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Kingmaker: War of the River Kings, Session 8, Part 1

April 5, 2019

Following up on a tip from a dead man, the party conducted a scry-n-kidnap on one Liberto Scarpelli, officer in Pitax’s army and the one who led the raid on Whiterose Abbey. They wanted to know where the thorn-wrapped sword and the nereid’s shawl went to, though their prisoner was initially confused. “Shawl? What shawl?!” was his response to their questions.

“Was there any pieces of cloth with the sword?” asked Satampra the swashbuckler, more than a little exasperated.

“Well, the sword was wrapped in an iridescent blanket…” Liberto confirmed that both shawl and sword had been handed over to King Irovetti.

With that out of the way, the rulers of Caerelia went on to the next pressing matter: a First World incursion had evidently taken root in the Nomen Heights. The centaurs reported a zone of winter (the red hexes) that had descended out of the southern Tors, despite it being the middle of summer. Aakif the arcanist had come up with a theoretical framework for magically locating the origin of such incursions, but it would take a few months to perfect a spell. In the meantime, Satampra was convinced that these attacks were somehow tied to “corrupted” areas and assumed the center point was somewhere in the cyclops graveyard near the tomb of Vordakai the lich. The only problem was, due to PC turnover, there were no teleporters who had been there before! So the swashbuckler ended up buying a scroll of teleport and Use Magic Device’d it to bring the party there.

Snowplace Like Home

The PCs found themselves knee-deep in snow, with a fierce wind blowing ice and sleet into their faces. Dimly seen through the precipitation were towering and crumbling gravestones poking up through the drifts and extending to the limits of their vision. After passing around prayers of endure elements, the flying carpet was unrolled and the adventurers climbed on.

Because of the strong winds, they had to stay low while flying, so that they were floating just above the tops of the gravestones. After some time, they stumbled across a trio of ice giants (frost giants with the Icy Creature template) who were throwing boulders of ice at them. Dazing aggressive thunderclouds, create acid pits (which the giants, surprisingly, were unable to climb out of with their measly +10 Climb), flame strikes followed. Satampra and Orseen the gnoll warpriest leaped down and engaged the in melee only to get paralyzed by the giants’ extreme cold. But the monsters were soon dispatched regardless.

The group realized that they weren’t going to find what they were looking for just by wandering around. After racking their brains, someone recalled an encounter with a silver dragon who was looking for her brother, which they had never followed up on. That led to the idea of using find the path to take them to the brother dragon’s lair, thinking perhaps that was a likely location for the incursion’s origin. Which was, indeed, where I had placed it! So they hunkered down until happy hour, when Kwin the dwarven cleric could change out his prayers.

Soon the dwarf was directing the carpet up into the mountains as they headed towards the heart of the blizzard. The group figured it was probably nighttime when they reached their destination, though it was impossible to tell given the storm. Through the driving ice and snow, they could barely make out a cave in the side of the mountain… and a massive quadruped patrolling the entrance. What was it? Aakif the arcanist cast an invisibility sphere and they got closer, revealing a… killer whale/wolf hybrid? The rulers dubbed it a were-whale-wolf (it was an ahklut, a creature from Inuit legend) and slipped past it to enter the cavern.

Next: the heart of the problem!

  1. They didn’t just go directly for fire against anything in the winter-invasion?

    • Well, the cleric used flamestrikes. I suppose Aakif was concentrating more on action denial than straight killing.

      • Groshni would probably have pulled out the fireballs right away. Blasting may not be optimal, but it sure is flash! 🙂

  2. Pinkius permalink

    So there’s always at least a dragon in each AP but I never feel they get the proper weight to them, like the closest my group gets is the dragon gets name dropped a couple of adventures before we encounter them. But they always appear once and then poof.

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