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The Kingdom Manager App

This page will be a one-stop-shop for information related to the Kingdom Manager application.

What It Is

The Kingdom Manager is an application for Windows computers. It requires the .NET framework v4.5 to run (your computer probably already has it, so only use the link if you get an error trying to run the program).

What It Does

The Kingdom Manager allows you to track and manage your kingdom using the kingdom building rules from the PRD. You can claim hexes, build terrain improvements, found settlements, construct buildings, assign leadership positions, manage foreign relations, and so on. There’s also a rudimentary calendar and journal to help you keep track of how the kingdom has changed over time.

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 What It Doesn’t Do (Yet)

At the moment, the following rules have not yet been implemented:

  • Trade edicts
  • Independence and unification
  • Vassalage edicts
  • Some building special features tied to the above

As far as additional features go, the application does not:

  • Support 3rd-party kingdom rules
  • Allow for customization of the data

But those items are on my list for future updates.

The program also doesn’t support the kingdom building rules from the Kingmaker adventure path, only the version in the Pathfinder PRD.

Various UI enhancements that I would like to add down the road include:

  • Undo
  • Drag’n’move buildings and terrain features

What’s Next

Currently I’m working on Trade Edicts, and I’ve been tinkering with ways to automate hex exploration and Exploration Edicts.

Where to Get It

The latest version ( can be downloaded freely here. Please note that your work can’t be saved unless the program has been activatedIf this link does not work, it’s because you do not have your email registered as the default email client on your computer.

How to Use It

There’s a Readme document in the installation directory that should help get you started, but I will update this page with better instructions when I get the chance.

Update History

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