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Kingmaker: Blood for Blood, Session 8, Part 2

October 6, 2017

It was pure chaos inside the feasting hall of House Biala’s small keep. On one side, the three Swordlord emisaries – Ruva, Alexi, and Callok – and assorted guards were fighting monsters made of shadow. In the back stood Lord Gurev Medyved, surrounded by his personal guard. And roughly in the middle of the room, a hole had magically appeared under the patriarch of House Orlovsky, dropping him and several of his entourage into a deep pit. And only those inside or near the edge of the pit knew that Lord Poul Orlovsky had just been stabbed!

Zay Tonday the sorcerer cried out, “Assassin in the hole! The Lord has been stabbed!” as he cast around, looking for whoever was summoning these effects. The edge of the conjured pit was slippery, and so he moved away and readied a glitterdust should he hear another spell being cast.

He didn’t have to wait long before the chanting of arcane words reached his ears. Zay released his spell in the general vicinity of the sound, just as the room was once again plunged into night!

Luckily, Orseen the warpriest and Satampra the swashbuckler had handily dispatched the assassins outside, and were making their way back to the hall when the darkness fell. Orseen didn’t have any more prayers of daylight prepared, but he did have a dispel magic, and he now used it to banish the inky blackness once again. With the magical darkness gone, a short figure covered in glittering dust appeared, and ran for the door!

Meanwhile, Remesio the cleric jumped into the pit, where he landed atop a scrum of guards that were fighting the stabber. Hurriedly he searched the ground for Lord Orlovsky, and upon finding him, dimension hopped them both out of the room entirely. There he sacrificed some of his strongest spells to heal Lord Poul, thus rescuing him when he was just a few hit points from death. Not that death is the end for rich people in D&D land. Then he dimension hopped them back into the battle.

While the sorcerer ran after the glitterdusted enemy caster (a gnome sorcerer 7 with the shadow bloodline), Satampra jumped into the pit in order to get at Fancy Boots the assassin (a human slayer 6/assassin 6). Unfortunately, Fancy Boots used his boots of speed to parkour his way up and out of the pit! The swashbuckler sighed, and started working his way back up the side of the hole.

Outside, Zay struck the shadow caster in the back with a lightning bolt, which fried the little gnome to a crisp. Then Fancy Boots zipped past the fey sorcerer, but not before Tonday cast a spell of dominate person on him. Boots failed his saving throw, and was ordered to take off his boots and sit down on the ground.

Aaron Burr, Sir

The shadow creatures were dispatched by the others, and Fancy Boots was tied up and brought back inside. Then the questioning began. Who hired him? The Throne did, through intermediaries. Why? Boots looked puzzled at the question, but was forced to answer regardless – the assembled were traitors and rebels. They deserved no better. Who were the targets? Boots replied that the leaders of the factions were, but on Satampra’s urging he was compelled to list out exactly who was to be killed: Emperor Satampra of Caerelia, Lord Poul Orlovsky, Lord Gurev Medyved, and the Swordlords Ruva and Callok.

Of course, there were three Swordlords at the meeting, and Boots had neglected to name Alexi! Who had apparently slipped away in the confusion. Well, the PCs reasoned, at least they now knew how the assassins had learned of the secret meeting.

Boots was taken to the dungeon, where the PCs personally stood guard over him. In the morning, Lord Biala, looking much better thanks to Remesio’s prayers, sentenced the assassin to death and carried out the penalty himself, as was the custom in Medyved lands.

War Games

With all of that out of the way, the assembled parties could finally get down to business! And they were quick to do so, lest the Regent send any more trouble their way. Winter was almost upon them, and they were lucky that the snows had not fallen yet – there was time perhaps for one major offensive.

Poul Orlovsky and Gurev Medyved wanted to hit the capital of New Stetven with their combined forces as soon as possible. The Swordlords, on the other hand, said that was impossible – they were surrounded by nobles loyal to the Regent, and could not leave their city undefended. They wanted the alliance to consolidate their territory by conquering south-eastern Brevoy – the former House Rogarvia lands – so that Restov could send all of its might into battle in the spring. The Great Houses did not like that plan, for if they did not hit New Stetven now, the Sutrovas would have all winter to fortify their defenses there. Meanwhile, the PCs still had to worry about raids from Fort Drelev or the Tiger Lord barbarians.

Councilor Aurelius the halfling, who had not had much to do on this trip before now, successfully brokered a compromise. Restov’s forces would conduct raids on the surrounding loyalists, in order to keep them from defending the capital or mounting an effective assault on the city. Orlovsky, Medyved, and Caerelia would join their armies east of the capital and then meet the Regent’s might on the open field of battle. And Caerelia would leave some of its lesser armies, like the Sootscale kobolds, near the Fort Drelev border to watch for incursions. If needed, the players figured, they could teleport back in case of trouble.

And with that, the leaders shook hands and parted ways. It was time for the war to be fought in earnest.

Next: sabotage!

  1. That … could actually work. In particular, it might keep mass combat out of the way, sending the PCs into Fort Drelev mostly on their own, like the scenario expects.

  2. Pinkius permalink

    He i suspect some supply line attacks slowing the assemblage of armies during winter from the Sabotage hint at the end.

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