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Kingmaker: Intermission #3, Session 11, Part 1

October 12, 2018

After some time wandering through the stone halls of the serpent fortress, the adventurers and the human sacrifices that they had liberated came to a chamber with large double doors at the opposite end. It seemed a reasonable assumption that the snake-god was behind those doors, for there was a crowd of snake people guarding them! Or “sneeple,” as they had come to be known among the players. The vile humanoids immediately opened the confrontation by attempting their mind tricks on the PCs, but a dominate failed to control Orseen the orc warpriest, and a suggestion (barely) failed to convince Aakif the enchanter to flee. After that, a more general melee broke out. Despite the serpentfolk’s innate blur and mirror image abilities, they were quickly chopped into serpent chunks.

After the battle, Orseen spent a few minutes admiring the carved wooden double doors and going on about how great they would look in the kingdom’s Door Museum (a running gag that was inspired by the giant bronze doors in Vordakai’s tomb). Then the future museum pieces were kicked open, and the PCs strutted into the hall beyond.

It was a large, long room with a vaulted ceiling that was supported by a half dozen pillars. The far end had a wide dais, and atop that dais sat a massive snake monster! Its coiled body was at least 15 feet in diameter, and the front end of the serpentine body rose 20 feet more to end in a human-like head that swayed back and forth! The giant abomination was flanked by two robed serpentfolk, and six sneeple guards stood by the pillars, scimitars at the ready.

“You have invaded our sssanctum,” boomed a powerful voice in the PCs’ heads. “Ssspilled divine blood. Ssstolen our recruitsss! Intruded upon that which you do not under-ssstand. You could have joined usss! Become like unto godsss, drank from the divine font, sssloughed off your weak flesh… replace-sssed your too-warm blood. You ssstill could… Ssset assside your misss-guided intentionsss. Lay down your weaponsss and spellsss… Crawl to me, crawl to your new massster…”

The PCs all made their saves against the mass suggestion, though the liberated prisoners did not. The ragged humans promptly dropped whatever improvised weapons they had acquired, fell to their knees, and began to crawl forwards.

Aakif quickly summoned a wide circle of black tentacles, which easily ensnared two of the guards. One of the robed figures on the other side of the room moved into the shadows and vanished, and Satampra the swashbuckler activated his boots of haste and ran up to see where it went. However, he failed his Perception check and settled for one-shotting the nearest guard. In retaliation, the other robed serpentfolk, a 10th level psychic sorcerer, rent the swashbuckler’s thoughts (somewhat) asunder with a mind crush. The remaining guards charged Satampra and the casters, accomplishing little but giving Orseen plenty of targets for his flaming greatsword.

After identifying the sneeple sorcerer, Aakif dropped it into an acid pit, which it then dispelled, effectively cancelling out their actions for the round. Remesio finished summoning an insect plague on top of the snake-god and the sorcerer, but they only took minimal damage. That’s one of those spells that’s great against mooks, but it’s not like high-level characters need their top spell slots to deal with mooks in Pathfinder. The hidden serpentfolk, a rogue, appeared and attacked Satampra, but it and the guards didn’t have much luck against his AC and parries, and he sliced them up with ripostes. The abomination hit the arcanist with a spellcrash, and then was charged by the warpriest, who missed.

Aakif started off round three with a suffocation spell on the snake-god, and… it worked. 😦 The sorcerer used id insinuation to confuse Satampra and Remesio (who had run up to heal the swashbuckler) as they finished off the rogue and guards, and they suddenly perceived each other turning into snake people! On its turn, the snake-god failed its second save (maybe this should have happened on Aakif’s next turn, as he basically got two rounds of effectiveness out of the spell), fell to -1 hit points, and was then coup de grace‘d by Orseen.

The serpentfolk sorcerer got dropped into another acid pit, which it did not emerge from, as it had teleported away. Orseen’s player Bill, who had been wanting to play a lizardfolk for ages now, took the snake-god’s words to heart and thought he still might have a chance to grow scales if he drank of its essence. He was all in for sloughing off his flesh and whatnot. And the thing’s blood was obviously the “divine font,” right?! So having chopped off its head, Orseen started sucking down the fluids spurting out of its massive neck. The others pried him off the corpse, but he soon became ill and collapsed into a feverish sleep.

While the cleric tended to the warpriest, the others discovered that behind the snake-god’s body was its treasure! Arrayed around a blood-stained stone altar were piles of coins and gems and jewelry. Aakif soon identified several magic items as well, including a +3 disruption undead-bane morningstar that was worth a lot of gold.

All that was left were the ex-sacrifices, who had thankfully been freed from their compulsion to crawl before they had gotten too far. Not wanting to waste time finding a route out of the fortress, Remesio and Aakif ferried the wretches and the other PCs to the streets outside with teleports, and then the flying carpet was used to take the people back to their villages. The rescuers were asked to stay on and celebrate the unexpected return of the villagers and, more importantly, the destruction of the sneeples, and although the accommodations were humble, the PCs appreciated the sentiment.

Once the festivities wound down, the group gathered up and teleported one last time, bound for home.

Next: Orseen’s fate!

  1. I’d have thought Satampras was too self-centered for Id Insinuation to work well on him 😉

    • /psychology humor

      Having a big ego doesn’t protect one from failing Will saves, unfortunately.

  2. What did you use for the snake god? A giant Naga?

  3. Pinkius permalink

    Ah, psychic spells, they’re great fun. Unless you’re in a campaign filled to the brim with constructs and undead.
    like my psychic detective :X
    The psychic detective spell list leaves a lot to be desired in terms of solving mysteries and talking to spirits. Perhaps my DM just needs to hand wave the rules in those situations instead of making my level 15 psychic detective hire a level 11 cleric to cast Speak with Soul.

    • That seems like something a psychic detective should be good at!

      • It really does!

      • Pinkius permalink

        Ghosts and spirits in Golarion can just straight up talk to you, so I can understand why they didn’t really give psychic detective much in the way of early entry ghost biz spells.
        Baseline investigators get a lot of skill boost so in terms of knowledges, diplomancy and sense motive.
        Turns out a spirit locked in a ring that possesses you isn’t a situation any “speak with dead” spells really apply to, aside from Speak with Soul, which is newer than the archetype. Pretty sure the gm added it TO the module though so iunno

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