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Torg Eternity: Character Generator, Custom Data, Choices

July 9, 2018

This is part of the continuing discussion on how to customize the game data in the TOCG character generator for the Torg Eternity roleplaying game. Please go here for the start of the series. This post is going to examine how to define user inputs for perks and special abilities.


In this post we’ll go over the different kinds of user choices that can be made to certain game elements. “Choices” are mainly used by perks, but can also be applied to special abilities.

To recap, one of the optional nested XML elements that can be included in the Perk element is the Choices element. Here is an example perk that requires some user input:


<Perk name=“Trademark Weapon” category=“Prowess” contradiction=“false” takeAgain=“false” limitations=“false” enhancements=“false”>

<Summary>Reroll 1’s on BD with chosen weapon.</Summary>
<Description>Please see page 98 in the Torg Eternity Core Rulebook.</Description>


<SelectItem type=“Weapon” />




In this case, when the perk is added to the character, the user is prompted to choose a weapon in the character’s inventory to apply the perk’s benefits to.

Choices are for situations where the system needs more information before it can properly add the perk or special ability to the character. For the above perk, the choice doesn’t have much impact, except as a note on the character sheet – the character can reroll 1’s on the bonus die with that weapon. In other cases, the choice might affect how other elements (mostly Effects, to be covered later) are processed. The Miracles perk, for example, requires that the user selects a faith for the character. And that faith, once chosen, affects which list the character can choose miracles from.

As a result, the elements nested in the Choices element often work hand-in-hand with other elements, be they Effects, Enhancements, or a TakeAgain element. So the relevance of these elements may not be obvious until they are put together with those other pieces.

The available XML elements that can be nested inside of a Choices element are:

  • <SelectAttribute>(minimum number)</SelectAttribute> The user selects one of the character’s attributes that is at least (minimum number). Set (minimum number) to 0 to select from all attributes. This is used by the Super Attribute perk, for example, to choose the attribute to apply the perk’s effects to.
    • Example: <SelectAttribute>10</SelectAttribute>
    • Meaning: Choose an attribute that has a value of 10+.
  • <SelectFaith /> The user selects the faith that the character believes in. This affects what miracles are available to the character.
    • Example: <SelectFaith />
    • Meaning: Choose a faith for the character.
  • <SelectItem type=“(item category)” maxTech=“(tech axiom)” /> The user selects an item out of the character’s inventory of a particular type, and optionally, with a maximum tech axiom. The (item category) must be set to one of: “General”, “Weapon”, “Armor”, “Shield”, “Ammo”, “Poison”, “Vehicle”, “Cyberware”, or “Occultech”. The maxTech XML attribute is optional. If it is included, it will filter out items with a higher Tech than (tech axiom). This choice is used by perks that are focused on a chosen weapon.
    • Example: <SelectItem type=“Weapon” maxTech=“7” />
    • Meaning: Choose a weapon with a Tech axiom no greater than 7.
  • <SelectPerkCategory /> The user selects a perk category that the character does not currently have access to.
    • Example: <SelectPerkCategory />
    • Meaning: Choose a perk category that the character’s cosm does not have access to.
  • <SelectSkill>(minimum number)</SelectSkill> The user selects one of the character’s skills that has at least (minimum number) adds. Set (minimum number) to 0 to select from all skills. This choice is used by perks that give bonuses to a chosen skill, like Super Skill and Mastery.
    • Example: <SelectSkill>3</SelectSkill>
    • Meaning: Choose a skill that has 3+ adds.

Next up, we’ll talk about the effects that can change the numbers on the character sheet.


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