and teleport – but Mestinous the elven wizard had a ready solution for that problem! For months, he had been working on enchanting a flying carpet, a long-held dream of the players’, which was also a handy excuse for why the wizard was no longer adventuring with the group (his player, Joe, had been consumed by work and personal matters). But the carpet was now complete! First, the PCs took the carpet – embroidered with a group portrait of the adventurers – out on a joyride. Because you always have to take a moment to enjoy the good things in life, right? After buzzing the castle towers for a bit, they pointed the carpet east to chase down the Swordlord murder party.

After some days of searching from the sky, they found their quarry and landed the carpet in front of a group of two dozen riders. The Swordlords pulled up on their reins, and after horses and carpet were dismounted, introductions were made. The leader of the riders named herself as the Swordlord Stana Aldori, a handsome woman who moved with the grace of a feline.

Once everyone’s identities were well established, Emperor Satampra informed the travelers that the Nomen tribe were under his – which is to say, Caerelia’s – protection. He went on to note that with the war against the throne underway, that this was not really the time for such shenanigans!

Stana replied, “Oh, it wouldn’t take us long. Were it not for unnecessary delays.” She then sought to convince the Emperor that he was wrong to trust the horse folk, and launched into an impassioned accounting of the Nomen’s perfidious crimes and betrayals.

“You do realize that they have a similar accounting of Restov’s actions, yes?” countered Satampra. That led to a debate as to who was more trustworthy – fellow humans, bound by common culture, or savage, monstrous half-horse creatures? Throughout the discussion, the swashbuckler found himself rather attracted to his counterpart, though he found her attitudes towards to the Nomen to be quite unreasonable.

Taking a different tack, the Emperor tried to convince Stana that the centaurs were no longer a threat, and that the generations-old vendetta could be abandoned. Or at least laid down for a time. But the Swordlords had been there before, they claimed, and would not take the chance to allow the Nomen to regain their numbers. Besides, would not Caerelia rather hold and cultivate the Heights than leaving its fertile farmland to a ragged band of nomadic monsters? Satampra would not budge, however.

In the end, the Swordlords agreed to ride back for Restov. They had not changed their minds, but it was clear how important the centaurs were to Caerelia’s ruler, and they did not wish to open a rift in the fledgling alliance. After all, Restov was going to need Caerelia’s aid to regain its independence…

Next: the caves of the kobolds!


  1. Scrype. Good to know my group aren’t the only ones making horrible puns at the gaming table.

  2. Pinkius permalink

    Satampra might just have a thing for ladies in positions of authority. He’d best not go falling for every swordlord he sees, or he might end up on one.

    A sword that is.

  3. Been following your blog on the Kingmaker adventure path because I’m finally getting ready to run it myself. Thanks for posting the info from your sessions, it’s been a great read. I haven’t been reading the comments, but have you ever decided about what you’re going to do concerning the Rogarvia Vanishing? I agree with your thoughts of not another devil agreement or another Fey link. I’m inclined to do something related to the Conqueror having ties with dragons, but don’t know where I’ll take it yet.

    • Hi John, thanks for the kind words! At this time, my thoughts are vague and similar to yours. Maybe some kind of draconic magic? I dunno. With the civil war in full swing, it’s on the back burner at the moment. Although if some clues emerge right now it could throw the chaos into even more chaos. Hmmm….

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