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Torg Chargen

This page will be a one-stop-shop for information related to the TOCG application.

What It Is

TOCG is an application for Windows computers. It requires the .NET framework v4.5 to run (your computer probably already has it, so only use the link if you get an error trying to run the program).

What It Does

TOCG is a character generator for the Torg Eternity RPG. It can create PCs and NPCs, it can export characters to text or PDF, it can handle XP advancement for PCs once they enter play. It has all the data from the core rules and the supplements that have been released to date, and furthermore the data is completely customizable!

Why is it Called That?

TOCG stands for “The Other Character Generator.” It’s an admittedly lame play on TORG, which during its initial development stood for “The Other Roleplaying Game.” West End Games ended up keeping the acronym as the name and turned it into having some meaning within the fiction.

What It Doesn’t Do (Yet)

All current game options should be available in the program.

How Do I Customize It?

There are some Word docs in the install directory that will get you started, but I’m also publishing a much more in-depth look at how to manipulate the data for your personal campaign, starting here.

What’s Next

Mostly bug fixes. I’ve been working on and off at making the application less tied to the Torg Eternity ruleset, with the hopes that the application could be used for oTorg.

Where to Get It

The latest version ( can be downloaded freely here. If you run into any issues, you can contact me via the Contact page here, the About -> Submit Bug Report menu item in the character generator, or by emailing me at daddydmwp at gee mail. If the Submit Bug Report in the application does not work, it’s because you do not have your email registered as the default email client on your computer.

Update History

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