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Torg Eternity: Character Generator

August 1, 2017

Ulisses Spiele’s Torg Eternity Kickstarter is over, and the backers have the PDFs in their hot little hands! I decided to use the PDFs to whip up a character generator for the game, which admittedly isn’t very useful to non-backers – for the moment! The rule book will be in stores soon enough, and in the meantime I wanted to be the first out of the gate with this snappy little program. It’s called TOCG – The Other Character Generator – a little play on TORG, which originally stood for The Other Roleplaying Game while it was initially being developed.

This is still a work in progress! I still have to add vehicles, and implement some of the item effects, and implement the rules for spending XP after character creation is over, but it’s mostly there.

A quick how-to: new characters get 40 points to distribute between attributes, 15 skill points to distribute between skills, 2 perks (kinda like feats), and $1,000. Attributes top out at 13 for humans (6-7 is baseline) and skills top out at 3 “adds” during chargen. The Character menu has some export options – text (in both original style and the newer format), and printable HTML (using the current character sheet, in either color or grayscale). You can also save and load characters from a file; there are some samples provided.

The game data is pulled from XML files, found in the same directory as the executable. So you can add or modify items to you heart’s content, although doing so might cause some issues if you don’t follow the existing patterns!

So anyway, enjoy if you’re a backer, or even if you’re not! I believe those coming late to the party can become after-the-fact backers through something called Backerkit? I don’t know much about that, as I am not an experienced Kickstarter backer. And in any case, the game’s planned release is in October.

As with my other software projects, this application is Windows-only and requires .NET 4.5 or later. It can be downloaded here. My version of InstallShield really does not like the program for some reason, so you’ll just have to unzip it in your desired install location, and create your own shortcuts. Sorry about that!

UPDATE: I’m putting out version 1.0 at this time. There’s probably some bugs still lurking in it, but as far as I can tell at this time it executes character creation flawlessly. Now to move on to advancement…


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  1. Ooooh, shiny!
    Never played TORG, but have a character building tool is always awesome.

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