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The Kingmaker Cast

The player characters in the Kingmaker campaign are currently:

  • Satampra Zieros, Ruler, CG male human rogue 3/swashbuckler 10
  • Remesio of MivonHigh Priest, CGish male human cleric 13
  • Orseen, Councilor, LNish male human warpriest of Iomedae 13
  • Aakif “Skala” Stone, CN male human arcanist 13

Satampra Zieros comes from a far-away land of stone cities and wild jungles. He was press-ganged onto a ship that brought him to this continent. After escaping from that unfortunate situation, he found a charter for the pacification and exploration of the Greenbelt on the body of a dead man. When the group was given license to settle the Greenbelt as an independent kingdom, he was made Ruler by virtue of being the only party member with a positive Charisma bonus. He fights with an Aldori dueling sword. He is married to Sojana Varn, has a son named Jantiff, and a daughter named Madouc. He is played by Drew.

Remesio of Mivon is a yet another cleric of Cayden Cailean. He came to Stagfell around the time of the previous cleric’s death, and resolved to stay and help rebuild the faith in Caerelia. He is played by Antony.

Orseen is a warpriest of Iomedae, who possibly came to Caerelia by way of Restov. His background hasn’t been worked out yet, but he likes hitting evil things with a big sword. He is played by Bill.

Aakif “Skala” Stone is the bastard child of a minor noble house in Brevoy. He is played by Dante.

The former player characters include:

  • Iofur, Keeper of the Grove [a renamed Treasurer], TN male human druid 10, semi-retired
  • Mestinous, Spymaster, CN male elf wizard 10, semi-retired
  • Boliden, General, CN male human barbarian 8, retired
  • Aurelius Heptamus, Councilor, ? male human halfling fighter 8, semi-retired
  • Breen Everstead, Councilor, LN male human monk 7, deceased
  • Simon WellreadHigh Priest, CG male human cleric of Cayden Cailean 7, deceased
  • Salar, Councilor, NG male halfling ranger 6, deceased
  • Travaris Stone, High Priest, CN male half-elf cleric of Cayden Cailean 5, deceased
  • Halas Halasin, LG male human inquisitor of Iomedae 2, retired

Iofur is the son of a husband-wife bandit duo that operated in southern Brevoy. His parents always sought to rob travelers without harming anyone by using traps and trickery. One day, though, they were overwhelmed and arrested. Iofur ended up in the care of his Uncle Joren, a druid of Erastil who watches over some villages. Iofur himself follows Gozreh, and has the Storm domain. He is played by Thomas.

Mestinous is a mysterious and very agile elf who wears a rainbow cloak and carries a stash of elven pipeweed. He hails from the Mordant Spire, where he escaped the breeding programs to be raised by his Uncle Gilzaris. Gilzaris is a merchant, sailor, and magician, and taught the young Mestinous the art of wizardry. Mestinous’ bonded object is his sword, and he is a generalist wizard. He is married to Tamara Fodorov and has a son named Hadric. He is played by Joe, who has become too busy with work to game much these days.

Boliden is a Tiger Lord barbarian looking to prove himself. He hits things real hard. When he rages, he becomes bestial and grows claws. He is played by Robert, although he is retired at this point as Robert is very busy with his growing family in real life.

Aurelius Heptamus is a warrior from Mivon who journeyed to Caerelia with his sister, who was to be married to a minor lord there. He decided to stay and work for Breen Everstead after being impressed by the monk’s wisdom and discipline. After Breen’s death, Aurelius was eventually chosen by the rulers to succeed the monk as Councilor. He wore heavy armor and carried a tower shield. During a foray into the First World, he was hit by a critical strike with a greataxe in the hands of a frost giant and killed. Iofur the druid subsequently reincarnated Aurelius as a halfling. The new Aurelius decided to retire from adventuring but stayed on as Councilor. He was played by Bill.

Breen Everstead was a Monk of the Empty Hand who was raised in and escaped from a Lawful Evil environment. As a result, he sometimes forgot that stuff like murder and torture are wrong. He worked under Councilor Salar, and when Salar died, Breen took over the position. He was torn apart by the rock troll in Hargulka’s lair. He was played by Bill.

Simon Wellread was a cleric of Cayden Cailean who served as Travaris Stone’s second. When Travaris died, Simon took over as High Priest for the kingdom. The circumstances of his death are a bit complicated: a flying wizard was carrying him while he was grappled by a green hag, and the hag cast grease on Simon when they were 200′ in the air. Simon did not survive the fall, although the hag did. He was played by Antony.

Salar was an escaped slave from Osirion. For some time, he traveled with his liberator and the son of his former owners, Halas Halasin. He fancied himself the party tank, and burned with righteous passion at the thought of anyone or anything ever being enslaved or oppressed. He was killed by lightning bolts called down by Iofur the druid against the Dancing Lady, who was feasting on Salar’s essence at the time. He was played by Bill.

Travaris Stone was the bastard child of the head of a minor Brevoy house. His half-brother learned that their father planned to declare Travaris a full-blooded heir, and had their father murdered. The young Travaris escaped with his life and ended up in an orphanage, and was subsequently adopted by the local church of Cayden Cailean. He was eaten by the tendriculos in the Mud Bowl while picking mushrooms. He was played by Antony.

Halas Halasin became disgusted with his family’s slave-owning ways and led a slave rebellion against his own blood. Afterwards, he & Salar struck out on their own. During their time exploring the Greenbelt, Halas received word that his father had died, and he was needed to assume leadership of his house. What really happened is that Halas’ player, a friend of Bill’s, had to move out of state.

Non-player characters that are important to the campaign include, in chronological order:

From Stolen Land:

  • Oleg Leveton, male human expert, co-proprietor of Oleg’s Trading Post
  • Svetlana Leveton, female human expert, co-proprietor of Oleg’s Trading Post
  • Kesten Garess, General, male human aristocrat/fighter
  • “Eagle-Face” Dan, male human, a bandit who became a henchman of the party, deceased
  • Jhod Kavken, Lord Mayor of the town of Last Hope, male human cleric of Erastil
  • Akiros Ismort, male human ex-paladin/barbarian, ex-lieutenant of the Stag Lord and current General of Varnhold, presumed dead
  • The Stag Lord, male human, would-be bandit lord of the Greenbelt, deceased
  • The Green Lady, female fey, mysterious behind-the-scenes type, also known as the Mistress of Whispers and the Queen of Forgotten Time

From Rivers Run Red:

  • Sojana Varn Zieros, Ruler, female human, daughter of Maegar Varn and wife of Satampra Zieros and mother of Jantiff and Madouc Zieros
  • Baroness Pavetta Stroon-Drelev, female human, wife of Baron Hannis Drelev
  • Iofur’s Uncle Joren, male human druid
  • Jamandi Aldori of the Swordlords, female human swashbuckler
  • Ianomora of the Thieves’ Guild, Royal Enforcer, female half-elf inquisitor of Calistria
  • Pelagia Medyved of House Medyved, Marshal, female human ranger
  • Loy Rezbin, Lord Mayor of the town of Tatzylford, male human, husband of Latricia Lezbin
  • The Old Beldame, female human witch, a wise old witch that lives in a bog near Lake Tuskwater
  • Mamuna the Wretched, river [sea] hag witch, part of a coven that has terrorized the Riverlands for centuries
  • Nekista Syla the Silvertongued, green hag bard, part of a coven that has terrorized the Riverlands for centuries
  • Toboura the Fervent, annis hag cleric, part of a coven that has terrorized the Riverlands for centuries, deceased
  • Hargulka, male troll, would-be king of the monsters, deceased
  • Vendelin FodorovGrand Diplomat, male human aristocrat, father of Tamara and Dunyasha and grandfather of Hadric
  • Tamara Fodorov, female human, daughter of Vendelin Fodorov and wife of Mestinous and mother of Hadric
  • Dunyasha Fodorov, female human, daughter of Vendelin Fodorov and widow of Travaris Stone
  • Iofur’s never-named parents, male human and female human gnome
  • Lord Ivo Tesarik, male bogeyman, captor of Iofur’s parents, deceased
  • Silva Zareen, Magister, female human witch
  • The Owl Prince, male fey, important muckity-muck to fey of the Greenbelt
  • Talonquake, enormous fey owlbear, deceased

From Intermission #1:

  • Aurelius Heptamus, Councilor, male human halfling fighter, governor of Fort Heptamus, former PC
  • Maegar Varn, ruler of Varnhold, male human, father of Sojana and grandfather of Jantiff and Madouc, deceased
  • Jantiff Zieros, Heir, male human toddler, son of Satampra and Sojana
  • Hadric (Fodorov?), male half-elf toddler, son of Mestinous and Tamara
  • Baron Hannis Drelev, ruler of Fort Drelev, male human, husband of Pavetta Stroon-Drelev, deceased

From Varnhold Vanishing:

  • Madouc Zieros, Heir, female human infant, daughter of Satampra and Sojana
  • Maestro Ervil Pendrod, professor of Oppara’s Kitharodian Academy, male human, deceased
  • Willas Gunderson, marshal of Varnhold, male human, deceased
  • Aecora Silverfire, Daugher of the Moon & leader of the Nomen centaur tribe, female centaur druid (plains druid) 9
  • Kerezar the Watcher, male centaur, presumed deceased
  • Xamanthe, female centaur, daughter of Aecora, deceased
  • Vordakai, male lich cyclops necromancer 10, deceased

From Intermission #2:

  • Baron Jaroslav Kruskel, male human aristocrat/cavalier, Brevoy diplomat and general

From Blood for Blood:

  • Imeckus Stroon, male human evoker 12, brother of Baroness Pavetta Stroon-Drelev
  • Kisandra Numesti, female human aristocrat, daughter of Terrion Numesti
  • Armag Twice-Born, male human barbarian, Tiger Lord warlord, deceased
  • Lord Gurev Medyved, male human aristocrat, patriarch of House Medyved
  • Lord Poul Orlovsky, male human aristocrat, patriarch of House Orlovsky
  • Ruva, Alexi, and Callok Aldori, female & male humans, representatives of the Swordlords
  • Lord Biala, male human, patriarch of a minor Brevoy house in the town of Wightwood
  • The Weeper, female lampad assassin, agent of the Green Lady
  • Gaetane, male wererat ranger, agent of ???
  • Regent Noleski Surtova, male human, ruler of Brevoy
  • The Black Sisters, female human clerics of Gyronna, advisors to Armag Twice-Born, deceased
  • Lady Quintessa Maray, female human bard, spy for Daggermark
  • Terrion Numesti, male human, father of Kisandra

From Intermission #3:

  • Aeson StalkingwolfWarden, male elf, formerly Boliden’s second in command
  • Lord Constantin Raganus, male human, Aakif’s father
  • Bozhidar Raganus, male human sorcerer, Aakif’s eldest cousin, deceased
  • Sergej Raganus, male human sorcerer, another of Aakif’s cousins
  • Thamina, female human, Aakif’s mother
  • Petar Raganus, male human, Aakif’s uncle, Bozhidar & Sergej’s father
  • King Castruccio Irovetti, male human, ruler of Pitax
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  1. Pinkius permalink

    Bill’s dead character roster is impressive, he must really like making characters
    also, Satampra got BUSY.

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